Lower Back Pain: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies

Lower Back Pain: Causes, Treatments and Best Home RemediesThe Lower Back Pain is rather widespread malaise. It is very popular among the people over 50 years old, however, one can face such discomfort being in one’s thirties or even as a child. The reason for such a frequent occurrence of the lower back pain is that it can be caused by various activities.

The present article is focused on the conditions, which may lead to the lower back pain, as well as on the ways it can be treated medically and with the help of home remedies. Certainly, the article also provides you with necessary tips, which will help you to avoid this unpleasant sensation.

Lower Back Anatomy

In order to comprehend the various processes which may lead to the lower back pain, it will be useful to look briefly at the construction of this part of the body.

Lower Back Tissues

The pain can occur as a result of the processes, which are taking place in the following tissues of the lumbar region: vertebra (which is also referred to as the bony lumbar spine), discs, ligaments, nerves and a spinal cord. The condition of the lumbar region can also be influenced by the abdomen and pelvis, as well as by the skin, which covers the lumbar region of one’s back.


The vertebrae, made from a bony tissue, create together a special structure, which enable moving and, at the same time, protects the spinal cord. Meanwhile the vertebra have such essential functions, they need to be protected themselves from the constant impact of different forces. This is possible, since vertebra have special discs made of two main components: nucleus pulposus (a soft tissue of the internal part of the central part of the disc) and annulus fibrosus (the firm tissue, which surrounds the disc).

The function of ligaments is to adjust bones firmly to other bones, thus, they connect the vertebra  with each other. The stimulation of the muscles of the lower extremities and the back is possible due to the nerves.


The lumbar region of the human’s body also comprise blood vessels, the aorta, kidneys, uterus and ovaries (in women) and the prostate gland (in men). The involuntary nervous system controls bowel and bladder.

Any kind of malaise occurring in the lumbar area entails the decrease of the quality of our daily life, since this part of our bodies has a number of vital functions. The most important tasks of the lower back are the movement of the body and lower extremities as well as the structural support. In addition to it, internal body tissues are protected by the lumbar area.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

The most important symptom of any disease, developing in the lumbar region, is undoubtedly, pain. Nonetheless, the pain in the lower back can be differentiated by the sensation and the durance. Moreover, unpleasant feeling can also happen in different parts of a day.

The pain in the lumbar region is usually acute with a sensation of shooting. It normally occurs in one half of a body, predominantly in the back; however, it can also spread on one leg and even on a foot. It is recommendable to visit a doctor in case of sensing such a kind of discomfort providing it doesn’t end within 72 hours. It is especially advisable to turn to medical workers if this pain starts after any kind of injury.

You should also bear it in mind, that these symptoms are not exclusive. Sometimes people are sensing numbness in their lower extremities or pain while urinating or coughing.

Remember, that the uncured lower back pain may lead to extremely troublesome consequences, such as the incapability of making certain movements, an increasing sensation of pain, the loss of weight, unusual weakness in the legs or even bladder and bowler incontinence.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many conditions, which may cause lower back pain.


One group of these factors are various injuries. Certainly, reading the word “injuries”, we are normally thinking of physical traumas as a result of mechanical pressure. This is true in the case of lower back pain, although not limited to such a kind of traumas.

One can sense pain in the lower back as a result of having incorrect posture, doing a sedentary job for long hours or being “a weekend hero”, a sportsman who prefer setting records at the gym once a week rather than practicing regularly without excessive workout. Nonetheless, those, who do not exercise at all are also in the risk group.

Undoubtedly, lifting heavy objects is also a rather popular activity leading to the malaise in the lumbar region. Even your bag can be a culprit.

The activities described above cause injuries in the lumbar area of two different types. The first one is the injury of muscles, usually strains, whereas the second one is the development of such a posture of two neighbouring vertebra, in which the disc between them becomes deformed. Because of this deformation, the disk can’t be a “cushion” for the vertebra anymore. The position of the vertebra changes and they irritate the sciatic nerve, causing unpleasant sensations.


Many people over 50 years old are sensing the discomfort in the lower back because the tissues there, as well as in an entire human body, are aging and weakening. Unfortunately, there is also a great deal of factors apart injuries, which can develop the lower back pain in young people.


Different problems with kidneys, for example infections or stones can cause lower back pain. Haematomas, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and tumours are also the factors increasing the chances of the diseases in the lumbar region.

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Lower Back Pain: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies
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