Ear Infections: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies

Ear Infections - Causes Symptoms and Best Home RemediesThe majority of people were attacked with ear infections at least once in their lives. Those, who has had such a health problem, know how unpleasant ear infections can be.

Not only can the earache be unpleasant, but it can also lead to rather serious problems in case it has been treated in an impropriate way. In order to cure your ears effectively you need to understand the real reason of your earache and then choose the best remedy for your particular situation.

It is advisable to visit a doctor in order to have your ears diagnosed professionally. If only you have consulted a professional, can you decide on the strategy for healing your earache. It is particularly important to contact a paediatrician in case your child is feeling pain in the ears.

Human Ear Anatomy

Let’s have a look through a brief guide on the construction of a human ear. This will help you to understand the possible reasons of an earache better.

There are three main parts in your ear, which are called an inner ear, a middle ear and an outer ear. All these parts of your hearing sense organ have their particular functions.

For example, the shape of an outer ear looks like a leaf, which help the ear to catch the waves of sound.  These waves travel to the ear canal through the section called pinna. Pinna is also situated in the outer part of a human ear.

The sound waves continue to travel after going through the pinna. They enter the middle part of an ear and meet the eardrum. Apart from the eardrum, there are also other essential segments of an ear located in its middle part. For instance, the middle canal, hammer, stir up, anvil and semicircular are also situated here.

The middle canal is the road between the middle part of an ear and its inner part. The correct work of the inner ear is possible due to such organs as Eustachian tube, nerves and cochlea. The nerves of the inner ear catch the sound waves and transport them to the brain, which processes it giving us the sense of hearing.

The Causes and Symptoms of Ear Infections

At the first spot, you need to understand that an earache can be caused by various reasons, which are not connected with any infections at all rather frequently. Thus, you may get an unpleasant sensation in your ears because of a physical injury, the inflammation of nerves (for example, as a side effect of catching cold or having teeth problems). There are many situations, when people are feeling pain in their ears because of allergy on a great deal of different food products.

Some of these reasons can be precursors of ear infections, although it is not a rule. Therefore, you should not apply any antibiotics just because you have an earache. Remember, that antibiotic treatment should be used only in the situations, when there is no other remedy, which is able to help.

Using antibiotics in the situations, in which you can make do with other remedies effectively, usually leads to the adaptation of different infections to this particular medication. This means, that in case you have a really serious illness in future, it may be extremely difficult to cure you with the known antibiotics.

Infections can attack all the three sections of a human ear, although it is the middle ear that is the most susceptible to different viral and bacterial illnesses. Children are more prone to suffering from ear infections than their parents are.

Pay your attention on different factor, which can create positive conditions for the development of ear infections. For instance, upper respiratory infections can attack ears as well. Wax buildup, nutritional deficiencies, allergies (both environmental and food ones) as well as the water in ears make the hearing sense organ more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

Genetics and fetal alcohol syndrome have a great impact on the health of our ears too. Undoubtedly, nutritional deficiencies also determine the condition of this organ.

As far as you have learnt, there is a number of illnesses, which can have a side effect of an earache. Nevertheless, one of the most popular reason of a painful sensation in your ears is an infection, mainly AOM, or acute otitis media. This infection attacks the middle part of an ear.

In case a person have one of the fallowing symptoms: a headache, a sharp or dull pain in the ear, the deterioration of a hearing sense, a fluid in the ear and high temperature., it is advisable to visit a specialist. Sometimes, people being ill with ear infections also have diarrhoea and vomiting.

Professional Help for Ear Infections

In case you have the sensations described above, you need to visit a doctor immediately. Do not feed yourself with painkillers, which will only decrease the intensity of your feelings without actual curing. It is very important to have your ears diagnosed thoroughly.

Your doctor may prescribe different kinds of treatment according to the real reason of your earache. For example, if an ear infection has developed after an ear injury, there will be different remedies from those, which are normally used in the cases of the infections caused by allergy.

Providing the reason of your bad ear condition is acute otitis media, in all likelihood you will get analgesics (acetaminophen. ibuprofen) and antibiotics prescribed. In addition to it, your doctor will probably advice you to take vitamins C, D3, zinc and substances increasing the activity of your immune system (for example, an extract of echinacea).

If you are thinking about resigning from taking antibiotics, you should consult a medical worker about it. In case your unpleasant sensations have just started, in the majority of situations it is possible to heal your illness exclusively with natural remedies.

Nonetheless, if your ears have already been aching for some time, or it is your child who have problems with hearing sense organs, you shouldn’t perform experiments on the health. Under such conditions, it is highly recommendable to act accordingly to the prescriptions of a doctor.

