Ear Infections: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies

Ear Infections - Causes Symptoms and Best Home RemediesThe majority of people were attacked with ear infections at least once in their lives. Those, who has had such a health problem, know how unpleasant ear infections can be.

Not only can the earache be unpleasant, but it can also lead to rather serious problems in case it has been treated in an impropriate way. In order to cure your ears effectively you need to understand the real reason of your earache and then choose the best remedy for your particular situation.

It is advisable to visit a doctor in order to have your ears diagnosed professionally. If only you have consulted a professional, can you decide on the strategy for healing your earache. It is particularly important to contact a paediatrician in case your child is feeling pain in the ears.

Human Ear Anatomy

Let’s have a look through a brief guide on the construction of a human ear. This will help you to understand the possible reasons of an earache better.

There are three main parts in your ear, which are called an inner ear, a middle ear and an outer ear. All these parts of your hearing sense organ have their particular functions.

For example, the shape of an outer ear looks like a leaf, which help the ear to catch the waves of sound.  These waves travel to the ear canal through the section called pinna. Pinna is also situated in the outer part of a human ear.

The sound waves continue to travel after going through the pinna. They enter the middle part of an ear and meet the eardrum. Apart from the eardrum, there are also other essential segments of an ear located in its middle part. For instance, the middle canal, hammer, stir up, anvil and semicircular are also situated here.

The middle canal is the road between the middle part of an ear and its inner part. The correct work of the inner ear is possible due to such organs as Eustachian tube, nerves and cochlea. The nerves of the inner ear catch the sound waves and transport them to the brain, which processes it giving us the sense of hearing.

The Causes and Symptoms of Ear Infections

At the first spot, you need to understand that an earache can be caused by various reasons, which are not connected with any infections at all rather frequently. Thus, you may get an unpleasant sensation in your ears because of a physical injury, the inflammation of nerves (for example, as a side effect of catching cold or having teeth problems). There are many situations, when people are feeling pain in their ears because of allergy on a great deal of different food products.

Some of these reasons can be precursors of ear infections, although it is not a rule. Therefore, you should not apply any antibiotics just because you have an earache. Remember, that antibiotic treatment should be used only in the situations, when there is no other remedy, which is able to help.

Using antibiotics in the situations, in which you can make do with other remedies effectively, usually leads to the adaptation of different infections to this particular medication. This means, that in case you have a really serious illness in future, it may be extremely difficult to cure you with the known antibiotics.

Infections can attack all the three sections of a human ear, although it is the middle ear that is the most susceptible to different viral and bacterial illnesses. Children are more prone to suffering from ear infections than their parents are.

Pay your attention on different factor, which can create positive conditions for the development of ear infections. For instance, upper respiratory infections can attack ears as well. Wax buildup, nutritional deficiencies, allergies (both environmental and food ones) as well as the water in ears make the hearing sense organ more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

Genetics and fetal alcohol syndrome have a great impact on the health of our ears too. Undoubtedly, nutritional deficiencies also determine the condition of this organ.

As far as you have learnt, there is a number of illnesses, which can have a side effect of an earache. Nevertheless, one of the most popular reason of a painful sensation in your ears is an infection, mainly AOM, or acute otitis media. This infection attacks the middle part of an ear.

In case a person have one of the fallowing symptoms: a headache, a sharp or dull pain in the ear, the deterioration of a hearing sense, a fluid in the ear and high temperature., it is advisable to visit a specialist. Sometimes, people being ill with ear infections also have diarrhoea and vomiting.

Professional Help for Ear Infections

In case you have the sensations described above, you need to visit a doctor immediately. Do not feed yourself with painkillers, which will only decrease the intensity of your feelings without actual curing. It is very important to have your ears diagnosed thoroughly.

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Ear Infections: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies
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