15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit

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Problems with brachial plexus sometimes refer to the nerves disorders, which may happen as a result of neuropathy or dysfunction. Whatever the reason, you may feel pain in your left armpit because of that.

7.     Hidradenitis Suppurativa

If you can feel painful lumps in your armpit, you may suffer from a skin condition known as hidradenitis suppurativa. This disorder usually occurs in these parts of our body where our skin rubs together. Therefore, buttocks, armpits, and the groin are often affected.

One of the main factors, which leads to hidradenitis suppurativa is inflammation or blockage of hair follicles. However, it hasn’t been clearly established yet what leads to the blockage. However, some of the reasons include hormones imbalance, genetics, metabolic syndrome, problems with the immune symptoms, smoking cigarettes, or obesity.

The painful lumps which occur during the condition are usually pea-sized, may be reddish, have black heads, and sometimes they break creating tunnels under your skin. The substance which releases from the tunnel might be smelly.

It is crucial to diagnose hidradenitis suppurativa in the early stage as when left untreated, it can lead to infections, scars development or, in most severe cases, to cancer.

8.     Sporotrichosis

Sporotrichosis, also known as rose handler’s disease, is an infection caused by a certain type of fungus. It mainly affects people who deal with soil and vegetation so farmers or gardeners are at higher risk.

The fungus responsible for the disease forms from mold or yeast, which enters the skin. However, once this happens, it sometimes takes months before the condition develops.

One of the first symptoms of sporotrichosis is a pinkish bump on your skin, which often occurs under your left armpit.  At the beginning it is usually small and mild, but as the time passes, it may become an open wound with clear liquid inside.

The condition must be treated as otherwise it can spread to arms, legs or even joints, lungs, or brain, which may be potentially life-threatening.

9.     Heartburn

Maybe it’s difficult to believe, but heartburn or acid reflux might be the reasons for pain in the left armpit. Probably everyone suffers from this unpleasant burning sensation from time to time. It usually occurs in our stomach and chest area, but sometimes it may also spread to the armpit.

If heartburn is a cause of pain in your armpit, it’s probable that the pain intensifies when you bend over or lie down as well as it’s more severe at night or just after eating. It usually doesn’t last longer than a few minutes.

To get rid of heartburn you can try some of well-known home remedies or take medications prescribed by your doctor, which will regulate acid development in your stomach.

10.  Shingles

Shingles is a kind of a viral infection, which may affect almost every part of our body, however it often occurs in the armpit. Shingles and chickenpox are caused by the same virus, known as varicella-zoster.

The condition manifests in a single stripe of blisters that are filled with fluid. When they break, they cause pain. Other symptoms of shingles include a red, itchy rash, higher skin sensitivity, or tingling and burning feeling on the skin. Fever, headache and fatigue also sometimes appear.

If your immune system works well, shingles is not considered to be a dangerous disease. It is potentially hazardous if it happens to children, older people, or those who have weak immune system. Also, if the rash appears close to your eyes, consult your doctor immediately.

11.  Peripheral Artery Disease

It is quite a common circulatory condition which happens because the arteries in our legs or arms are narrowed so that blood can’t flow as naturally as it should.

Peripheral artery disease usually occurs as a consequence of artherosclerosis, when deposits of fat clog artery walls. Genetics is often to blame when it comes to getting artherosclerosis, however, the main cause is an unhealthy lifestyle as smokers or obese people are more likely to get the condition.

When suffering from peripheral artery disease you may experience pain in one or both armpits. If, additionally, you feel weakness, numbness, and you’ve observed that your arm or leg changed its color, contact your doctor at once.

12.  Depression and Anxiety

As some studies have shown, some mental problems like depression or anxiety may reflect in pain in your left armpit. If you’ve been dealing with depression, apart from pain in your underarms, you may experience rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, irritation, sleeping difficulties, chronic weakness and tiredness.

Remember that in case of depression, pain in the armpit is just a sign of a bigger problem. Don’t hesitate to contact a psychologist or psychiatrist as once you handle it, psychical pain will also disappear.

13.  Breast Cancer

Pain in left armpit may be a potential sign of breast cancer and be aware that it may also occur in men. The cause of breast cancer hasn’t been clearly identified yet, but probably there are a few factors which may lead to this condition.

15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit
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