How Onion Helps Hair Growth: Using Onion Juice to Grow Hair Faster

How Onion Helps Hair Growth: Using Onion Juice to Grow Hair FasterAre you suffering from unwanted hair loss? No one really wants to lose their hair, but it is an unwanted problem that many people must face, men and women included. It’s actually natural to lose your hair, most people lose between 50-100 hairs each day and never know the difference.

Hair loss, however, causes a lot of people to stress because they might not have too much hair in the first place to lose. Thinning hair tends to cause a lot of insecurity and can make self-esteem plummet.

While there are tons of ads claiming they are the next best hair loss treatment, nature comes in pretty powerfully on this one, and there’s one thing that offers unprecedented results. Onion juice. Yes, you read that correctly. Onion juice is a powerful natural remedy that promotes hair growth and can keep your lovely locks looking their best.

Can Onion Juice Really Help for Hair Growth?

Can Onion Juice Really Help for Hair Growth?
The answer is yes. Onion juice can really help for hair growth. There have been many scientific studies performed on hair loss, hair growth, and the natural remedies that are beneficial to both. It has been shown in many various studies that onion juice and consuming onions is absolutely beneficial in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth.

How Does This Work?

This may seem like a far-fetched way to promote hair growth, but it has shown time and time again to be so effective that many people swear by its power. It’s the rich sulfur content in onions that make this method so effective by helping to promote blood circulation to the scalp.

The sulfur also promotes the production of collagen which is necessary for the production of new hair. Hair is produced in the follicles and when there is more blood and collagen making their way into these follicles, they receive the nutrients and stimulation they need to grow new hair.

There are times when the scalp becomes infected through bacteria. This can lead to hair loss quickly but can be treated without the use of antibiotics in a much safer manner. The same sulfur content that helps to promote blood circulation contains anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp. Preventing further growth of these infections will help to prevent any further hair loss.

Onion also adds strength to the hair that helps prevent breakage and thinning. This strength is just what’s needed to promote new hair growth and keep further damage from occurring.

How to Use Onions to Help Hair Grow Faster

To reap the benefits onions offers for increased hair growth, you’ll need to extract the juice from a few onions and apply it throughout the entire scalp. Don’t let the strong smell scare you off, this method works, and works well. It’s got to stay on the scalp for at least thirty minutes, and you’ll want to keep it on longer if you can stand the smell.

After you rinse it, you should follow by a shampoo. It will need to do this at least three times a week for two months minimum to see results, but you will see results so don’t give up this routine.

Making Onion Juice for Your Hair

Making onion juice to use as a hair tonic is easy. If you don’t have a juice extractor, you can use a blender, food processor, or grater to get as much juice extracted as possible. You’ll need quite a few onions for this process, and will have to adjust the amount according to the length of your hair.

4 Easy Ways to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Trying any of the following home remedies will work for hair loss and promote hair growth. The important thing is to pick one method and stick to it for a couple of months. You will undoubtedly see results, but you’ve got to be patient. Pick any of the following methods that best resonate with you, and you’ll be on the way to increased hair growth and overall hair health.

1. Onion Juice Hair Rinse

This method is really easy and all it takes is about five sliced onions and a liter of boiling water simmered in a pot for about 15 minutes. Let it cool, strain it, and rinse this into your hair after you shampoo it. The smell might linger but should go away in a day or two after its been washed again.

2. Onion Juice and Rum

No, this is not to drink…this recipe is actually made to put on your hair. One medium onion should be chopped and put in a glass of rum to let sit overnight. After at least twelve hours, strain the mixture and get rid of the chopped onion pieces. You can massage it into the scalp and then wash it out, or you can use it as a rinse after you’ve shampooed.

3. Onion Juice and Honey

This easy method works in two ways. You can either take it orally or you can rub it on the scalp. Either way works and both show great results. A 1/4 cup of onion juice and one tablespoon of honey should be mixed together. The choice is then up to you. Drink it down, or massage it into the scalp for fifteen minutes. Do this every day and you’ll see results in no time at all.

4. Simply Eat More Onions

It almost seems like onions were just made to complement hair growth and a healthy scalp. Simply eating more onions and adding them to your diet will make you notice a difference in the health of your hair. It doesn’t work quite like the other methods, but in time you will see how much it does help to keep your hair looking its best.


How Onion Helps Hair Growth: Using Onion Juice to Grow Hair Faster
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    1. each person have his length. its the gene producing that determines hairlength. this gene is not the same for every individual. but doing these treaments and working with your hair find the method that works best for you can change that gene and give it signals to grow longer. you are unique. one method may be good for someone else but not me and u.

  1. Onion juice is very effective for hair growth. I have been using onion juice for hair growth for the last 3 months and its showing amazing results.

    1. Can you provide more detail about your hair problem and how long you have been dealing with that? Your response would be much appreciated.

