10 Common Causes of Sharp Pain under Right Breast

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Of course, having been hit by any kind of an object can’t be unnoticed by you. If you have experienced any kind of a damage, you won’t need to ponder over the issue, as it will be apparent for you.  In case you have been involved in a crash accident, it is extremely important to consult a doctor, as your injury might be rather serious.

Remember that your rib cage is a mean of protection of your internal organs. Therefore, some serious damages of ribs can cause injures in various organs.

There is no need to visit a medical worker solely in the case when you are sure that the pressure on your rib cage hasn’t been serious.

6. Rib Muscle Stress

It is important to emphasise that the muscles surrounding your rib cage can be injured as well. The damage can be caused by hitting, although it can also be a result of excessive exercising. If you stop exercising and give your muscles a chance to regenerate, there is a high probability that you will recover from this malaise.

Yet, you should bring the awareness to all your sensations as the performance of inappropriate exercises can lead to rather serious damages of your muscles.

7. Pleurisy

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the health problems which causes a sharp pain under your right breast is the condition of your lungs. One of such lung ailments is pleurisy which is the inflammation of the lining of this organ.

There is a great number of factors which can entail this health issue. For instance, respiratory illnesses and pneumonia can lead to pleurisy. Fortunately, if you treat your disease, you can easily get rid of the inflammation in your lungs. Pay your attention on the fact, that pleurisy can be a signal of such serious health conditions as lung cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a blood clot located in the lung.

Nevertheless, there is one more factor which can cause this problem. Being exposed to chemicals or other dangerous substances such as asbestos can seriously damage the lining. This may bring further health problems with lung cancer among them.

If you have been exposed to such substances and develop sharp pain afterwards, it is essential to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t forget about other typical symptoms of pleurisy as cough, a fever (you can be experiencing chills instead of a fever) and a loss of weight.

Providing your pleurisy is caused by an infection, you will get a prescription for antibiotics. Sometimes a doctor will need to perform a quick operation in order to help you get rid of the fluid which can be stored between the layers of pleura. In addition to it, you may get painkillers as well as a special drug for reducing your cough.

8. Food Blockages

You definitely know that it is crucial to chew your food thoroughly. One of the reasons for this necessity is the possibility of developing food blockages while swallowing too big pieces of nutritional products.

Remember that the food passage called oesophagus is rather small which means that it will have difficulties with passing big pieces. Sometimes you will be lucky and the oesophagus will cope with the task, although you will experience a sharp pain under your breasts. Otherwise, you will need immediate medical attention in order to unblock this organ.

9.  Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a health issue which is usually caused by lifting heavy objects or excessive exercising. As a result of such actions your stomach can perform a hiatal opening which is the herniation through a weak area of your diaphragm opening into the cavity of your chest. The part of your oesophagus can herniate as well.

Besides a sharp pain in your chest, you can also experience bloating after meals, shortness of breast and heartburn. Obviously, hiatal hernia is a rather serious health problem which should be treated immediately with the help of professionals. Still, some mild cases of this type of hernia will heal after the use of particular medications and the alteration of the lifestyle. For instance, a person with this health condition will need to learn to eat smaller portions.

Remember that the people over the age of 50 as well as pregnant women have increased risks of developing this disease.

10. Gallbladder Disease

There are two common diseases which can occur in your gallbladder. They are cholelithiasis and cholecystitis.

A gallbladder is an internal organ which has a form of a small sack. It is located under your liver. The function of this organ is storing and releasing bile. Bile is a crucial substance allowing you to digest food. Your gallbladder may have various other substances such as cholesterol, pigments, stores and many others.

Unfortunately, under particular conditions, some stones can develop as a result of different chemical reactions. These stones are called gallstones and they have a tendency to drift causing rather unpleasant and painful sensations. This condition is called cholelithiasis.

10 Common Causes of Sharp Pain under Right Breast
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