How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies


It is so easy and so cool. It is enough to wear socks on your feet to prevent smell of the stinky shoes and feet. Of course socks need to be clean and fresh. So remember to use them as often as possible to avoid too much sweating of your feet. It is rather not recommended to walk bare foot in your shoes.

Cat litter

Cat litter
Even if that sounds like a joke it isn`t. Cat litter can be very effective to get rid of the smell from your shoes. It will work as a deodorant very well. So to use it in an anti-smelling treatment you just need to:

  • Put a little bit of a cat litter into the shoes
  • Can be leaved inside the shoes overnight
  • Throw away cat litter and check if it is completely clean inside the shoes

For a great results you can alternatively put some of the cat litter inside the socks, fill it with litter. Than such socks can be store in your smelly shoes. It will work effective during nights. You can use this method every day. It is cheap and very powerful.

Baby powder

Baby powder
Another great idea is to use baby powder inside your smelly shoes to deodorize it. It will work in a similar way as a cat litter, but baby powder has one additional advantage, you can treat it on your feet to prevent excessive sweating as well.

  • To get the best result it is good to put a baby powder on your feet before put a shoe on it. Just simply apply it on your feet, and then remove excess of powder. Be careful it is white and if you use it not too carefully it can be visible even on your clothes.
  • You can use powder many times a day, all the time you feel that your feet are starting to sweat just simply use a bit again.
  • And of course do not use too much of baby powder as it will looks ridiculous visible on your feet and even shoes in extreme situations

Dryer sheets

There are special dryer sheets that can be bought in many places. It is great as you can put it inside your shoes and just wear it normally. You will not feel it at all; the dryer sheets are also very comfortable.

So if that works for you it is perfect, you do not need to worry about that problem anymore. When you used dryer sheets you can simply throw them away.

Newspaper trick

Newspaper trick
To get rid of the stinky smell from your shoes, you can put a bit of creased newspaper inside the shoes. You should do it during the night, so that will help you to find fresh and dry shoes in the morning. The best is to do it every night. Of course you can do it along with other methods.

Freeze your shoes

Freeze Your shoes
It sounds funny or even incredible but you need to know that it is a great method to clean your shoes from odor. And it is really working most of the time. It is an easy, simply, cheap and fast method to get rid of your shoes odor in a short time. If other methods were not working for you or were too weak, it is worth to try freezing your shoes out.

  • So put your shoes in a plastic bags which can be sealed
  • Leave your smelly shoes in a freezer overnight, that will help to kill bacteria inside the shoes
  • When you take it out from the freezer you need to wait to defrost shoes
  • Just check your shoes smell and shoes are ready to use

Cedar wood insoles

Cedar wood insoles
You can easily buy special insoles that you put into your shoes. It is with the cedar wood that is known from its antifungal properties, besides it smells very nice and fresh. So if you want to prevent odor in your shoes as well as stop growing of the bacteria you should think about a cedar wood insoles. We will be surprised with a beautiful smell from inside your shoes.

Fresh citrus peels

Fresh citrus peels
You know how strong and powerful smell has a citrus fruits. To reduce smell from your shoes you can also use a peel from a fresh citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime. It works like essential oils. So you can leave it in your shoes overnight and see how it will work in the morning. The smell should be much nicer after fresh citrus peels treatment.

Water and vinegar mixture

This is another method that is using very common ingredient that you can easily find in your kitchen for instance. So it is vinegar mixture that you can spray your stinky shoes when prepare mixture of 50 % of water and 50 % of white distilled vinegar.

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How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies
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