Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes

Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body - Treatment and CausesMaybe you just lie down on your sofa, try to relax after work and suddenly you realize you feel some strange pain or discomfort directly on the left side of your stomach. It can be nothing special, maybe you have just eaten too much, but if it is strong pain or it stays for a long time you should have not ignored it.

There are several different causes of pain in the left side of your belly and body as well. Treatment of such pain always depends on its reason.

Left side of our body contains all different parts of our body, so it includes left part of chest, abdomen, neck and others. If you feel pain of the left side it can be caused by different kinds of reasons. However the most of the time such pain in left side is a chest pain as well as left side abdomen pain.

What Organs Are Located On The Left Side Of Your Body?

Many different organs are located on the left side of our bodies. Are you curious why you feel pain exactly on the left side? Let`s have a look on all of the organs that can be found in our bodies on the left side. Of course most of these organs have another partner organ located on the right side. So it works like a mirror.

Here you are some of the main organs or parts of the body that can be associated with pain in the left side of the body:

  • Left lung
  • Left kidney
  • Left half of the large intestine
  • The spleen
  • The stomach
  • Left adrenal gland
  • Left ovary in woman
  • Left fallopian tube in woman
  • Left testicle
  • Left edge of the liver
  • Left urethra
  • The descending colon
  • The heart
  • Body and tail of the pancreas
  • Sigmoid colon

If something is wrong with one of these structures it can induce pain that you feel on the left part of the body.

Causes Of Pain In Left Side

So we know what kind of part of the body or which organ can give us feeling of the left side pain but what is a cause of such pain in the left abdominal area? Here you are the most common causes that usually needs to be checked by your family doctor and treatment might be required:

Chest Pain On The Left Side

Heart attack

That is probably most of the time first thought when you experience suddenly pain in your chest on the left side. So heart attack is of course possible. It can happen when a blood flow will stop to some part of your heart, than muscle of heart will be damaged. But you need to remember that not all of the strong pains in the left side of the chest area are because of heart attack. Most of the time that can happen as a result of some lungs infections for instance. It can be also from your throat, muscles, and ribs or even from nerves in this body region.

If this is really a heart attack you will experience few important symptoms. It is severe pain in a left side of your chest; it can be like a heartburn feeling. Pain can spread over your shoulders, arms, back, neck. It will take for at least few minutes. Together with strong pain you will feel breathing troubles, nausea, a cold sweat. Most probably you will be very weak and tired. In such situation of course fast medical help is needed.

Coronary artery disease

It is the situation when the blockage in the heart veins decreases blood stream and oxygen to the heart muscle. It is a group of heart diseases that are very dangerous. It includes different types of angina and heart attack (myocardial infarction) as well as a sudden cardiac death. Pain can travel from the left side of your chest to your arm, shoulder, jaw and back even. It can be feeling like you have something very heavy or some kind of pressure on your chest.

Esophageal touchiness

This is a situation of very painful sensation around your throat. It can make a feeling like a left side chest pain as well. However the real reason of such disorder is not clear.


Pleurisy (known as pleuritis) is an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs. It is possibly cause by a viral or bacterial infection. It can make you feel pain on the left side chest area, especially while you breathing or sneeze while you have a running nose. The most well-known causes for such pleuritic pain on the left side are simple infections or more serious situation as a aspiratory embolism or pneumothorax.


Types of Pain on the Left Side of the Body: Treatment and Causes
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