Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies

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When you are about changing a diaper to a fresh one, make sure that you do it with clean hands. Similarly, keep your child’s bottom clean.

It is recommended to use a special barrier cream, petroleum jelly or zinc oxide to prevent a diaper rash. It is important that you apply the cream on completely dry skin.

Always stay alert when you try a new brand of diapers as it is quite common for a baby to develop a diaper rash in this situation.

Parents love cleaning their babies’ bottoms with special wipes because it’s fast and comfortable. Some babies, however, tend to be allergic to chemicals present in the wipes. That’s why water and a soft washcloth are the safest solutions.

As diarrhea is one of the most common causes of diaper rash bleeding try not to let it happen. When you introduce a new type of food to your baby, do it very carefully, step by step.

It is a myth that we should apply talcum powder to skin irritated with diaper rash bleeding. In fact, it may just worsen the problem.

To prevent the problem of diaper rash bleeding you need to make sure that your baby’s skin is well hydrated. In order to do it try a gentle massage with coconut oil before every bath. In general oil massages are very beneficial for your baby’s skin.

Also, let your baby be without a diaper for some time every day and you will avoid diaper rash bleeding as baby’s skin needs to breathe.

Home Ways for Diaper Rash Bleeding

If the preventive measures don’t work and diaper rash bleeding appeared don’t panic as there are many safe, natural, and home remedies that will help you deal with the problem quickly. Most of the ingredients you need, you will find in your kitchen.

1.     Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is a wonderful cure to the irritated skin. The key element of oatmeal is saponin which has great healing and soothing qualities. Oatmeal also makes our skin smooth and soft as it is rich in protein.

To prepare a healing bath you need a bathtub full of warm water, two teaspoons of oatmeal powder and a clean and soft cloth.

Pour the oatmeal powder to the bathtub with water. Mix it with the use of your hands so it dissolves in the water. You should keep your child in this water for around ten minutes. After that dry the baby’s skin with a soft cloth. You should prepare this bath twice a day and the diaper rash bleeding should stop quickly.

2.     Baking Soda Bath for Diaper Rash Bleeding

The main cause of diaper rash is yeast and bacteria. Thanks to its antibacterial qualities, baking soda can kill them easily. It also fastens the healing process of the wounds, which bleed and cause pain and rash. To create a remedial bath all you need is a bathtub with warm water and two teaspoons of baking soda.

Pour the baking soda into the water and stir it well. Keep your baby in a bath for ten minutes, making sure that the child’s bottom is under the water. Dry baby’s skin gently with a soft cloth.

Follow the procedure twice a day and for sure your sweetheart will feel the immediate relief from pain caused by diaper rash bleeding.

3.     Milk and Oatmeal Bath to Bring Relief

Oatmeal has already been mentioned as a great remedy to diaper rash bleeding. However, it is even more powerful when it’s accompanied by milk. Thanks to the cooling qualities of milk you can reduce the pain and inflammation that diaper rash causes.

Before you start preparing the bath, gather one tablespoon of milk powder, two teaspoons of baking soda, ¼ cup of oatmeal powder, and of course a bathtub with warm water.

Mix the given amount of the oatmeal powder, milk powder, and baking soda in a bowl. Pour the mixture into the bathtub with warm water. Stir it well so that it dissolves in the water.

Your child should be in the water for at least 15 minutes. After that, dry your baby’s skin gently with a soft cloth. Follow the procedure with every bath.

If you prepare a bath regularly, you will not only deal with the diaper rash bleeding, but it will make the skin of your baby smooth and soft.

4.     Witch Hazel Spray to Treat Diaper Rash Bleeding

Witch hazel is a truly amazing plant. It is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which will reduce the pain and soothe the damaged skin. It is a perfect solution to heal diaper rash bleeding.

Moreover, it is very comfortable to use as you can prepare it in form of a spray. You just need one teaspoon of witch hazel, one cup of water and a spray bottle. Mix the witch hazel and water well and pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies
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