10 Incredible Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

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Use sesame oil to massage therapies as it acts better than popular essential oils. Optionally, you can mix sesame oil with some different carrier oils. Skin usually absorbs sesame oil perfectly and massaging your body with it will improve blood circulation and repair damaged skin cells. As a result, your body will have a healthy glow.

Some people don’t feel comfortable with strong smell of sesame oil when applied on the body. To eliminate the fragrance you can mix it with castor oil or almond oil.

How to Use Sesame Oil

You can use sesame oil the same way you use other oils, which means you may use it as a dressing for salads instead of olive oil. Additionally, it will give your salad tasty, nutty flavor.

You can also use it to make vegetarian and non vegetarian stir fries. Remember, though, not to add too much of it as it can change the taste of a dish.

Try to add a few drops of sesame oil to your soups and they will get an unusual taste. You can use sesame oil to saute meat, vegetables or seafood. Also, if you ran out of sesame seeds, then use sesame oil to prepare tahini.

Are There Any Risks?

Sesame oil is considered to be safe, which has been proved in the world of cosmetics. In the International Journal of Toxicology sesame oil is qualified as a safe cosmetic ingredient. Remember, however, that everybody is different so when you use it for the first time, it’s always better to apply it to a small area of skin first.

Sesame oil is extremely rich in omega-6 levels, so the best idea would be to use it regularly, but in small amounts. Pregnant women should be careful when consuming sesame oil as it can have influence on hormones as well as it can trigger uterine contractions.

The biggest concert is that sesame oil is a potential allergen. Especially if you are allergic to nuts like walnuts or peanuts, there is a higher risk that you will also be allergic to sesame oil or sesame seeds. The allergy to sesame might be mild, but it can also lead to anaphylaxis, which is a fatal condition.

Also, it happens that patients who suffer from chronic conditions might seem to feel worse in the beginning of the oil therapy. In some cases even the body temperature increases. It is usually the sign of a healing process, however, it’s always safe to report the symptoms to your doctor.

Therefore, if you have any doubts, you suspect you might be allergic, or you take some medicines on a daily basis, always consult your doctor before you start the sesame oil therapy.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Sesame Oil
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