    2. Hi dear, does it really works.I have lost a bit of hair on the sides of forehead, will onion juice help to regrow??

  2. Comment:don't try this .i am tried just 4 weeks after my hair fall is severe,taking tablets and also protein treatment but….just before the usage of onion oil jst 100 hairs only falled down now more than 300 hair falling.don't try unnecessarly it is my request

  3. Hi, I have a bald spot in top of my head. I resort to wearing wigs and getting braids. I really want my hair back in the top of my head. I will give this a try and start check back with my results.

    1. Hi Ellen I am interested in knowing the results of trying the onion juice on your hair have you kept up with it? Have you seen any positive results with your hair growth? I also have a problem with loosing hair with patches along my hair line I think it's due to wearing tight braids and also possibly hormonal as I have had a baby. If anyone has tried this method please post a comment if it has worked for you as I will be trying this. Thanks

  4. hi i tried onion+garlic juice…its really amazing .i could see new baby hair on my bald patches…apply atleast thrice a week …. initially you may feel like you have more hair fall,but that is due to the massage we do while applying the juice.but that is very common.
    but the smell will be really may last even after washing with shampoo
    for bald patches ,onion+garlic juice definitely works.
    by the way ,if you have thyroid imbalance,cancer or diabetes,this will not work.if you have thyroid imbalance or diabetes ,first take treatment for it,then try applying onion juice

    1. I tried onion juice as an uncontrolled diabetic and my hairdresser saw results right away. I just took onions, no matter the size, white or yellow, and cut off the top and roots and put it in a juicer and took the pulp and mixed it back together with the juice and put that mix on my hair. I took a plastic bag, could be a grocery bag or if big enough, the bags you bag vegetables in found in the produce section of any grocery store, and put it on top of my onion soaked hair and tied it off like you do for a perm. I put a shower cap on top of that and then relaxed for 30-45 min. Combed my hair out to get the solid part of the onion out of my hair then jumped in the shower and shampooed my hair. My hair did smell like onion but who cares! I got my hair back! Commit to 3 times a week til you're happy with it. I also know people who put onion in their shampoo and use it every day and they have thick, gorgeous hair! Good luck in your endeavors!

  5. It works I want bald at the age of 21 and accepted that I'm bald and shaved my head weekly but after reading up on this post I started using onions and my hair is full of stubs I will continue using it thanks

  6. Dear sir, I am 21 and working i gulf, I have thin hair, iv been here since 6 months and I m facing hair fall.. 30 hair daily.. please advise, I dont wana get bald at this age!

  7. Hi. I was also suffering from thinning and receding hair line. I rubbed onion twice a day on my forehead nd use onion juice for scalp twice a week. Its been two months and i can see small tiny baby hairs coming out. I will definitely use for a longer time.

  8. Can onion juice or pulp be used on hair length and not just scalp?? any adverse affects if used trough out hair and not just the scalp?? plz advise!

  9. Guys have a trick use dermaroller and then apply onion juice on the scalp in 12 weeks new hair strands will be vissible then apply oils and verious herbs on that they will grow healthy and strong

  10. Dear sir/madam,
    Onion just really help for regrowing of hair.if any bady succeeded this procedure please share it to me.


  12. Do I need to simply just apply the juice on scalp or should I massage the scalp while applying the juice? I'm loosing many hair when I massage it on scalp.

  13. i am also suffering from hair loss today I read all of these comments and i see most of the people says onion juice helps them to regrow their hairs so i will try it from and as i seen result I will definitely give my comments

  14. The best way to get rid of the union smell is using some lemon/lime juice after shampooing your hair leave it on for a few minutes before rising out then apply your conditioner. I use a fresh lime, I think it really does help with the smell. I started using onion juice with some castor oil I hope to see some result in the next three months. My hair loss has improve a lot after my dermatologist told me to stop coloring, and adding heat and chemical to my hair. In addition he told me not to use conditioner on each wash I only use conditioner once a week and I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, and to use a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo. I was also instructed to take a complex vitamin B. By doing this I seen such great improvement in my hair texture my curls are coming back and my hair looks healthy my hair was pretty much dead before. I really hope adding union juice to my hair routine helps me better improve my hair and reduce my hair loss.

  15. hi, i have started using onion juice for hair regrowth. i want to know weather i can use same onion juice for 3 days or i have to prepare daily. i am blending one full onion in mix grinder and storing in refrigerator for further use. please share ur opinion with me

  16. I started loosing the hair in the forehead and the hair fall gradually increased in the past few years. I have started rubbing /massaging using one small onion per day on my forehead for the past 2 days. Let us see what happens after 2 months. Does anyone witnessed any change in a month or in couple of weeks.?

  17. Hi, I would like to know, can I perhaps pour form the onion juice in my conditioner that I normally use, or also in my shampoo? I am struggling with hairgrowth, especially length.

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