10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Fast at Home

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As the mask is quick, it will be enough to keep it for 15 minutes. You can wash your hair with a shampoo or rinse the substance off with water. This procedure can be repeated twice a week.

The result of this treatment is healthy and moisturised hair.

10. Carbonated Water

The easiest way to tame your hair is to apply carbonated water on it. For instance, you can choose such liquids as sparkling water, club soda or soda water. Carbonated water is characterised with low pH levels which allows you to tame your hair in case of the fizz caused by humidity.

One of the ways in which you can use this remedy is rinsing your hair after shampooing it. Alternatively, you can use carbonated water before the washing your hair with regular cosmetics.

Preventive Methods

As far as you have learnt, in the majority of situations, the fizz of your hair is the result of the damages of hair structure. Therefore, you will need to resign from several habits in order to allow your hair to recover and stop being fizzy.

First of all, you will need to say “No” to towels and hairdryers. The most healthy way of drying your hair is just allowing it to dry itself without any devices. Towels can damage hair cuticle mechanically, whereas hairdryers remove the whole moisture of your hair.

Second of all, you will need to avoid hair curlers and other styling devices which can be harmful for your hair. In point of fact, if you want to have healthy and strong hair, you will need to stop styling it. Otherwise, you will have perfect hairdressings with weak and damaged hair.

Another tip which will help you to prevent your hair from being frizzy is the use of a wide-tooth comb. The use of such a comb is especially good for detangling your hair. Do not forget that detangling should start from the roots, not from the ends. Starting with the ends of your hairs will lead to serious damages and even a hair loss.

Learn to use conditioners after each washing process. As it has already been said, you may leave the product on your hair for longer time than it is said in the instruction.

If you experience the problem of frizzy hair on a regular basis, it will be good to apply a hair-styling cream immediately after washing your hair.

Don’t forget to trim the split ends of your hair at least four times a year. This will help you to have healthier hair which won’t have such a tendency to become frizzy. You may also like such hairdressings as a ponytail or bun which will allow you to forget about the problems with the appearance of your hair. You may find some other interesting hairstyles which put the hair up. In addition to it, you can wear a braid on your hair as well.

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Fast at Home
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