Cold Sores in Nose: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies

This natural astringent has long been known to be a great home remedy for treating cold sores and works well for common skin irritation. The properties witch hazel contains are unparalleled when it comes to getting rid of cold sores quickly and is highly recommended to those that suffer from this bacteria infecting the nose.

Applying witch hazel directly to the cold sore is most effective and should be done at the onset of the cold sore within the nose. Soaking a cotton ball or Q-tip works best and is the optimal method for getting ample amounts of witch hazel to the infected area. As soon as the witch hazel is applied to the cold sore it works to quickly speed up the healing process and also prevents the cold sore blister from spreading to and infecting other parts of the body.

5. Increase Lysine Intake

Lysine is been known for years to help treat cold sores and prevent them from forming. The chemical compound reacts with the virus responsible for cold sores by fighting the infection from within the body. There are a host of different supplements you can purchase from any health food store. It is very helpful to take lysine on a regular basis if you suffer from cold sores in the nose or cold sores in general.

There are also foods that contain high amounts of lysine and these should all be eaten regularly to help prevent cold sores from forming. All kinds of fish contain lysine, and eating a diet that is full of fresh fish is extremely beneficial for not only preventing and treating cold sores, but is great for overall health as well. Cheese also has high lysine content. Beans are also good for treating cold sores in the nose, with many varieties containing a high content of anti-oxidants that are extremely helpful to maintain health of the entire system. Most vegetables are also high in lysine content and are a great addition to any diet when striving for optimal health and both preventing and treating cold sores.

6. Ginger Paste

Ginger is amazing for the body and its benefits for those that suffer from cold sores in the nose should not go unnoticed. Ginger helps heal a number of ailments and is great for the common cold and flu, helping to clear symptoms and keep mucus and phlegm at bay. The use of ginger as a paste will help clear up cold sores quickly and leave you feeling fresh and clear from uncomfortable symptoms that are often experienced with cold sores in the nose.

To make a ginger paste to clear cold sores simply take a few teaspoons of ground ginger and form a paste with a couple drops of warm water. This paste can be applied to cold sores both on the mouth and in the nose. Apply the paste with a Q-tip to reduce the spread of infection. Let the paste sit on the cold sore for up to 20 minutes. You will notice once rinsing the paste off the infected area that inflammation is greatly reduced and painful symptoms taken away right along with it.

7. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Cold sores in the nose are formed by harmful bacteria that invade the infected area. Once caught, cold sores in the nose tend to come back, so this virus and the harmful bacteria that come with it are always lingering within the system. When you add probiotics to your diet you are ensuring that you’re promoting the healthy bacteria that is responsible for warding off harmful bacteria that compromises the system. Probiotics added to the diet will help prevent cold sores from forming as well as help keep sinus infections away.

Probiotic capsules can be purchased at most health food stores and major grocery stores that carry supplements as well. Probiotics have really gained in popularity in recent years due to their excellence in helping to introduce healthy bacteria to the system. There are also foods that are rich in probiotics, with yogurt being the most popular choice amongst them. Unsweetened, all natural yogurt works best to help with cold sores and sinus issues, as sugar is very compromising to the immune system. Cheese and cottage cheese are also good alternatives that are rich in probiotics.

8. A & D Ointment

Cold Sores in Nose: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies
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  1. I've been plagued with cold sores about once a year, in and/or around my nose since I was a kid; As I got older, I started taking L-Lysine daily which has reduced the breakouts down to once every couple of years. Normally, I can feel the on set of them forming and increase my in take which will either stops them from forming or reduces the size and duration. Once formed, I find drying them out is the best course of action to shorten the duration. I use alcohol wipes several times a day on and around the affected area along with drinking lots of water and getting a full night's rest.

  2. I get cold sores at least once a month. I am a healthy person but I am experiencing hip pain and it's difficult to sleep at night. So with that in mind, pain, not good sleep and stress are my reasons for getting cold sores. I think I will try L-Lisine. I have heard it works. Thank you for this information. It really helps.

  3. Thank you for sharing such valuable information on what is often very embarrassing. I will definitely try each of these to see which one (or combination) works best for me.