How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies

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There is no need to repeat the process more than once a week since it’s very strong. However, you should continue using this remedy for at least a month. Later on, as a means of prevention, simply sprinkle some cayenne pepper in the same areas so that any water bugs that might want to attack your household again, come in contact with capsaicin, the ingredient of cayenne pepper that kills them.

Peppermint Oil

If none of the previously described methods convinces you due to the strong smell of the ingredients, we have some good news for you. There is a natural product that can effectively kill the water bugs and leave your house smelling nice and fresh at the same time.

Simply use some peppermint oil to spray it over the areas where you notice cockroaches. You can dilute the peppermint oil with water. For even better results, you can mix it half and half with alcohol. Spray it regularly – preferably two to three times a week – over the affected areas.

After a month you will have no bugs left in your household. since this remedy is quite versatile and can be used on various surfaces and in all the rooms, it helps kill other types of bugs and leave your house free of insects. It is recommended to repeat this treatment once a week as a means of prevention.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves might have a smell that is appealing to human noses, but it repels cockroaches in an instant. The best thing about using bay leaves to protect your household against all kinds of bugs is the simplicity of their application. All you need to do is get some bay leaves – fresh or dry – and put them into small bags made of muslin.

Prepare as many bags as you need to place them at the entrances to the house, at the windows and all the places through which water bugs might be getting into your house. Leave the bags in those places for a three to four months, then change the leaves for new ones, with stronger smell. Bay leaves will protect your house not only against cockroaches, but also against mosquitoes and ants.

Liquid Detergent

Regular liquid dish detergent is another effective remedy for water bugs in your household. The best choice for this treatment would be an antibacterial liquid detergent. Dilute it with water in 1:4 proportions. Mix it well and pour into a spray bottle. Apply it onto the surfaces where cockroaches tend to pass and leave it on, even if there is excess of liquid. Wash it off after a few hours and repeat the process every day for two weeks.

The detergent will disinfect the areas affected by water bugs and will gradually damage the shells of the bugs that will pass through the sprayed places. Continue this treatment for at least two weeks.

Boric Acid

If you want a very quick solution for water bugs, you can also reach for boric acid. Dilute up to 500 grams of boric acid in 200 ml of water. Mix it well until the powder dilutes completely, then spray it over the area that are most vulnerable to the presence of water bugs. Leave the liquid on and repeat the process daily for a week or two. Alternatively, you can sprinkle boric acid close to the nests of the water bugs, but make sure you apply only a very thin layer of it, otherwise the bugs will avoid it.

However, once they get in contact with the product, they will want to clean it off their bodies immediately, which means they will eat it and the boric acid will burn them from the inside. What’s more, once the bugs bring the acid into their nests, they prevent the eggs from opening, which slows down or even stops completely the breeding process. This means that soon you will have no water bugs in your household at all.

Cockroach Traps

If you notice that the quantity of cockroaches is large or that there is a high concentration of the bugs in a certain area, you can place special traps in those places. The cockroach traps contain a concentrated poison that attracts the bugs.

Once they get in contact with the chemical, their shells start gradually deteriorate. Within a few hours they are dead. If in the meantime they go back to the nest, they bring the poison to other bugs and the eggs.

Traps are very effective and easy to place around the house. Make sure, however, that you don’t touch them with your bare hands and that no children or pets have access to them. It’s best to place them on the floor, under kitchen cupboards or the fringe. They usually have a piece of sticky tape attached, which allows to place them on the walls, behind the toilets etc.

Bug Sprays

If you only see a cockroach in your house from time to time and you don’t actually need to follow the whole process of applying a protection system in your household, you can simply buy a spray that you can use directly on the bug.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies
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