Home Remedies to Shrink & Minimize Large Pores on Face Permanently

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Besides it, baking soda is known to have an antiseptic property so it will work also against bacterial growth. That will help to avoid and remove formation of acne on your face. How to prepare solution with baking soda to exfoliate your skin? It is very simply, just add water to baking soda and make a thin paste from it. It is good to use at least 4 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water is enough. When it is ready just leave the mixture incubate together for about 2 minutes.

Next step is to make your face wet. You can do it just by using fresh water or take a wet tissue or cloth. So making skin wet before start exfoliating is important because otherwise baking soda will attach too strong to your face. When you apply a paste with baking soda to your face, you need to massage it in small circles. Be careful do not touch your eyes and mouth area. Massage for 3 minutes should be enough.

After that time you need to wash your face with warm water and just after it take a splash of cold water. So that way you will be sure to clean all leftovers if baking soda from your face. Some rest of sod on your skin can irritate it strongly. So be careful. Cold water will also help to close up your pores right now.

To get the best results for your pore reduction you should repeat exfoliating with baking soda regularly once a week. When your skin is not so clean, all of the contaminations block your pores so it starts to be more visible and more annoying. So using baking soda is a very simply method how to decrease your face pores.

But remember if your skin is sensitive or it is extremely dry, it is not a good option to exfoliate your skin with baking soda, as it can make your skin irritated and completely dry out. After treatment with baking soda you should apply good quality moisturizer on your face as it can make your skin a bit dry.

Use a Clay Mask to Shrink Your Skin Face Pores

So before you will apply any of the masks on your face you should start with a deep clean of your face. You need to remove makeup and wash your face with warm water. If you want to get even better results after clay mask treatment you can prepare steam bath to open up your pores so the active ingredients will work faster. When your face is ready simply apply a facial mask to a small area of your face.

This is important to try how your skin reacts on a clay mask treatment. So keep this small amount of mask for a few minutes and later just wash it off gently. You need to certify if there are no irritations or inflammations. If it looks ok just continue clay mask treatment.

So apply a mask on to your face. Such treatment will help to clean your face from any dirt that blocks your pores; it should also decrease symptoms of irritations. All that together should make your skin pores less visible and appear smaller. If you want you can also prepare some other type of mask, not clay mask. Some kind of homemade masks can also work perfect.

If you wish to try make it with yoghurt. When applying on your face, please have a look to put it thicker in the area where your pores look large. Leave it on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes, it should be enough. Then wash it off from your face with warm water. Let it dry with a soft and clean towel. After clay mask treatment you should see visible difference that your pores look smaller.

Use A Special Treatments

There are special products that you can use to exfoliate your skin without scrubbing it even. You can buy in a drugstores or beauty shops. It is known as a chemical exfoliants, it is alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids. It need to be applied on your clean face for about 15 minutes, later on wash it off with warm water and let the skin dry. Be aware to not leave acids too long on your skin as it can be harmful and may lead to strong skin inflammation.

Other special method is a micro dermabrasion. That can be done in a special beauty studio. Micro dermabrasion will remove a dead skin cells layer and make your pores look smaller. Of course it is more expensive treatment and even if that give fantastic results it should not be done too often as it can also damage your skin.

Use a Pore – Concealing Makeup

First of all start with cleaning face, and then you should remember to moisturize it well. When your skin is not too dry it reduce visibility of skin pores so do not forget to use your favorite hydrating cream every day. A layer of cream is also a protector against chemicals used in makeup products.

Home Remedies to Shrink & Minimize Large Pores on Face Permanently
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