10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

10 Pressure Points for Migraines and HeadachesOne of the most frequent ailments which can develop in various people are migraines and headaches. Although the sensation doesn’t indicate any serious health condition in the majority of situations, the pain can be unbearable and rather distracting sometimes.

You can experience headaches while being at work which will make it rather difficult for you to continue doing your job. Thus, it will be very useful for you to understand the most common causes of this ailment and learn how to apply acupressure in order to get rid of the sensations quickly.

The Most Popular Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Obviously, there is a great number of various factors which can lead to the painful sensations in your head. The most popular causes of the malaise are stress, anxiety and exhaustion. These conditions can entail tension and headaches even in the healthiest people. In such a case, the pain comes from the strain of the neck, shoulders, scalp and jaw.

Another popular reason for headaches and migraine is a hormonal imbalance. This condition especially takes place when it comes to pregnant women as well as the women during the menopause period.

Still, you will be surprised to learn that there is a great deal of other reasons for headaches and migraine which are not associated with these sensations by the majority of people. You should certainly read about these factors and may be you will find the reasons for your painful sensations.

Foods Triggering Headaches

First of all, it is important to emphasise that there are several products which can trigger your headaches. Sometimes it is rather difficult to notice painful reaction of your organism to particular products. Therefore it is extremely important to remember about the possible consequence of eating some foods.

One of the dangerous products for your head are aged cheeses. Although not everyone is necessarily sensitive to these products, some people can experience nausea, heart palpitations and a dangerously high blood pressure after eating such cheeses.

The reason why aged cheeses are not safe for everyone is that they contain tyramine. Tyramine is an amino acid which occurs from the proteins broken down because of aging. If you are suspecting being sensitive to this substance, you will need to avoid various cheeses such as mozzarella, Roquefort, brie, Swiss cheese, Emmentaler, Stilton, Gouda, American cheeses and provolone.

In order to be still able to benefit from cheeses, you can choose ricotta, farmer’s cheese, cream cheese and other low-fat processed products.

Unfortunately, people sensitive to tyramine should also resign from eating all kinds of nuts. These products are also containing tyramine and have vaso-active amines as well. These amines can enlarge blood vessels making them press the nerves. As a result, one can experience headaches after eating walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pecans and any other nuts.

Chocolate can be dangerous not only for those people who are sensitive to tyramine, but also to the individuals sensitive to caffeine. In addition to it, people who do not have problems with consuming caffeine products can experience headaches when an excessive amount of such products is consumed. Thus, it is important to be careful with such foods.

If you are suspecting that your migraine and headaches are connected with consuming chocolate, do not resign from these products right away as it can also result in headaches. You should reduce the amount of consumed chocolate gradually.


One of the easiest ways to develop headaches is drinking an insufficient amount water. As your brains consist of approximately 75% of water, the reduction of water consumed can lead to its malfunctioning. Thus, the first thing you should do when getting a headache is to drink a glass of water. Drinking water can also be a good preventive measure of this malaise.

Pay your attention to the factors which can lead to excessive dehydration. First of all, it is hot weather and exercising. Alcohol is one of the main culprits of losing water as well. In addition to it, coffee, tea and sugary beverages can remove an excessive amount of water from your organism easily.

An Incorrect Eyeglass Prescription

If you have been experiencing headaches and frequent migraines after getting your new eyeglasses or lenses, your painful sensations can be the result of a mistake in the prescription. Do not blame your doctor, as in the majority of such cases patients are the culprits of the mistake themselves.

In point of fact, it is quite possible that you have chosen an inappropriate option during the optometric test. Usually, choosing stronger eyeglasses can seem to be a better, as the objects are looking more bright and precise through such glasses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your eyes do not experience any strain. Too strong correction makes the lens of your eyes squeeze and bulge without a break which leads to inevitable headaches.  Moreover, this condition can cause the aggravation of your vision.

An Inappropriate Hairdressing

Sometimes, an inappropriate hairdressing can lead to headaches and migraines. For instance, too-tight ponytails can be the culprits of your painful sensations.

Too-tight hairdressings pressurise the connective tissue of your scalp causing pain. It will be a good idea to loosen your ponytail or resign from this hairdressing at all. Bring your awareness to the fact that this type of a hairdressing can weaken the roots of your hair which can lead to the hair loss.

Jaw Clenching

There are situations in which people tent to clench their jaw during the night which is called bruxism. This clenching is a common reason for the headaches which are experienced in the mornings. The condition is connected with the overexcitement of brains which do not relax during the night rest.

