10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

10 Pressure Points for Migraines and HeadachesOne of the most frequent ailments which can develop in various people are migraines and headaches. Although the sensation doesn’t indicate any serious health condition in the majority of situations, the pain can be unbearable and rather distracting sometimes.

You can experience headaches while being at work which will make it rather difficult for you to continue doing your job. Thus, it will be very useful for you to understand the most common causes of this ailment and learn how to apply acupressure in order to get rid of the sensations quickly.

The Most Popular Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Obviously, there is a great number of various factors which can lead to the painful sensations in your head. The most popular causes of the malaise are stress, anxiety and exhaustion. These conditions can entail tension and headaches even in the healthiest people. In such a case, the pain comes from the strain of the neck, shoulders, scalp and jaw.

Another popular reason for headaches and migraine is a hormonal imbalance. This condition especially takes place when it comes to pregnant women as well as the women during the menopause period.

Still, you will be surprised to learn that there is a great deal of other reasons for headaches and migraine which are not associated with these sensations by the majority of people. You should certainly read about these factors and may be you will find the reasons for your painful sensations.

Foods Triggering Headaches

First of all, it is important to emphasise that there are several products which can trigger your headaches. Sometimes it is rather difficult to notice painful reaction of your organism to particular products. Therefore it is extremely important to remember about the possible consequence of eating some foods.

One of the dangerous products for your head are aged cheeses. Although not everyone is necessarily sensitive to these products, some people can experience nausea, heart palpitations and a dangerously high blood pressure after eating such cheeses.

The reason why aged cheeses are not safe for everyone is that they contain tyramine. Tyramine is an amino acid which occurs from the proteins broken down because of aging. If you are suspecting being sensitive to this substance, you will need to avoid various cheeses such as mozzarella, Roquefort, brie, Swiss cheese, Emmentaler, Stilton, Gouda, American cheeses and provolone.

In order to be still able to benefit from cheeses, you can choose ricotta, farmer’s cheese, cream cheese and other low-fat processed products.

Unfortunately, people sensitive to tyramine should also resign from eating all kinds of nuts. These products are also containing tyramine and have vaso-active amines as well. These amines can enlarge blood vessels making them press the nerves. As a result, one can experience headaches after eating walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pecans and any other nuts.

Chocolate can be dangerous not only for those people who are sensitive to tyramine, but also to the individuals sensitive to caffeine. In addition to it, people who do not have problems with consuming caffeine products can experience headaches when an excessive amount of such products is consumed. Thus, it is important to be careful with such foods.

If you are suspecting that your migraine and headaches are connected with consuming chocolate, do not resign from these products right away as it can also result in headaches. You should reduce the amount of consumed chocolate gradually.


One of the easiest ways to develop headaches is drinking an insufficient amount water. As your brains consist of approximately 75% of water, the reduction of water consumed can lead to its malfunctioning. Thus, the first thing you should do when getting a headache is to drink a glass of water. Drinking water can also be a good preventive measure of this malaise.

Pay your attention to the factors which can lead to excessive dehydration. First of all, it is hot weather and exercising. Alcohol is one of the main culprits of losing water as well. In addition to it, coffee, tea and sugary beverages can remove an excessive amount of water from your organism easily.

An Incorrect Eyeglass Prescription

If you have been experiencing headaches and frequent migraines after getting your new eyeglasses or lenses, your painful sensations can be the result of a mistake in the prescription. Do not blame your doctor, as in the majority of such cases patients are the culprits of the mistake themselves.

In point of fact, it is quite possible that you have chosen an inappropriate option during the optometric test. Usually, choosing stronger eyeglasses can seem to be a better, as the objects are looking more bright and precise through such glasses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your eyes do not experience any strain. Too strong correction makes the lens of your eyes squeeze and bulge without a break which leads to inevitable headaches.  Moreover, this condition can cause the aggravation of your vision.

An Inappropriate Hairdressing

Sometimes, an inappropriate hairdressing can lead to headaches and migraines. For instance, too-tight ponytails can be the culprits of your painful sensations.

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10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches
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