22 Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Health, Skin and Hair

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That will relieve irritable bowel syndrome. It will decrease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, especially intestinal cramps, nausea, diarrhea, gastroenteritis and stomach flu. Simply drink mug of chamomile tea twice a day to get better treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual cramps treatment

There is a special time for every woman all over the world each month. Premenstrual time and painful menstruation can significantly reduce your life quality. But chamomile tea has been recently found to be effective also in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual cramps treatment as well. Some studies found that chamomile tea has a positive influence on a urine level of glycine. This ingredient can calms muscle spasms.

Besides it flavonoids and coumarins which can be found in chamomile are considered smooth muscle relaxants. When you undergo a heavy cramp pain during your period each month it is worth to try a natural remedies to feel better. Chamomile tea is known as a great relieving solution for menstrual cramps. It helps you to calm down before menstruation as well.

Psoriasis treatment and anti-inflammatory effect

Some of the chemical elements of chamomile (like bisabolol, chamazulene, apigenin and luteolin) have a strong anti-inflammatory property. There are no scientific studies that can prove it, but chamomile tea has been considered to be a powerful home solution to treat such disease as psoriasis. Psoriasis is a difficult autoimmune disease; it is very difficult to cure.

But chamomile can be very effective to deal with psoriasis. Chamomile is believed to fight against skin pathogens; chamomile flowers can inhibit the growth of psoriatic plaques, so this is the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile tea. When you want to prepare tea that will be effective for psoriasis treatment you need to add three teaspoons of chamomile flowers to boiling water and let the flowers soak in a cup for around 15 minutes. You can drink such tea maximum three times per day.

You can also inhale fumes from chamomile tea when you have psoriasis visible on your face or neck. But be careful do not get burnt from hot steam during inhalation. Another way to treat psoriasis with chamomile is to take a chamomile tea bath. To prepare it you need to use four or five chamomile tea bags, you put it directly into 4 cups of boiling water and let it to soak correctly for about 15 minutes. Later on put all together into a bathtub filled with nicely warm water; make sure it is mixed well. You can then fully relax in a calming and therapeutic bath. You can stay in water for 15-20 minutes.

Burns and scrapes treatment

Oil from chamomile is known to be very useful in treating burns that are difficult to heal. To cure it you can apply a small amount of chamomile oil gently directly into the burned area. Chamomile tea that will be used for scrapes and burns need to be extra strong, so use even three chamomile bags to one cup of boiling water. When the mixture cool down you can soak a fresh cloth into it and use as a cold compress on the burned part of your body.

Skin lightening treatment

If you have problem with too dark skin you can use a several homemade remedies or special skin-lightening creams. But also applying chamomile can make your skin looks brighter. To get skin lighten you need to prepare mixture from 2 chamomile tea bags added to two quarts of boiling water. Then you can inhale fumes of chamomile tea or take a bath in water mixed with chamomile tea as well.


Reducing dark circles around eyes

Dark circles around your eyes do not look good. You can look much older and tired because of visible dark circles around your eyes. If you want to help relieve eye fatigue and reduce dark circles at the same time it is good choice to use chamomile tea as a treatment. To make a mixture you need to add two chamomile tea bags into warm water, let it soak for at least five minutes, then remove the tea bags from the water and cool down it to the room temperature. When it is not hot anymore you can simply place chamomile tea bags on your eyes and leave them overnight as an herbs compress.

Cuts and wounds treatment

Chamomile tea is not only good choice for treatment of skin burns and scrapes, it has been also used to make faster skin healing process. It can by apply for a cuts and wounds as well. There are experiments that have shown that rats given chamomile flavored water healed much faster than those who did not drink ‘chamomile tea’.

This is only possible because of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of Matricaria chamomilla.

Essential oil from German chamomile can also be used to treat skin wounds as an alternative for standard chamomile tea.

Promotes healthy skin

Because chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties it is very useful to clean up any skin irritations such as rashes, acne, eczema and allergy spots. You can cure rashes by taking a cotton ball or tissue and soaking it in a cool chamomile tea. Then apply this on all types of rashes you have. Chamomile can be used not only via herbal infusions, there are also chamomile fluid concentrate, oils, tinctures and it is ingredient of many creams as well.

Antibacterial effect and boost immunity system

Chamomile tea is also very powerful solution with an antibacterial property. Drinking of chamomile tea can protect you against different bacterial infections. It can also cure you faster when you already got an infection. So it looks like drinking a chamomile tea can be also great remedy for a cold or flu. You can drink it hot that help you to recover fast.

Natural hemorrhoid treatment

Problems with hemorrhoid can make you feel extremely bad. You want to find out some good solutions to make your life more comfortable. You need to know there are also special chamomile-based ointments that can help to relive inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. It is prepared from German chamomile and need to be applied topically. Using it can make you feel better.

Stomach ulcer treatment

Chamomile tea has been shown to calms also ulcers in the stomach.

Reducing swelling

When you will put a chamomile tea bags into a freezer you will obtain a wonderful remedy that can be used for pimples treatment. Cooling it down with chamomile ingredient will reduce swelling and redness.

Skin moisturizer

Chamomile has also been known to help to hydrate tired and dried skin. Chamomile is frequently used in skin cosmetics as an emollient to prevent skin from drying.

Hair dandruff treatment

Heir dandruff is always a problem. There are many different methods to get rid of it and using chamomile is one of them. It is often used as a remedy for head skin dandruff. To prepare antidandruff mixture you need to mix dried chamomile in water, leave it for around 30 minutes. Of course to get the best results you need to prepare chamomile mixture often and apply it regularly, at least once a week.

Blond hair treatment

If you are blond, you are lucky because chamomile has been known for many years as a great agent that can help to take care for a blond hair. Tea infusions can lights up blond hair in a very natural way. It can make your hairs lighter and lighter every day. It can add brilliant bright highlights to your hairs. If used regularly it will have great effect not only on blond hairs.

Control diabetes

Probably you have never heard about it, but there are some studies that have proven that chamomile tea is helping to control diabetes problem. It helps with hyperglycemia because somehow it can regulate the level of glucose in the blood. So it is very healthy to drink chamomile tea for diabetics.

Remove wrinkles

Everybody would like to have smooth and young-looking skin. There are a lot of applications of chamomile tea in a skin condition therapy. It is not only known to increase healing of the wounds and burns. It can improve health condition of your skin and make it smooth, look brighter and fresh. It can also bleach some dark spots on your body. But it is also beneficial to make your skin look younger. It can protect your skin against harmful effect of free radicals, so that reduces your existing wrinkles and prevents their formation.

Cancer treatment

It sounds like wonderful remedy, but yes it is true and there are also some evidences that suggest chamomile tea has even an anticancer effect. Some studies have proven that extracts from chamomile can inhibit growth of cancer cells. It is especially tested on cancer cells in skin, prostate, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer cells. However it is still ongoing research, so time is needed to know exactly how chamomile can reverse abnormal cells growth.

Anticoagulant effect

That is very good news for a people that have a medical problems with their blood. It is known that coumarin compounds that are in chamomile may have blood-thinning properties. But this effect of chamomile tea can still be investigated.

What Are The Side Effects Of Chamomile?

You need to remember that chamomile is an herb. It is very important to be careful while using herbs for a medical application. Even if this is a natural compound and it is good for your health to use it, it still can be quite dangerous when using too often or when you overdose it. And this is valid not only to chamomile but also all herbal products, you need to be careful. There are some of the potential side effects of drinking chamomile tea or using chamomile in a different way. It is quite common when you use chamomile regularly it can make you feel sleepy.

22 Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Health, Skin and Hair
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