If you are the one who have the same problem, there is obviously no need to take painkillers as you should address the issue of bruxism which will let you get rid of the pain for good.

Sleep Apnoea

There are many people suffering from repeated headaches who do not know that this problem is connected with their apnoea. Apnoea is a health condition which is normally related to choking, loud snoring and gasping during the night. Unfortunately, these symptoms cause an increased amount of carbon dioxide in your blood which causes memory problems, rapid changes of mood as well as headaches.

Too Heavy Bags

It is important to mention such a reason for headaches as an overloaded bag. Carrying too heavy things can strain you neck muscles causing painful sensations as well as injuries. You should be careful with the weight of the bag you are lifting and maintain good posture.

Do Not Cradle a Phone

Cradling a phone can be a very easy way to have both of your hands free. Unfortunately, frequent cradling can lead to the decrease of the size of several important muscles in your shoulders. This will cause repeated and painful headaches in the future.

Although you can use massages in order to alleviate the symptoms, it will be better for you to resign from such a position while speaking on the phone. One of the reason for it is that you can develop some further problems with your health.

In order to cease cradling a phone, you can use a headset which will allow you to have your hands free while using a phone.

Headache Medications

You will actually be surprised but your migraine medications can lead to headaches and frequent migraine. Unfortunately, rebound headaches (as this type of the condition is called) is really connected with the medications you are taking in order to solve this problem.

Although it is advisable to resign from taking such drugs when you start experiencing rebound headaches, you should do it gradually as there is a possibility of developing the withdrawal symptoms. As far as you can guess the best thing you can do is to try any home remedies for your headaches in order to cease being contingent on medications.

Try the acupressure methods collected in this article and you will definitely be able to address the problems without any side effects.

10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

Acupressure is one of the most popular types of alternative medicine. It is also fair to admit that this medicine approach is really helpful. It uses the pressure on special points of your body in order to create the flow of energy and chemical substances around the body. It doesn’t mean whether you are sceptical about alternative medicine or not as the appliance of acupressure does not have any side effects.

Thus, you can try these methods if you want to get rid of painful sensations without taking drugs.

Method 1

If you are suffering from headaches in the back and front of your head, you can try to apply pressure on the base of the skull. You will need to reach the point in which the neck meets the bottom of the skull. Little indentation can be found in this place. As there are many muscles in the point, you can feel painful sensations when these muscles are strained.

When you find these indentations, you will need to place the thumbs over them. Breathe out and press the thumbs. You will need to lean the head back.

Method 2

Your body has a large muscle called the trapezius at the top of the back. When this muscle becomes tight, you can feel pain around your ears and in the upper part of your neck.
Trapezius muscle
In order to get rid of these sensations, you will need to reach the opposite shoulder with your arm. It will be important to feel the midway between the shoulder and your neck. Press down this point.

Method 3

If you feel pain over your eyes or in your jaw, it is quite possible that your sternocleidomastoid is tight. This is a muscle which  attaches from your breast to the ear (its back part) as well as your collar bones.
In order to get rid of the headache, your right hand should be placed on the neck (also on its right side). You will find the right muscle when you turn the head to the left. The muscle which popes out then is your sternoclidomastoid.

The muscle should be squeezed gently while you are turning the head back. You will need to breathe in and squeeze the muscle again while breathing out.

Method 4

The pain which is felt over your eyes, temples or in the jaw can be connected with the temporalis muscle. This muscle is used when you speak or chew as it extends from your skull to the jaw.
Temporalis Muscle
The muscle can be stretched easily if you push the fingers towards the highest part of your skull. The procedure should be performed while you are breathing out.

Method 5

If you find the point which is called the third eye, you will be able to get rid of painful sensations in your eyes and reduce the fatigue of these organs. In addition to it, the general headache will vanish.

Find the place in which the ridge of your eyebrows are connected with the bridge of the nose. Stimulate this point with delicate pressure.

Method 6

In case you are experiencing headaches because of allergy reactions or the inflammation of your sinus, you should massage the points which are situated below your eyebrows in the inner corners of your eyes. You should apply pressure on these parts of your forehead for at least 1 minute in order to get positive effects. This procedure can also help you to improve vision.

Method 7

Your temple region has several points responsible for headaches and migraines. Massaging these areas will help you to get rid of unpleasant sensations. All the points are located near you ear. You can check all the points, although it can be useful to stimulate all of them simultaneously in order to get better result.

