13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?

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Less Common Causes Of The Pain In The Belly Button

Some other not so popular causes are listed here. Remember to consult your troubles with a doctor to get more specific diagnosis.

Urinary tract infection UTI (cystisis)

It can be that dull pain around belly button is caused by urinary tract infection (UTI). Some people experiences quite often regular urinary tract infection, but there is also a group of people that tend to have one type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that is named Cystisis. Urinary tract infection can be referred also as cystisis. Such infection can spread to the other parts of your body, such as kidneys, over time. Cystisis is more common in women than men.

It can give you a pain around belly button area. But this is not the most common symptoms for urinary tract infection, usually you can experience strong pain when you are urinating, urine can be cloudy or even bloody. You need to contact doctor as fast as possible to do urine analysis in a laboratory. Such infection most of the time needs to be cured with antibiotics. So make an appointment with your doctor.

Stomach infections

Troubles around the stomach are the most common and probably the best analyzed cause of the pain in the belly button area. Stomach infections can be bacterial as well as viral. It can give symptoms like a stomach flu, so nausea and vomiting. Sometimes very high fever can appear, you can feel extremely weak and tired. Of course appointment in a doctor practice is much recommended. Maybe some medications (antibiotics) will be necessary.


It can also happen that you will experience pain in the belly button area just after you have had abdominal surgery. It can be sometimes severe; it can be mild type of pain. One thing is for sure, when your body will recovery after surgery, all belly button`s pain should disappear. You can use painkillers to bring some relief. Of course if that will stay and the pain will not disappear fast you should inform your doctor. There is all the time some chance that belly button pain is caused by different medical condition.


It is called also gallbladder disease. Usually people are not aware of such problem as gallstones until it will induce a severe pain around belly button area. Gallstones occur because of the inflammation in the gallbladder. When gallstones are an issue it can cause mild to severe pain of the abdomen. Pain can be located somewhere around belly button as well. Symptoms of gallstones can be different, but most often unspecific nausea and vomiting may occur, as well as fever, bloating and jaundice or very rapid heart rate. The pain can also move toward the shoulder.

When the stone have blocked the bile flow the pain will be very intense. But there are many ways to treat gallstones, it can be surgically removed or successfully treated with various medications. Your doctor should determine if medications and change of your lifestyle will soften your symptoms significantly or only surgery can help.

Small intestine disorders

As a small intestine centers close to the belly button, all kind of problems with small intestine will demonstrate among others with severe pain in the belly button area. So you can suffer from constipation, also fever and nausea. Sometimes vomiting can occur. Intestine troubles like a kink in the intestines, an infection or other diseases can also result in a belly button pain. Make an appointment with your family doctor so he can figure out what is going on and what is causing such belly button area pain and symptoms.


For a long time appendix was thought to be not needed by our bodies. But sometimes this part can get inflammation and this causes appendicitis. The pain then is a very severe. And it is also seriously dangerous situation that can even lead to death.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Belly Button Pain

Of course proper diagnosis of pain in a belly button area is crucial. Without the right diagnosis of the problem it will be extremely difficult to try some medical treatment in the case of such unspecific pain in not so standard location as a belly button. Proper diagnosis is important also because it can help to stop your belly button pain from being even worse when not treated.

When you visit your doctor you need to talk with him precisely. You should describe your problem in the best way you can. That will help a lot. Doctor will probably order more accurate tests to find out what is the problem. The echo of belly and blood and urine laboratory analysis can give a hint what is going on. But you should also talk with specialist about all other different medical troubles you have, so that can be some more serious medical problem not only belly button pain.

13 Causes Of The Belly Button Pain: When Does It Hurt?
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