Fluid in the Uterus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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When you discover that you are carrying fluid in the uterus, quickly adopt a vegetarian diet and include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Eating strawberries is an excellent way to get the vitamin C your body needs and kale will offer all the protein you need and more. When you switch to a vegetarian diet you will notice a huge difference in uterine pain in only a couple weeks.

5. Stop Sipping Soda

Caffeine is a big culprit in the formation of dangerous fibroids in the body and definitely will contribute to fluid in the uterus. Many sodas are packed with caffeine, so much so that they pose a great danger to health. If you find that you have fluid in the uterus it is wise to stop drinking caffeinated soda immediately.

Club soda with fresh lime and lemon makes a great alternative to conventional soda, and will also replenish hydration in the body. You may also want to replace your soda with green or white teas, both of which are full of the antioxidants your body needs to fight infection. After you rid your uterus of fluid, it is wise to keep your soda intake to a minimum to ensure optimal health levels.

6. Increase Your Fiber Intake

Eating a diet that is high in fiber ensures better health. Getting an ample amount of fiber in your diet will help balance out estrogen levels that may be the cause of fluid in the uterus. Fibroid growth is very often a result of estrogen levels that are out of balance, and fiber will help to directly counteract this imbalance. Women in menopause are greatly encouraged to increase their fiber intake as their estrogen levels change greatly at this time of life.

Getting the fiber you need is easy when you know what to eat. While supplements are available in different forms, you can get all the fiber you need with just a few changes to your diet. Introducing whole grains such as brown rice and whole wheat bread in place of white rice and white bread will help immensely. Apples and pears are also great sources of natural fiber that will help secrete excess estrogen levels through regular bowel movements.

7. Avoid Processed Foods

While processed foods should always be avoided, if you find fluid in the uterus, they should immediately be cut from the diet. Not only do processed foods encourage fibroid growth, but are also a very common way to develop fluid in the uterus. Processed foods are a sure fire way to quickly diminish good health and knowing this is not only a preventative measure for developing fluid in the uterus but a way to eliminate this fluid once it has formed.

Avoiding refined carbohydrates like pastries and store-bought bread will help greatly, as will getting rid of all canned food in your diet. Unfermented soy products, processed meats and other foods found commonly in grocery stores such as frozen dinners and pre-made meals should be eliminated as well. Fibroids love this kind of foods and will multiply when eaten regularly. Most problems that occur in the uterus will go away once these foods vanish from the diet.

8. Get your Fair Share of Essential Fatty Acids

Not getting enough essential fatty acids in the diet is a direct cause for fluid forming in the uterus. When you get the right amount of essential fatty acids, your body can better metabolize saturated fat. When not metabolized correctly, saturated fat leads to an array of health issues, fluid in the uterus included. Essential fatty acids also help to keep your skin moist and healthy.

Good sources of essential fatty acids can be found in abundance in nature. Olive oil is one of these, and cooking with this oil rather than butter or regular vegetable oil will help you get some of the essential fatty acids your body needs. Avocados are full of “healthy” fats and should be eaten in abundance to help eliminate fluid in the uterus. Dark, leafy greens will also help as well as eating a variety of fresh seafood.

9. Juice your Vegetables

When you find out that you have fluid in the uterus, it is wise to try and flush your body of the harmful toxins that have invaded your body. When you harbor a conscious effort to make fresh vegetable juice a few times a day, you can ensure you’re flushing the system of all its impurities. When you know there is fluid in the uterus, you should take a vegetable juice diet for 24 hours. This will help tremendously in getting rid of symptoms of fluid in the uterus and excess fibroid growth.

10. Find Relief in Flax

Flax seeds are an excellent source to turn to when you need to reduce fluid in the uterus. Not only do they reduce estrogen levels that may lead to uterine fluid, but also help to aid in all problems associated with the uterus. If you’ve found that you are carrying fluid in the uterus, simply add 15 grams of flax to your daily diet.

Fluid in the Uterus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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    1. I feel the same as you, Great infor: I who would have nvr thought: red meat, dairy product, Caffeine product, soda, to much coffee intake, cold cuts, would affect the female organ. Good news theres things to prevent it, I would suggest all women should read this important information as we did.

  1. Dot V: I am so glad you educated me about ' The Fluid in the Uterus. I was told I had fluid in the uterus, but nothing was explained, until I read your information and you told me how to prevent it from happen again. I told my doctor what i had learn from reading about the problem, she was amazed that I knew so much about it. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me feel at ease, I wasnt worried anymore. Thank you, Thank you….

  2. please help me. ..
    my sister has got a problem for fluid in uterus. ..doctor advised that it would be solved by taking medicine. .will it be enough. ..or will it affects the uterus and lead to infertility. ..please reply to me as soon as possible

      1. Yes if there is small amount of water that will be cover through medicine. Its not a seriois problem nd mostly never couse infertility…

  3. What if pregnant women found out by gynetologist that there is more free fluid on her upper right of the uterus?

  4. what if dr wants to do an endometrial biopsy for fluid in the uterus? I think it is unnecessary. I have been drinking coffee, and dairy, and eating red meat. I would rather just stop ….

  5. Am pregnant, and I have this fluid in the uterus which show in the scan and even though am 12 weeks away the scan shows am 13 weeks… now my doctor says he will have to duck out the fluid or operate but at most he prefer to duck it out with a tube…. first he said it will disappear when am 12 weeks into pregnancy…. but now it is rather growing and making my Tommy big..
    Am worried cos I don't if this can affect my baby and me as well. …!!!
    What do I do now to shrink fluid and make it disappeared once and for all with it not affectin my baby and I in any way.?
    Please, advise and help me out.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks very much for this health tips, it has been a very disturbing situation . I meet a genealogist after an ultra sound scan ,he said he would do dilation and drainage he did but yet is still there , thanks to information I would stop red meat and take the vitamin E and see what it gives me thanks once again

  7. I was told I have fuild in my uteris also had a ultrsound as well doc wants to do another one to double ck everything else is good. Had ny uteris frozen 10 years so thanks for the info I eat all those things so now I can start eating right.

  8. I am under the process of ivf and during my pickup doctor found i have some fluid inside. Does it affect my ivf ??? Will i able to conceive or not? I am so worried please help me out what should ido😢

  9. I when for hsg scene, and the xray shows that there was liquid fluid in womb,and in has result to infertility, what do I go about it?

  10. I am a 67 yr. old woman and will be 68 in 3month. On a recent MRI for my back the discovered that I had fluid within the Endometrial canal, abnormal in a patient of this age. Do you know what kind of treatment may be done for thi. I only have 2 symptoms that eww listed out of the ten. I also have has fibroids in the past, and I don't eat red meat often, but do eat dairy products and sometimes have 2 or 3 coffee's a day.

  11. I was just told by my doctor that I have fluid in my uterus, I’am 60s yrs old and I do not eat red meat nor do I drink any dairy. nothing in dairy.
    I do not eat any thing other than fresh veggies and no coffee not much tea at all.
    I drink lots of water and drink cran berry juice only.
    I have not ever had children and I do not know why I have fluid in my uterus and my doctor does not know either.

  12. Dr i drink coffee 7 times daily. I have utrus discharge with high irritation in urethra. My age is 47. I don’t get periods for two years. Due to irritation i get wounds in urethra. Kindly help me

  13. My mother is 60. Was once operated upon for fibroid and now a fluid has been found in her uterus. The doctor has booked her for an operation this month. What do we do. Thanks for the infos it will definitely help us alot. But please i need your advice whether to go in for the operation or not.

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