13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?

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So please take care and if you have any doubts whether medication is safe or not you can always contact with a pharmacist and read carefully leaflet. Of course that is always a good option to make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your medication`s side effects with a specialist. If you have any doubts you need to decide if there is really sense to start such medical treatment when difficult side effects are too strong.


Hernia is a situation when one of the abdominal organ (bladder, bowels or intestines for instance) has some kind of weaker place so it can end up that part of your abdominal organ will protrude through a tear in its cavity. So this is called ‘hernia’. As you can imagine in case of hernia pain and tenderness in a belly button area are very common and is rather strong. Such pain can be even worse while walking and especially when you want bending over.

There are multiple several other symptoms that suggest hernia. It is painful bowel movements, heavy feeling in an abdomen area. You can sense some sensitive spot or even lump in an abdomen as well as a pain during urination. In some cases doctor can decide that only surgery can repair the torn tissue in the abdominal area and finally resolve your medical troubles with hernia.


When you are pregnant your belly is growing very fast. Each month it is bigger and bigger. You probably already feel quite heavy, you can walk slower, move not so easy as before. That is typical that you suffer from several different inconveniences during these special nine months. However some of the situation can make you feel worry about it, but most of the time some kind of discomfort is rather normal. So your belly is big, sometimes you cannot believe it is so big that you cannot imagine that it needs to grow still a little bit. Actually it is very normal situation that you feel some kind of pain around your abdomen area during pregnancy.

It can be a belly button pain as well. Most of the time it is because your baby is growing, your belly is growing so it can give you such belly button discomfort. And it is probably completely all right. However if that pain is making you worrying about it or it such pain lasts for a long time it should be better to check if there is not a sign that something is going wrong with a pregnancy.


Ulcers can be formed when lining of your stomach is destroyed and the acids from outside escape. That damage tissue around it. When you have problems with ulcers, you can feel sharp pain in an abdomen and a belly button as well. If you experience ulcer, there is a big chance that pain in a belly button area is certain. Such situation needs to be analyzed by a doctor. If you will not cure ulcers it can lead to internal bleeding and large damage of stomach tissue.

Eating spicy food is not recommended as it can make the pain even worse. It will also speed up process of tissue damaging. In this situation you need to contact a specialist to get special medications and also to discuss a problem, to get known how to avoid ulcers in a future.

Pancreatic problems

The pancreas is responsible for keep right sugar level in our bodies just to keep us well energized. Medical problems around pancreas can result in a fever episodes, headaches, nausea and vomiting as well as pain in an area of belly button. Some symptoms can be similar to diabetes indications. If you think that a belly button pain is somehow connected with a pancreatic problem you cannot ignore it. You need to discuss it with a family doctor and search for a right treatment.

Crohn`s disease

Crohn`s disease is an inflammatory disorder of the bowel. It is a serious disease that can affect mostly young people. There are several different symptoms of Crohn`s disease, all of them are quite unspecific what makes it difficult to fast diagnose of Crohn`s disease. So when you have this illness you can suffer for a severe pain of the abdomen, it can be in a belly button area.

You will also loss of weigh, you will have a strong diarrhea problem, and blood in the stools can appear. At this moment there is no good medication to cure Crohn`s disease. Of course this illness needs to be treated by specialist, often in a hospital conditions. So be aware that pain in the belly button can be connected sometimes with a very serious and painful disease.

All of the above medical problems are combined with a pain in the belly button. And most of the time one of them is really responsible for pain in the belly button area. But you need to remember that there is also some other less common causes of pain in the belly button. Let`s try to have a look and try to analyze what other illness can be connected with belly button pain.

13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?
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