Headache at the Base of the Neck: Causes, Treatments, Exercises

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It’s a popular myth that if you have a headache, you should drink a cup of strong coffee. However, it is only partially true. If your headache is just episodic and it happens as a result of low blood pressure then a cup of coffee from time to time can actually help you.

Unfortunately, many of us drink a few cups of coffee on a daily basis without any particular reason and this might be the culprit of headaches. Try to reduce the intake of coffee, but do it gradually as if you just suddenly stop drinking coffee at all, you may get even stronger headaches.

However, there are also some food compounds which you should include into your everyday diet. For instance, you should take fish oil capsules as it has been proved that people who take it on a regular basis notice considerable improvement. It’s been assumed that it’s because of the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in fish.

Ginger is another powerful food compound that might help you to get rid of headaches at the base of the neck. It’s due to the fact that ginger boosts the release of a substance known as thromboxane A2, which helps to maintain a proper blood flow. A well-balanced flow of blood may prevent headaches.

A high level of magnesium in your organism is crucial too as it can lessen the tension in your muscles, which might be responsible for headaches at the base of the neck.

Taking magnesium from food only is often not enough so it’s recommended to supplement this compound in the amount of at least 200mg a day. Moreover, magnesium appears to be very effective if you suffer from headaches before menstruation.

Pay attention to your posture too. Don’t lean forward, but try to walk and sit straight. If your work requires sitting a lot, every hour have a short break, during which you should walk along the room and do simple stretching exercises. They will just take you a few minutes, but it might be the key to eliminating the problem of headaches. Also, set your chair in such a way that your back will be straight and well-supported.

As you already know that headaches at the base of the neck often occur as a consequence of weak muscles, work out regularly. Do some weightlifting exercises at least twice a week as they can quickly strengthen your spine and a healthy, strong spine greatly reduces the risk of having headaches at the base of the neck.

When to Seek Immediate Medical Care

In most cases a headache at the base of the neck doesn’t indicate anything serious and you can quickly manage it with over-the-counter painkillers. Sometimes introducing some changes into your diet and lifestyle are just enough to get rid of pain.

However, there are some situations when a headache is a sign of a more serious condition. In such a case, apart from a headache you may also experience other accompanying symptoms.

If you experience a strong headache and you also feel that your neck is stiff or you have fever, weakness of muscles or double vision, contact your doctor immediately. Additionally, if your headaches appear together with the feeling of confusion, you’ve noticed any changes in your personality, the level of your consciousness changes or you’ve been vomiting, seek a medical care at once.

Headache at the Base of the Neck: Causes, Treatments, Exercises
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