Best and Natural Home Remedies for Bronchitis

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Nevertheless, you should pay your attention on the restrictions on the use of this tea. You shouldn’t drink licorice infusion in case you have problems with blood pressure.


Plantain is widely used for curing the symptoms of bronchitis as well as the infection causing it. For this purpose, you should prepare an infusion from fresh plantain leaves. You can make inhalation of the steam from this liquid first before drinking it.


Get rid of bronchitis by inhaling the steam of mullein infusion. This liquid can be made by steeping several leaves in 250 ml of boiling water. In case you have fresh leaves, your infusion will be ready in 5 minutes. If the leaves are dried, you will need up to 15 minutes to prepare the inhalation.


Savory is can be used effectively for treating mucus in your throat. This peppery herb is good for preparing healing infusions.

Half a teaspoon of this herb added to 250 ml of boiled water will give you a cup of very beneficial tea.


You probably have never thought of spinach as of a herb, which can help you to get rid of bronchitis. You should add several leaves of spinach into 250 ml of water with honey. This drink will relief the symptoms of your illness quickly.

Malabar Nut

Chewing the leaves of adhatoda vasica (the plant also known as Malabar nut) will give you the same effect, which is caused by chewing the leaves of holy basil. Malabar nut reduces the inflammation of your throat.

Prevention of Bronchitis

You can avoid irritation and inflammation of your bronchial tubes in several ways.

Give up Smoking

Since bronchitis is a respiratory illness, it is very popular among smokers. Cigarettes can inflame your bronchial tubes and lungs, thus, smoking makes a person more vulnerable to this illness.

Therefore, in case you are thinking about your health seriously, you should try to get rid of this negative habit.

Get Sufficient Protection

In case your respiratory systems was weakened because of the conditions in the place of your work, you should consider it seriously. There are two ways out. The first one is getting appropriate protection in order not to worsen the situation. Otherwise, you should leave this place of work.

You have already learnt that chronic bronchitis is not the most severe consequence of the exposure to dust. Think about it earnestly in order to save your health.

Wash Your Hands and Boost the Immune System

Speaking about seasonal infections, causing bronchitis, it is worse admitting, that in fact you can avoid such disease easily.

The first think you should do is to wash your hands regularly, especially after being in a public place.

Another thing you can do is protecting your respiratory system from the invaders, such as bacteria or viruses. You can do it by applying several drops of essential oils under your nose before going out. For instance, you can choose eucalyptus oil for this purpose.

The last piece of advice you should follow is boosting your immune system during cold seasons. The basic thing you can do is to consume increased amounts of vitamin C, garlic or onion. Thus, you will be able to protect yourself from many other kinds of infections.

Best and Natural Home Remedies for Bronchitis
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