Method 8

Massaging the points on the face region can be helpful for people with eye fatigue, blocked sinuses, toothaches, tension headaches and migraines.

Apply some pressure on the points located at the bottom of the cheekbone, the both sides of the nostrils and below your pupil.

Method 9

You may be surprised but there are actually some points on your hands which can help you to relieve your headache. For instance, massaging the point which is located between the thumb and index finger, in the webbing.

The stimulation of this point can help you with your toothache, headaches and back pain. Still, it is important to avoid the point if a woman is pregnant since the massage can cause uterus contractions.

Method 10

You should also pay your attention to the feet as there is a great deal of pressure points. The general massage of one’s feet can be a good idea for any person suffering from headaches.

You can apply pressure on the particular points as well. For instance, find the pressure point located between the second toe and the big toe in the upper part of your foot. Stimulating the point is very good for treating arthritis, headaches, eye fatigue and foot cramps.

Stretches for Treating Headaches

You have already learnt about the various causes of your headaches as well as the basic points which can be stimulated in order to get rid of the painful sensations. Still, if your headaches are the result of incorrect posture, cradling your phone, carrying heavy bags or the lack of exercising, you should definitely try some stretching movements which will help you to treat your condition or prevent it successfully.

Exercise 1

One of the best exercises which can help you to get rid of headaches and prevent the possible problems with the nerves in your shoulder blades is the back stretch.

You will need to take a chair with a back. An ideal one is that has a back coming hallway up the back. You should sit on the edge of your chair and keep your feet firmly on the floor. The arms should be reached behind the back. You should hook the arms behind the back of the chair. The shoulder blades should be retracted. Try to maintain the correct posture with your chest lifted and your shoulders kept up.

There will be a stretch felt in the shoulder joints, although you should be careful and do not stretch your shoulders up to the painful condition.

Exercise 2

There is a great deal of extremely helpful yoga exercises which allow your muscles to stretch and become strong. You should try some of them in order to avoid new migraines and headaches.

For example, sit up or stand. Try to bring the chin to your chest. You should look straight ahead in such a position. Your head should be tilted and then turned to the right. Tilt the head over the left afterwards. Now you can extend the neck back in order to look upwards.

The next step is returning back to initial position and doing half-circles with your chin. This will help to make your muscles more flexible which will definitely relieve your pain.

You can also perform shoulder shrugs when finishing this sequence of exercises. You will need to elevate one shoulder and then the other one. The shoulder which is not elevated should be kept down. Then, both shoulders can be brought up. Drop the shoulders down in order to increase the effects.

Exercise 3

The next exercise which is called “Wind relieving pose” is another yoga exercise which is extremely helpful for the treatment of headaches.

You will need to lie on the floor with your face up. The legs should be extended straight whereas the toes should be pointed at the ceiling. You will need to bend the right knee taking it toward the chest. It is important to have your hands clasped below the knee while you are bringing the forehead to the knee. You will need to raise the chest off the floor in order to perform the exercise.

Now you should lie down and repeat the same exercise with your left knee.

Preventive Measures

Now you have learnt a great deal of important facts concerning headaches and migraines. Obviously, the current article hasn’t highlighted all the facts connected with this health issue, although some essential aspects have been raised.

What can you do in order to prevent headaches?

As far as you have learnt, you should pay your attention to the amount of liquids you are consuming during a day. You should learn to drink at least 7 glasses of water on a daily bases. Remember that alcohol, sugary beverages as well as tea and coffee are not counted.

You should have a good rest after a working day. Sleep deprivation is another reason for the malaise.

Of course, it is important to pay your attention to all the signs of eye fatigue as it can cause headaches and migraine as well.

Spending enough time outdoors is another crucial part of being health. You should get a particular amount of fresh air daily in order to avoid the repeated headaches.

Now you can see that exercising is good for getting rid of your headaches. Even if your painful sensations are not connected with the tight muscles of your back, neck or shoulder blades, it is still important to have some movement during a day in order to provide appropriate blood circulation in the body.

Keep an eye on your posture not only while being among other people but also when you are alone. Thinking about the correct posture all the time will help you to develop the habit of keeping your back straight.

Once you have developed headaches, do not reach for medicines as far as they can have some side effects. In addition to it, they won’t resolve the underlying problem. It will be better for you to try to examine the real reason for this malaise and use acupressure for immediate relief. This will help you to maintain a healthy condition for long years.


10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches
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