Best and Natural Home Remedies for Bronchitis

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You can also benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric while healing your bronchitis. For example, you can prepare a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. In order to enrich this mixture with healthy substances, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

Nonetheless, you should be very careful with turmeric. This remedy is prohibited in some health conditions. For example, it is strongly recommended to avoid turmeric in case you have problems with hyperacidity, obstructive jaundice, gallbladder stones or stomach ulcers.

Hot Toddy

One of the pleasant and tasty natural remedies used for treating bronchitis is hot toddy.

Hot toddy is just a warm drink made of tea, honey, cinnamon powder and alcohol. This mixture will relief your cough and help you to reduce the activity of the infection.

You can also add other ingredients, which have already been described in the previous recipes, for instance, lemon, pepper or ginger. Just remember not to put gentle substances into hot water in order not to destruct their healthy properties.

Orange Juice

Orange juice

Orange juice is recommended for people with bronchitis because of its high contents of vitamin C. As far as you probably know, this vitamin is absolutely indispensable for curing any kind of illness.

Of course, you should use only fresh orange juice if you want to take vitamin C from this drink. You can also add several crushed almonds to a glass of orange juice in order to get rid of the sensation of sore throat.


There is no doubt, that lemon has the same positive properties, as orange. That is why it has already been mentioned in several remedies described in this article.

As it has been said, you can add lemon slices to warm tea or other drinks. You can also prepare warm water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Moreover, you can quickly get rid of sore throat in case you gargle with warm water containing a tablespoon of lemon juice.


Mustard has been used compresses for curing bronchitis for a long time.

The procedure can be done in the next way. You should take four tablespoons of flour and a tablespoon of mustard powder. Then add such an amount of water to the dry substance as it will get the consistency of a paste.

The next step is to cover the skin of your chest with olive oil. Apply a clean cloth with mustard spread over it on your chest. You should leave this compress on your skin until it is cold. Bear in mind that mustard can give you a hot sensation. If it is too intense, you should stop the procedure in order not to burn your skin.


Although there are many herbs which can be very effective for healing bronchitis, these methods are not so popular. Just look through these remedies and you will certainly resign from chemical medications the next time you have sore throat.


Thyme is one of the best plants, which has a complex activity against phlegm, mucus and sore throat. Moreover, thymes has strong antimicrobial properties, which will help you to get rid of the infection quickly.

The simplest way you can use thyme is just by adding it to your food as seasoning. Nevertheless, you can strengthen the activity of this herb by preparing an infusion.

This herbal tea can be made by adding up to a teaspoon of thyme in 200-250 ml of boiling water. The tea should be steeped for 5 minutes. You can add honey in order to make your drink tastier and healthier.

You can also apply thyme oil on your chest in the way it is done with eucalyptus oil. You can also dilute this oil with some olive oil before applying it on your skin.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is also very helpful for those who are struggling with bronchitis. You can simply chew several basil leaves in order to benefit from their antibacterial properties.

You can also prepare an infusion with dry basil leaves.

Bay Leaves

You can try another seasoning for curing your throat. Bay leaves can be helpful as well, since they are rich in antimicrobial substances.

You can prepare herbal tea with a couple of dry bay leaves or a compress.

Herbal tea is made as a simple infusion by boiling bay leaves in 250 ml of water for at least 5 minutes.

The compress can be made by soaking several bay lives in water (you should take hot water for this purpose) and covering your chest with them. You can warm the leaves once again in order to continue the procedure.


The roots of licorice can be used effectively in herbal tea for treating sore throat. All you need is to add several slices of the roots into boiling water and steep it for at least 5 minutes. You should consume the drink twice a day.

Best and Natural Home Remedies for Bronchitis
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