13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?

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13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain - When Does It HurtNavel, belly button or tummy button, is clinically known as the umbilicus, it is nothing else like a scar in the abdomen exactly in a place where umbilical cord was attached. Everybody has a belly button.

But as any other part of our bodies, it can also make us feel some pain or discomfort every now and then. Because belly button is placed in the middle of abdomen, when we feel pain around belly button it can spread easily over the whole belly. That can make it even more difficult to analyze where the pain is come from.

Have you ever experienced such strange pain in your belly that was located in an area of belly button? That is strange feeling because maybe you would have never thought about belly button pain before. Do you feel it for the first time or it is prolonged already and you feel that strange belly button pain for a long time?

What kind of pain it is? Rather dull or in some situations can be increased sharp pain? Is there any situation when it goes away? Maybe you don`t feel it during the night? Maybe some change of position can brings you some relief from belly button pain? Maybe it is really severe when you wear trousers with too narrow waist?

Probably it is not that type of pains that make you immobile; you can still work and do many other things, sports and so on, but this pain around your belly button is annoying and you cannot stop thinking about it. Of course it can make you worry about your health condition and I guess you would like to know what can be the reason of belly button pain as fast as possible.

You can make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss all of the possibility and causes of a discomfort in the belly button area. But before you call your doctor`s practice please take your time and have a look on 13 the most common causes of the belly button pain. Maybe you can connect this pain with some other symptoms or signals from your body.

Even if you think that belly button pain should just go away without any medical treatment and you do not feel too worried about it, this is good to know what kind of diseases can be associated with belly button discomfort.

First of all let`s try to determine what kind of pain do you suffer in a belly button area.

Is that pain constant or you feeling it every now and then? How long it takes when you experience pain in a belly button? Does it last for few seconds or minutes? Maybe it can be feeling for a long time. Is there something that can help you?

Maybe some medications or homemade remedies can bring you short relief. Where do you feel it, just on the surface of your skin or rather deep in your body? By answering such questions your doctor can get a lot of important information and it will help him to verify how serious medical problem it may be.

Common Causes Of The Pain In Belly Button

There are many different issues that can be responsible for your bad feeling in a belly button area. Some of them are minor and not so important problems where any medical help is probably not necessary. But it can be that some serious medical troubles are hidden between belly button pains. Some of the causes of the belly button pain can be so serious that only surgery can resolve a health problem. You need to be aware of it before you will decide to ignore symptoms from your abdomen.

Eating problems

That is very possible that pain in a belly button is caused just by eating too much food. When you eat too much of foods, your belly and stomach can expand significantly. It may put some extra pressure onto your abdomen and this can certainly provoke pain in a belly button area. If not overeating is a problem, sometimes it can be a food poisoning. Then your belly can also expand. A lot of gases are produced. Other common symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, vomiting and often diarrhea. Sometimes fever can be a sign that food was not fresh for instance. In the cases of food poisoning pain in the belly button can also take place and there is nothing special about it. However it may need some special care to you to get better as fast as possible.

Medication side effects

Of course it is difficult to determine whether your pain in belly button is a result of medications you were using or there is another more serious digestive problem you suffer from. But if you are taking some drugs to help a stomach troubles, it can happen that this medication can be responsible for bringing a pain in your belly button area as well. So it can help you or make you feel even worse.

13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?
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