How to Get Rid of a Painful Earache: Treatment and Home Remedies

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Anyone who’s ever had an earache knows just how painful it can be. Child, teen, or adult, an earache hurts, and the pain is sometimes excruciating.

Although anyone can get an earache, it’s most common in children than teens or adults. Kids are simply exposed to more germs and infections and are also developing their immune system.

Pain in the ear can come in many different ways. It can, for instance be a dull constant pain, or may be more of a throb. The pain can also be quite piercing, and may be a symptom of an underlying condition.

Symptoms of Ear Pain

When you have ear pain, you’re undoubtedly going to know it. Pain in the ear is awful, and if you’ve got children that can’t quite tell you what’s wrong, some of the following symptoms are a sure sign of an earache:
• Stiff Neck
• High Fever
• Rubbing, Pulling, or Tugging the Ear
• Trouble Balancing
• Abnormal Hearing
• Irritability

Causes of Ear Pain

There are actually quite a few causes of ear pain. It can result from an imbalance in the ear as well as from other various viral forms of infection. Some common causes of ear pain include:
• Fluid Build-Up in the Ear
• Infection in the Ear Canal
• Colds, Flu, or Throat Infections
• Tooth Infection
• Eczema in the Ear Canal
• Joint Pain
• Pain in the Jaw

7 Home Remedies for Ear Pain

There is no need to rush to the doctor if you’re experiencing ear pain. While you may if it makes you feel more comfortable, it is still very easy to treat ear pain at home. You can go to the doctor and use these home remedies for faster relief. These home remedies will also do wonders to treat ear pain at home without the need to visit the doctor.

1. Warm Compress

warm compress

Using a warm compress is probably the best at-home method to treat ear pain. To use a warm compress, run hot water over a hand towel and rinse until all the water is out. Place this warm towel over the ear that you are experiencing pain in and leave on until it cools off. The heat will bring unprecedented relief and will reduce any swelling that has occurred. For those that are suffering from ear pain because they have a cold, this will help to greatly reduce the pain.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil
If your ear pain is not internal, lavender oil is one of the best home remedies you could use. This soothing oil should be rubbed on the outer ear many times throughout the day. You may also think about using the oil in a hot compress. The aroma will be soothing and can help to reduce irritation in children.

3. Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Warm olive oil has been used to treat ear pain for hundreds of years. All that is needed is a few drops of warm olive oil heated but not burning. Put this warm oil into a bottle that has a dropper that can be used to get the warm oil inside the ear. Add a few drops of oil, plug the ear with a cotton swab and leave it in so no oil can escape. This will work great, and ear pain should go away quickly.

4. Onion

Onion is one of nature’s more powerful foods used to fight infection and ward off harmful bacteria. It also helps to reduce inflammation that sometimes occurs when there is a pain in the ear. To use onion to treat an earache, make a paste of chopped onion and water and apply it to the outer region of the ear. This will offer serious relief.

5. Eucalyptus Oil and Steam

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is great for opening up air passages in the body and is known for its vapor effects. To use this beneficial oil to treat ear pain, add a few drops to a big bowl or pot of steaming hot water and place your head over with a towel covering it. This will help trap the steam as you let it work its way through the body and open up its passages.

6. Garlic and Mullen

Garlic is seriously one of the best natural ways to boost immunity that is found in nature. You can make a liquid out of Mullen flower oil and garlic oil and drop it into the infected ear. Trap the oil with a cotton ball and it will provide excellent relief. It helps to reduce infection by fighting the microbes that cause infection.

7. Wiggle the Ears

While kids probably won’t want anything to do with a game while they have an earache, this method provides a way to help get rid of the infection without putting anything in or on the ear. Wiggling the ears will help as will yawning. This helps to pop the Eustachian tubes that sometimes get clogged and cause pain.

