Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies

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Diaper Rash BleedingThe diaper rash which leads to bleeding is a very painful condition for both a mother and her baby. If it’s your first child, you are probably confused and for sure you are desperately looking for a quick and effective remedies. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with diaper rash bleeding fast.

Main Reasons for Toddler Rashes

We can identify four main reasons that cause painful rashes in the genital area of a toddler.

One of the most common skin conditions of a toddler is seborrheic dermatitis, also known as seborrheic eczema. It is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease, which causes a red, itchy rash. It’s very irritating for a baby and you should consult the problem with your dermatologist, who will prescribe you anti-fungal and antibacterial creams.

Another important reason of a toddler rash is a Contact Allergic Dermatitis. It is caused by any textile of material that touches baby’s skin. If you remove the factor that causes the allergy, the rash will disappear. Remember, though, that toddler’s skin is extremely sensitive and it might be allergic to almost everything, even to diapers you use every day.

Zinc deficiency is a less known, but also probable reason for a baby rash in the genital area. So if the rash is persistent and nothing works, go to see a doctor who could help you quickly.

However, the most common kind of toddler rash is a diaper rash. Probably every baby has suffered from it at some point. Fortunately, in most cases it does not need any medical treatment and you can solve the problem easily with the use of home remedies.

What Is a Diaper Rash Bleeding

Diaper dermatitis, known as a diaper rash is an irritating skin problem that toddlers often suffer from. It happens when delicate skin of a baby stays wet for too long, rubbing the diaper and having contact with chemicals found in the urine or stool.

The baby’s skin looks red, raw, scalded, and burned and a toddler experiences great discomfort. Diaper rash bleeding is not a severe condition, but it is very irritating and unpleasant for both the mother and her baby.

Babies between the ages of nine and twelve months are most affected, but in fact, it can appear at any age. Adults may also suffer from it if they can’t wash the genital area well. If an adult has problems with controlling the bladder or uses incontinence briefs, he or she might deal with irritated skin, which is similar to baby’s diaper rash bleeding.

The Main Causes of Diaper Rash Bleeding

There are a few factors that may lead to diaper rash. The most common one is when you don’t change a diaper often enough and it gets wet or dirty. The urine and stool irritate the delicate skin of a baby, especially when diarrhea occurs, which is quite common among toddlers.

Sometimes it’s a diaper itself, even when it’s dry, that  irritates the sensitive skin. The displeased areas of body are mainly the genitals, buttocks, thighs, or belly.

When you change the diet of a baby, for example when you give him or her solid foods for the first time, the stools may change and that often causes a diaper rash bleeding.

Delicate skin of your baby may also react to chemicals that are present in disposable diapers or diaper wipes which are often used to clean the skin. If you use cloth diapers, pay attention to the detergent or softener that you wash them in as they may cause allergies or a diaper rash bleeding.

The most radical reason of a diaper rash is also abuse or neglect. It happens when a person who looks after a baby doesn’t treat a diaper rash in any way or what is worse does not treat in on purpose as an act of anger directed at the baby.

A diaper rash bleeding may appear with other skin problems like atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, or psoriasis. In such cases the rash becomes red or itchy, some crust appears, and you can observe the rash on other parts of the body.

Fortunately, most diaper rasher are rather mild and last about 24 hours. They do not require any medical treatment and you can deal with them with home remedies. You should always start with natural ways as they are usually safer than prescribed creams.

How to Prevent Diaper Rash Bleeding

Of course, it’s better to prevent the problem than deal with it later. There are some measures which you can take while taking care of a child to prevent a diaper rash.

The most important and golden rule is to change the diapers regularly. It applies to both disposable and cloth diapers. If you change them often the risk of diaper rash bleeding lowers extremely.

Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies
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