15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit

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15 Common Causes of Pain in Left ArmpitA lot of blood vessels and nerves go through our armpits. Therefore, armpit is a very sensitive part of our body and feeling pain in this area is quite a common condition.

Pain usually appears in the left armpit, but mostly it’s not a symptom of any serious diseases, which may threaten our life or demand a medical consultation. However, there are rare cases when pain in your left armpit is a sign of some severe conditions.

What Are the Symptoms

The most obvious symptom is pain, either mild or strong, in your left armpit. Depending on the cause, however, it can appear together with some additional symptoms.

If the pain results from a skin condition, other accompanying symptoms might be visible, such as a rash, redness, or inflammation.

In case of some problems with lymph node, apart from pain, you may also experience that your armpit or arm is swollen. Additionally, you can feel pain in your legs or abdomen, as lymph nodes are placed there as well.

If pain in the left armpit is the consequence of some disorder in your breast, you may sometimes feel a lump in your chest area. One of your breasts may change its size or shape too or one of your nipples may look different.

15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit

There are various reasons of pain in the left armpit. In most cases there is no need to worry as it just goes away after a few days. Have a look at some most common causes of pain in your left armpit.

1.     Cosmetics

It may sound banal, but you should be aware that even a deodorant you use every day, can be a possible culprit of pain in your left armpit.

Check the labels of your cosmetic products because if your soap or antiperspirant contain some strong chemicals, they may cause serious skin irritation. They can cause an allergic reaction too. When that happens, apart from pain, you can experience itching and redness in your armpit area or your skin may be inflamed.

2.     Strained Muscle

The muscles which are located in our chest and shoulders area are quite large and it’s quite easy to overstretch or strain them. You can get an injury more easily if you do such sports as weightlifting, tennis, baseball, javelin, or other sports or activities which require sudden and fierce movements of your arms.

In case of a muscle strain you may experience pain in one or both of your armpits. The pain, however, should disappear after a few days.

3.     Epilation

If you remove your hair improperly from your armpit area, you may end with quite a severe pain. The most common mistake in hair removal is using a blade which is not sharp enough. Because of that the hair follicles may get inflamed or even some bumps may appear.

Improper epilation may cause ingrown hair too, which can be painful. Thus, remember to remove your hair with a sharp blade and always moisturize your armpits after the epilation. Otherwise, you will deal with irritated skin and pain.

4.     Lymphadenitis

Lymph nodes are extremely important oval-shaped organs, where immune cells can be found. We can find lymph nodes not only in the armpits, but also in many other parts of our body, such as groin or neck.

Thanks to the immune cells present in the lymph nodes our organism is able to fight such enemies as viruses. In case of sickness or infection, our lymph nodes develop virus-fighting compounds and they can also get inflamed, painful, or swollen.

The inflammation of lymph nodes is known as lymphadenitis. If your doctor diagnoses this condition, he will probably prescribe you some painkillers, warm compresses are also recommended. However, when the inflammation is severe antibiotics, which will eliminate pain and swelling, are required.

Rarely the lymphadenitis is a sign of a cancerous tumor, thus, if the pain and swelling don’t want to go away after a few days, consult your doctor in this matter.

Other infections may also be responsible for pain in left armpit, such as skin abscesses, which often require antibiotics or even drainage.

5.     Angina

You probably wouldn’t connect pain in the left armpit with angina. However, this condition is quite insidious and may lead to various complications.

Angina may lead to another severe condition known as ischemia, which is a coronary artery disease. It happens when our heart doesn’t get the proper amount of oxygenated blood.

As a result we can experience such symptoms as the feeling of pain and heaviness in our chest, breathing difficulties, fatigue or dizziness, but also pain in arms, armpits, neck, or jaw.

It’s crucial to follow a medical treatment with antibiotics to cure angina effectively and without a risk of further complications.

Be aware that some people are more at risk of getting angina, such as smokers, people dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure or high level of cholesterol. If you don’t exercise regularly or you suffer from some heart disease, you are in a risk group as well.

6.     Injury of Brachial Plexus

Brachial plexus consists of nerves which extend from your spinal cord, go through the neck, over the first rib and into your armpit. You can get an injury in this area if you do contact sports or if you have experienced some serious fall.

15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit
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