10 Common Causes of Sharp Pain under Right Breast

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10 Common Causes of Sharp Pain under Right BreastBeing worried about sharp pains localised under your right breast isn’t surprising as there is a great number of rather serious health conditions which can cause such kind of sensations. Still, you shouldn’t be pessimistic. You will learn from the present article that there are several common causes of a sharp pain under your right breast which are not dangerous at all.

Read about the possible culprits of your discomfort, consider the possible reasons which can take place in your particular case and contact a doctor of needed.

Common Causes of a Sharp Pain under the Right Breast

Look through these popular causes of a sharp pain under your right breast and try to figure out which one is true in your case. Pay your attention on the fact that some of these problems can vanish without your intervention whereas others will need an immediate contact with a medical specialist.

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One of the least dangerous reasons for a sharp pain located under your right breast is an irritable bowel syndrome. It may be strange to learn that such kind of a pain can be connected with this syndrome but it is actually quite normal to experience painful sensations under your breasts. Irritable bowel syndrome is a digestive disorder of the increased mobility of your bowel.

Obviously, the pain starts in your abdomen, although it usually comes up which makes you feel it under your rib cage. This kind of a pain can be felt on the both sides of your body.

An irritable bowel syndrome can occur in people for various reasons. Eating particular products can result in constipation whereas other food can entail diarrhoea. Stress is one of the most popular culprit for this malaise, although many women are experiencing an irritable bowel syndrome during their period.

2. An Excessive Amount of Gas

The problem of having too much gas in your digestive system is connected with various factors. The most popular of them is overeating and consuming an excessive amount of sugary products.

In the first case, your stomach will produce too many acids in order to digest everything you have just eaten. It will lead to the occurrence of gas in your digestive system.

If you have eaten a lot of sugary food, the gas can appear because of the active processes of fermentation in the various parts of your stomach.

Both of these cases are rather unpleasant. Since the gas can be trapped in practically all the parts of your digestive system, it can lead to a sharp pain under your ribs. Again, the discomfort may be experienced on the both sides of your body.

3. Faecal Impaction

The next reason for a sharp pain located under your right breast is faecal impaction. Obviously, it is also connected with your digestive system, although this health condition can be more dangerous than the previous ones.

Faecal impaction is normally indicates the problems with your colon. Suffering from this ailment means that you have difficulties with passing stools. Unfortunately, if your waste products stay too long in your bowel, it can lead to various unpleasant consequences. One of them is breeding of potentially dangerous bacteria which can irritate the tissues of bowel and cause extremely serious illness such as cancer.

If you are experiencing this kind of a health problem, it is important to visit a doctor. Yet, the constipation may be connected with a poor diet or the lack of water which can be changed easily. Try to drink approximately 8 glasses of pure water or fresh juices during a day and eat more products with fibre. In case your health condition doesn’t improve, you will need to contact a medical specialist.

4. Costochronditis

Costochronditis is another relatively unserious reason for a sharp pain located under your right breast. This is a condition of the inflammation of some cartilages which are situated near your rib cage.

The most common cause of this ailment is exercising. Yet, you may also develop costochronditis while being ill with a flu virus which can attack the cartilages. In addition to it, excessive coughing or sneezing can also entail the inflammation.

Usually, this health issue vanish without medical intervention. Once you recover from flue, you will feel relief from this malaise. If costochronditis was caused by exercising, the cartilages will also be able to heal on their own.

Nevertheless, providing the pain seems to be unbearable, you can take some painkillers as well as anti-inflammatory medicines. You can also try to place cold or hot compresses on the affected area. In order to get rid of costochronditis, it will be important to avoid physical activity. You can perform exclusively stretching movements, though.

Sometimes costochronditis doesn’t respond to medications. In such a situation, it can be necessary to undergo an operation in order to remove a sore cartilage.

5. Injury of the Ribs

Obviously, one of the most popular factors entailing a sharp pain under your right breast is any kind  of an injury of a rib.

10 Common Causes of Sharp Pain under Right Breast
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