10 Common Causes of Pain under Left Rib Cage

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In the initial stage, there are some ways to get rid of kidney stones quickly and naturally. For sure you need to drink plenty of water or mix it with apple cider vinegar to dissolve the stones from your kidneys. Remember, though, that your diet is a key factor to keep the kidneys in good health.

3.     Heart Attack

It’s probably the most dangerous and life-threatening cause of pain under your left rib cage. When blood which is rich in oxygen doesn’t get to your heart, for example, because of blocked coronary arteries, a heart attack appears.

In case of a heart attack, you may feel intense pain or discomfort in your chest or under your left rib cage. People who survived a heart attack often describe it as if something squeezed their chest. Remember, though, that it’s only one of the symptoms.

Apart from the pain under your left rib cage, you may also experience the short breath, vomiting, cold sweats, or nausea. Sometimes you might suffer from strange sensations in different parts of your body, such as the neck, back, jaw, or arms.

Preventing a heart attack is actually not so difficult. A healthy lifestyle is key to success here. Therefore, eat healthy food, don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t smoke, stay physically active, and instead of getting stressed smile a lot.

4.     Pericarditis

Pericarditis happens when a sac known as the pericardium gets inflamed. The pericardium is a natural protection of your heart and in case of inflammation, you may feel severe pain in your chest or under your left rib cage.

The exact reasons of pericarditis have not been identified yet. Some studies, though, have proved that the condition may be caused by some viral infections or rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease. Sometimes trauma to your heart or rib cage may also be guilty.

However, you must be aware that in case of pericarditis, most probable is that you will also experience other symptoms, such as heart palpitations, weakness, a low-grade fever, and swelling of legs or abdomen.

The good news is that in most cases the condition clears up on its own. In order to alleviate the pain, you need to rest a lot and take some painkillers.

5.     Angina

People often don’t treat angina seriously while they really should. When it’s ignored or not treated properly, it may convert into a heart-related disease, which may be even life-threatening.

It may sound surprising, but angina actually happens when our arteries are narrowed or blocked. Thus, it’s quite a common condition among people who are overweight and obese, and who have a high level of cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Chest pain or pain under your left rib cage caused by angina can often be mistaken with a heart attack or heartburn. The pain may be sudden and appears together with the feeling of discomfort even when you’re having a rest.

To prevent some dangerous complications connected with angina, never ignore this condition and be sure that it’s been fully cured. Also, introduce some changes into your daily lifestyle in order to lower bad cholesterol and keep your blood pressure at the proper level.

6.     Costochondritis

Costochondritis is the inflammation of your breastbone known as sternum. One of the symptoms of the condition is sharp pain under the left rib cage.

There are a few reasons, which may lead to costochondritis development. Often, it’s the result of some insignificant trauma to your breastbone or it occurs as a complication after your upper chest surgery. A viral respiratory infection is another common cause of the condition.

In the case of costochondritis, the pain may spread to your back or abdomen and it gets worse when you cough. In order to cure the condition, you don’t have to take any special measures. Usually, it’s just enough to get plenty of rest and avoid too much exercising until the pain eases.

Another home remedy to costochondritis and other inflammatory conditions is preparing tea with ginger and turmeric, which are widely known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities.

7.     Pancreatitis

A very common cause of pain under your left rib cage or in the upper left side of your abdomen is the inflammation of your pancreas causing the condition known as pancreatitis. The pancreas is an extremely important organ located under your left rib cage and it’s crucial when it comes to the production of enzymes responsible for proper digestion.

People who tend to drink too much alcohol or suffer from gallstones are at a higher risk of developing pancreatitis. Moreover, the pain often gets worse after consuming fatty foods or when you lie on your back. The pain may also radiate to the left shoulder blade or your back.

Unfortunately, in most cases, pancreatitis must be treated in hospital. What’s more, once you recover, you need to be aware that you may get it once again in the future. To prevent the condition it’s important to drink a lot of water, give up smoking, eat healthy food, and stop drinking alcohol.