8. Blow your Nose

A lot of the time an earache is a sign of a cold or flu. If you’ve got a cold and your nose is stuffed up, blowing it to remove the mucus is highly recommended. When the air passages are blocked, this puts pressure on the ear canal and causes sometimes extreme pain. Blowing the nose and clearing the nasal passages will greatly reduce pain in the ear.

How to Get Rid of a Painful Earache: Treatment and Home Remedies
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    1. Oh Ya! Nee's mom brought back those chreires! I love them! Can't stop popping them into my mouth. It's like eating junk food. You can't stop!

    1. this made me laugh… and got to say good on them letting it on the page…. but in all serious i know what your going through ive had bad ears since i was young and had a mastoid looks like its an antibiotic you need

  1. I never put any kind of oil in my ears, I get swimmer's ear easily and oil blocks my ear up terribly, keeping moisture in and making ear aches so much worse and last longer.

  2. First try putting baby oil in your ear canal for the painand you can use a cotton suave by dipping it in baby oil and use it like you are cleaning your ear, it works, because it worked for me. I had an ear ache a week ago and the pain went away with this first method. The second method is, wash your ear canal with warm water,in the shower with warn water. You can use cotton suave to dry your ear canal afterwards, but be careful an try to not get any cotton stuck in your ear. You could do this by turning the cotton suave around with your finger tips clock wise or counter clockwise, never both. This will prevent the cotton in the suave getting inside your ear canal. This worked for me a week about a week and a half ago. Also natural oils, like olive oil… Last options two options are, go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for an over the counter med to alleviate your earache, or go see a doctor immediately what ever works the bet for you do.

  3. I am a teen and these are not able to be done at home we don't have anything to do any of these things and my ear hurts I cant sleep!!!!

  4. This is the most illiterate group of people in existence. I'm in great hope that these responses are from 10 year old kids — at least that would explain the illiteracy.

  5. As a mother of a child with dyslexia i would never judge someone on a few spelling misstakes. Absolutely disgusting comment and from an adult that should know better.

  6. I've been told I had a ear infection, it's killing me, it was on my left ear now it's on both I got a soar throat & runny nose what do I do I've tried everything

  7. For swimmers eat: immediately after getting out of water put a 1/2 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol in ear- tilting head to allow it to go in and 'grab' the water-leave for about a minute then tilt head back letting the rubbing alcohol drain out of ear – have a cloth handy so it doesn't get into your eyes or run down – works for everyone in my family- and we don't wait until there's pain anymore-we use as a preventive now

  8. My ear hurts really bad right now and I'm trying the oil method, I've been doing it for 5min and the pain is going away a little. And I took ibprophen. It might be because I have strep.

  9. I went to the doctor last night i have a ear infection and got meds but ive been in pain i just tried the lavender method ot works because i need the pain gone.just rub it on the outer ear.i did where it is swollen and helps the pain alot so ty.i was crying in pain and now i feel a little better.

  10. None of these worked for me. I also had a bad cough so when I put vapor rub on my chest I put some on my ear too. Obviously, I didn’t put any inside of my ear, just around it right above my earlobe. Within fifteen minutes the pain was gone.

    1. Okay seriously the vapo rub thing totally works!!! Thank you so much!!!! It’s not 100% gone but it defiantly feels a million times better!!

  11. Thankyou so much!! I have only used a few of the methods and my ear feels so much better… Between the hot rag and massaging it, my ear felt much better. After doing that I did the onion thing and that helped too!!
    ( To be honest, I’m kinda nervous about doing the oil thing because I don’t want it to clog my ear so somone should let me know if that works for them)

  12. Why the fudge would you use any of this it would make you ear hurt even more I mean come on oil really? That the worst thing I’ve heard to put in your ear. Just go to the doctor people see what exactly is wrong with your ear instead of doing these things.

  13. My. poor 7 year old daughter woie with a ear ache i’ve tried the warm olive oil and it seemed to work she is back sleeping my poor. daughter straight to the doctors for her in the morning

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