How to Get Rid of Avocado Allergy Fast: Symptoms and Treatments

How to Get Rid of Avocado Allergy Fast - Symptoms and TreatmentsAvocado is taking world by storm due to a number of benefits it brings about when being consumed regularly. You might have already gotten a bit of its taste while relishing one of the typical sushi rolls served with avocado – California roll, or by dipping your favorite nachos in a typically Mexican dip – Guacamole.

Secret Behind the Wondrous Fruit

Avocado is no longer an exotic fruit and it has recently become more and more popular amongst people whose aim is to maintain nutritious diet, but also amongst people who simply appreciate it for its flavor and texture qualities. Adding avocado into a sandwich or a salad is an easy way to boost the quality of the meal by a whooping number of nutrient.

This green, egg-shaped fruit will work fine as a main dish as well as a snack in between other meals. Why people so eagerly incorporate avocados into their daily diets? Down to their rich nutritional values and delicious taste, avocados are being recommended by nutritionists and dietitians across the globe.

Though very delicate in taste — sometimes to the extends that the flavor is impalpable to our taste buds – we can easily give our avocado the taste we want – spicy, savory or sweet. There are plenty of spices and additives to choose from. Regardless of our choice, by incorporating avocado into our daily diet we will considerably enrich our meals with high content of healthy monosaturated fats.

Avocado is an example of the fruit that provides us with a feeling of fullness throughout the day and this is why we do not need to eat much of it to feel satisfied and strong.

Apart from fats, avocados are also full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants which prevent many disorders and diseases.

Avocado-Based Diets

No wonder that in the course of the past few years avocado has become a fundamental ingredient of any diet considered to be healthy. Even though you might have experienced yourself that handling avocado when it is not fully ripe can be challenging, avocado’s creamy texture in its full ripeness makes it perfect for blending with other ingredients as to bake healthy replacements of such treats as chocolate chip cookie and brownies. Fluffiness guaranteed!

Vegans and paleo eaters very often use avocado to prepare all sorts of spreads and pastes similar to butter. There is no exaggeration in saying that the power of avocado lies in its all-purpose qualities.

Avocado is Beautiful

Apart from tastefulness and creaminess attributed to avocados, these fruits are also highly valued in sectors other than food industry.

Appreciated for its moisturizing and anti-ageing qualities, avocado is quite often added to cosmetics such as anti-frizzy and dandruff hair treatment shampoos, hair masks, scrubs, face masks, and all sorts of other rejuvenating lotions and creams.

Not Everyone Can Afford Eating Avocado

As much as eating avocado can be a blessing it can be also a curse! You might ask how? Though very rare, there is a chance you might become allergic to avocado. Either by its oral intake or by cross-reactivity occurring between the fruit and latex.

Before associating yourself with one of them, it is crucial to understand what food allergy actually means and how it develop and progress in our body.

Food allergy is IgE mediated food hypersensitivity that requires the presence of IgE antibodies against the offending food. Reaction of the antibodies with certain food, in this case avocado, can cause multiple symptoms to which we can include itching in mouth and throat, itching on face and lips, swelling of eyelids and face and lips, hives, red rashes, difficulty in swallowing.

Avocados then contain certain proteins that are responsible for triggering an allergic reaction in the immune system. While trying to neutralize the protein, histamines and antibodies are released into the bloodstream. The presence of these histamines and immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in the bloodstream confirms the avocado allergy.

Oral Allergy

First type of allergy to be described — an oral avocado allergy – is triggered as a result of consummation of avocado. The proteins contained in avocado are unrecognizable by our system, which it turns enters into an alerting mode.

Multiple body reactions follow and they can range from mild to very severe symptoms, such as itching of your lips, mouth, and throat. It is very often observed that people suffering from an oral avocado allergy also display allergy to birch pollen.

Latex Allergy

As already mentioned before, oral allergy emerges after the actual consumption of avocado. Latex allergy, on the other hand, is a reaction to natural rubber latex and starts to appear after the contact with fruits which had been handled before by other people wearing latex hand wear.

Latex and avocado allergies are an example of cross-reactivity which means that a person suffering from latex allergy will be allergic to other products. This is because major latex proteins have a similar structure to proteins found in fruit and nuts, thus the immune system confuses these foods with latex and a severe allergic reaction may occur.

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How to Get Rid of Avocado Allergy Fast: Symptoms and Treatments
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