8.     Lung Diseases

Some lung diseases may also be responsible for pain under your left rib cage provided that it’s the left lung, which is affected by the disease. Complications caused by respiratory infections of the lungs or other lung-related conditions may be very serious. Therefore, any sharp, unexplained pain under your left or right rib cage should be immediately consulted with a doctor.

10 Common Causes of Pain under Left Rib Cage
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  1. I want to add one more cause of under Left Rib Cage pain. I believe about 50% of adults have some benign tumor or cyst on one or both of the kidneys. I had small benign kidney growths called angiomyolipomas diagnosed 20 years ago. I failed to do periodic ultrasounds to monitor growth. One became 2 inches and bled last week. It happened to be on my left kidney. I had no other symptoms but pain. Cysts can rupture too. The pain will lessen but not go away for weeks if you bleed from a kidney growth. If your pain doesn’t move around and go away pretty quickly and is very localized go to an ER. You can bleed to death from an angiomyolipoma that hemorrhages. If the type of pain is unusual, the cause of it is probably unusual too.

    1. I have bad pain on MY left rib cage that goes around to my back . I’m prone to kidney stones but not sure what this could be feels different. I ate red meat thought that could be it since I also have endometriosis. I had coffee and I’m hurting?

    1. I was diagnosed many years ago with Splenic Flexure Syndrome. It is an accumulation of gas or stool at the top left curve of your large intestine. It hurts to press on the lowest left rib area. Otherwise painless. It is always with me but severity increases and decreases with time.

  2. Hi my name is Brandy I’m having pain under my left rib cage it hurts after eating full meal I can’t lay on my left side the pressure hurts it also radiates around to my back first it was coming and going now its constant.

    1. I am having the same symptoms, worse after I eat. The pain radiates so I feel it in my back under my left shoulder blade. Did yours go away or did you find out what was causing it?

    2. I get same same; it feel as if the tip of a sharp knife.
      I had Xrays and scan and the doctors found nothing – but the pain occurs at least one a week for a few seconds.

  3. It feels like a water balloon with an air bubble when I poke on my left side under rib cage!! Feels full I Guess!! Have had this on and off for a few years!!.. anyone know what’s up

  4. I first started about 6 months ago I had five hernias removed and Nash implant then I got five bleeding ulcers which I had to go in and receive blood because I was down to five units now I am still having some stomach pain and my stool is white and very I’m very dizzy can you please tell me what the cause could be

  5. Hi iam dorcas I have been feeling pain in the left side of the ribs for along time but on and off also feel like my muscles are tightened inwards what can be the problem.

    1. Hi, did you ever find out what your issue is? I have the same problem. I would surely appreciate a response. Thx

  6. Hi I’m having pain left size under rib cage when I breath it hurts I thought it might be gas pain I don’t know also feeling very bloated any suggestions

  7. I started having sharp pins under my left rib cage just occasionally at first. Now it’s a constant pain that never goes away. It doesn’t hurt more after I eat but I really have no appetite cause of the pain. I have to sleep on my right side or should I say lay because I barely sleep. I have had blood work, urinalysis, sonogram. ct and mri both with contrast. My pcp doesn’t have a diagnosis and if I go to the er they act like I’m making it up to get pain meds. I’m not like that but it gets so painful and I can’t see the dr right away so I go only to be treated like a druggy. I’m so tir s of tests and needles and drs that I’m at my wits end. My pain is just in the ribs and not my back or down my side. Someone please let me know that I am not alone and there is help cause I’m starting to lose hope. Thanks for reading this….

  8. I have been dealing with pain below my bottom left rib for years now. It doesn’t always hurt, but is mostly affected when I am sitting for long periods of time. It feels hot to the touch and a mix between a burning and muscular pain. Anyone experience this? Doctors have no idea what it is.

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