The Best Home Remedies for Ear Infection

There is a number of effective natural remedies for ear infections. The substances, used for the natural treatment of your infection, won’t harm you, causing allergy or making your body resistant to particular antibiotics.

Providing you have consulted your doctor on the condition of your hearing sense organs, you can try one of the following remedies, or combine several natural medicines with each other.

Warm or Cold Compresses against Ear Infection

One of the simplest ways you can get rid of a nasty earache is to apply a warm or cold compress on the affected ear. You can use a heating pad, a bottle with warm water or, on the contrary, a pack of ice cubes for relieving your pain.

You can also make a heating pad from salt or rice. You just need to put some salt (200 g will be enough) on a pan and heat it up. The salt should be removed into a cloth and banded with any material (for instance, with a rubber). When the cloth is nor hot you can apply it on your ear and keep there up to 10 minutes.

This remedy is harmless for both children and their parents. It will draw out ear fluids, making the conditions unappropriated for the development of the infection.

Garlic against Ear Infection

There is no secret that garlic contains high concentration of antibacterial substances. Thus, it can be quite effective for curing various ear infections.

Consuming several garlic cloves a day through the period of your illness will increase your immune system and help your organism to struggle against infections.

There is also a method of applying garlic into your ears. In order to do it, you should take several cloves and boil them in the water for approximately 5 minutes. Smash the garlic afterwards and mix it with a bit of salt. Now you should put the substance into a piece of a clean tissue. Apply it in your ear and leave there for several minutes.

Onion against Ear Infection

Without a shadow of a doubt, such an antimicrobial plant as onion is widely used for curing ear infections.

Onion can be applied in your infected ear after you have it previously baked for half an hour. You should cut several parts of a baked onion and put it into a clean and thin tissue. Apply the substance into your ear and leave it there for nearly 5 minutes.

Now remove the onion from your ear and wait for several minutes. You can repeat the procedure afterwards.

Naturopathic Drops against Ear Infection

Naturopathic drops can be used as a natural remedy for curing ear infections. This is a liquid, which is made on the base of different plant extracts and oils. You can easily buy such products in the drug stores or online.

Nonetheless, there are many recipes for homemade naturopathic drops.

Garlic Drops

For instance, you can make these drops of garlic without trouble. Just take two tablespoons of a natural oil, for example, mustard or sesame oil and boil it with two cloves of garlic. You should boil the mixture until its colour darkens. Then, the liquid should be strained and left for cooling.

Use the solution as drops, applying the fluid (up to four drops) into the ear, which has been infected.

Basil Drops

Basil drops can relieve the pain in your ears and reduce the activeness of the infection. You can use the beneficial properties of basil it in two ways.

The first method is to prepare a mixture of basil and coconut oils.  Put several drops of the oil blend on a cotton ball. Apply the drops with a ball by wiping the area around an infected ear and inside it. This procedure will be effective in case you repeat it twice per day.

You can also use basil juice as ear drops. You should take five fresh basil lives and extract the juice from them. This liquid should be applied in the infected ear. You can wipe the area around this ear with basil juice too.

Ear Drops Made of Mango Leaf Juice

There is another plant, which have a healing juice used as a weapon against various infections. This plant is mango and it is used widely as a natural remedy for different malaises.

In order to cure your ear infection with the help of mango, you’d better use the juice placed in its leaves. These parts of a plant should be crushed in order to make it possible to remove their juice. This juice should be applied directly to the infected ear.

The activeness of mango leaf juice is so extreme, that you will feel the relief from the pain in several minutes after the appliance.

Olive Oil Drops

Warm olive or mustard oil can be used as natural drops for softening the earwax. Since the wax in your hearing sense organs can create appropriate conditions for the development of different infections in the Eustachian tubes, it is advisable to get rid of this substance.

In order to use olive oil as ear drops, first, you should warm it slightly. Then, you need to apply several drops into your ear. Warm oil helps to soften the wax, which makes it easier to remove this substance from your ear.

Now you can clean your ears with swabs, although you need to be careful in order not to wound the eardrum.

Tea Tree Oil Ear Drops

Tea tree oil is a strong antibacterial substance, which is widely used in the cosmetic products. Not only can this fluid kill the bacteria on your skin, but it also can help you to get rid of the bacteria attacking your ears.

It is advisable to make eardrops of tea tree oil mixed with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver.  In case you have problems with purchasing the last ingredient, you will make do without it; however, colloidal silver is featured with strong antimicrobial properties.

Warm the solution of apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon), colloidal silver (one teaspoon) and olive oil (two teaspoons). Add several drops of tea tree oil to this mixture. You should warm the substance slightly and apply few drops into your ear with the help of a dropper.

It is advisable to be lying on one side in order to allow the liquid to reach the depth of your ear.

The remedy should be used up to three times a day. The healing prcess with these eardrops can be continued during two days.

Vinegar Eardrops

Different circumstances can cause the breeding of fungi in your ears. This can lead to ear infections in the future. Vinegar is a mild substance, which can help you to get rid of fungi in your ears, protecting you against various ear illnesses.

For instance, you can use mix apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with alcohol or water. These two ingredients should be taken in the same proportions.

When you combine the substances, take a cotton ball and immerse it in the liquid. Now you should apply the ball into the infected ear and lie down on the opposite side in order to allow the substance to get deep into your ear.

The same effect can be caused by using mustard oil instead of vinegar.

Onion Ear Drops

You have already learnt the way of curing ear infections with the direct appliance of onion into the infected ear. In addition to this method, you can also prepare indubitably efficacious onion ear drops.

Usually, it is not difficult to extract the juice from onion, since this plant has an extremely high concentration of water. Nonetheless, if you have problems while removing the juice from onions, you can chop it and warm in the microwave during several minutes. It will make the juice come out of the onion easily.

Before applying the juice as ear drops you should strain the substance and wait a bit until it is not so hot. Then you can drop the fluid into your ear. You should wait a bit in order to allow the juice to go deep into your ear.

Ear Drops Made of Breast Milk

In case you or someone in your family feeds a baby with breast milk, you have a source of an extremely powerful home remedy. Breast milk can be used for curing a great deal of various infections, which attack such places as open wounds, minor cuts, eyes and ears.

Such healing properties of breast milk are the result of the high concentration of antibodies available in this natural substance. Thus, a baby fed with breast milk gains its immune system.

In order to use this magical liquid against your ear infection you just need to apply several drops into your ill ear. This procedure can be repeated frequently, as it is absolutely harmless.

Chiropractic Treatment of Earache

Providing you would like to get the help of professionals to cure your ear infection, you can meet a chiropractor. Undoubtedly, this person won’t prescribe you any antibiotics, since he or she is curing various illnesses with chiropractic adjustments.

Like the majority of other patients of chiropractors, you can find this method very effective for soothing the pain in your ears. Nonetheless, in cases of having a sharp infection in your hearing sense organ, it is advisable to apply any of internal remedies as well.

Prevention of Ear Infections

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to prevent ear infections all the time. Nevertheless, there are several tips, which will help you to avoid this unpleasant malaise.

Wearing a Warm Cap

The simplest thing you can do in order to lower your chances of getting an earache is to wear a warm cap in the cold weather. Do not go outdoors with wet hair, if the day is not warm and sunny.

Swimming in Earplugs

If you enjoy swimming, although you are tend to get water in your ears, which doesn’t want to go out, there are two tips which may help you. The first one is that you should buy special earplugs for swimmers, which will prevent the water from getting into your hearing organs.

Getting Rid of Water in Your Ears

If you don’t like swimming in earplugs, you should always have liquid boric acid. Every time you are getting water in your ears and trying to take it out, you should add 1-2 drops of boric acid into your ear. This will help you to get rid of water quickly.

Remember, in order you want to avoid ear infections you should always remove water from your ears.

Gentle and Regular Cleaning

Another tip, which will help you to keep the health condition of your ears, is to clean them gently. You can find some special ear swabs for children, which have a specific shape in order to prevent any injuries in the ears.

Nonetheless, do not be afraid of injuring your ears by cleaning them to such an extent, that you simply stop cleaning them at all. Keeping your ears tidy allows you to prevent the possible problems with the wax. You have already learnt that the wax in your ears can become a perfect trigger of various ear infections.

Making an Allergy Test

The current article has shown you, that various food or environmental allergies can cause ear infections as well. If you have already experienced the illness of your hearing sense organs because of the intolerance of particular substances it is highly advised to make an allergy test. This will help you to understand the nature of your problems with ears and the way you can prevent any malaises.

Boosting the Immune System

There is also another essential tip, which will help you to prevent ear infections as well as a great deal of other illnesses. Undoubtedly, this trick is increasing the activeness of your immune system. Of course, this is possible if you are trying to lead a healthy life style. Nevertheless, no matter whether you are doing it or not, it is recommendable to consume such substances as vitamin C, the extract of echinacea, fruit, vegetables and dairy products especially through the period of mass illnesses.

Ear Infections: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies
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