How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies

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All you need to do is boil one egg hard, peel it when it’s still hot and wrap it in a cheesecloth together with a silver coin. Now, try to rub your bruise gently until the egg cools down.

Once you unwrap the cheesecloth, you will notice that the silver has changed its color to purple-black. The egg and the silver coin soak up the colors from your bruise and the technique cures the broken capillaries.

5.     Cabbage

Something as simple as cabbage leaves is believed to be one of the best remedies to bruises on your face. The presence of lactic acid in cabbages explains why this solution actually works. Lactic acid is a powerful compound which has the ability to reduce the pain and swelling.

Apart from that, cabbages have also great anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is take the outer leaves of a white cabbage, put them into a very hot water, place them on a bruise and keep them like that until the leaves cool.

6.     Citrus Fruit

Some studies have proved that in order to heal bruises faster, we need to provide our organism with high amount of vitamin C. This compound is crucial in treating various disorders of skin pigmentation, such as photoaging, tissue inflammation, and hyper pigmentation.

We will find a high level of vitamin C in citrus fruit like mangoes, papayas, or pineapples. However, there is also one more reason why we should consume these fruits when we struggle with bruises. It’s the presence of an enzyme known as bromelain. It breaks down the blood clots and it eliminates swelling.

Additionally, papaya fruit contains also papain, which is an enzyme commonly used to treat various skin problems. Of course, the best way of supplying yourself with vitamin C, bromelain, and papain is by consuming food products that are rich in them. If you are not keen on fruit and veggies, though, you can take supplements.

Some people report that applying pulp of these fruits on the bruise is an effective method as well. Similarly, you can put some lemon juice on the affected skin area and rub it gently for a few minutes. However, if your bruise is irritated, the application of lemon juice might cause a little pain.

7.     Vinegar

Vinegar has the ability to increase the blood flow and that may lead to a faster treatment of the bruises. Just try a vinegar compress. Mix some vinegar with warm water, dig a soft cloth in it and apply it on the affected area of your skin.

This method is especially useful with children, who are too sensitive to cold or hot types of therapies.

8.     Calendula

Flowers and leaves of calendula are useful if our bruises are painful. It is also good solution to sprains and muscle sores.

Just boil the calendula flowers or leaves to obtain the juice for the therapy. When it cools down, dig a soft cloth in it and place it on the bruise, sprain, or a painful muscle. The juice will penetrate your skin deeply so the pain will be reduced and the healing process will last shorter.

9.     Vitamin K

Our blood tissues need a lot of vitamin K in order to cure quickly and without bruises. This powerful compound can be found in vegetables, especially in leafy ones, but also in broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

You can purchase a cream with vitamin K too and rub it into your bruises and they will disappear faster.

10.  Chocolate

Chocolate is rich in cocoa bio active compounds, which are widely known for their anti-inflammatory properties that are really benign for our skin.

In order to apply chocolate on your bruises, you need to melt it first. When you are sure that it’s not too hot anymore, but just warm, place it on the irritated fragment of your skin. Cover it with a bandage and leave it for some time so that the chocolate can dry on the bruise. Wash it off with warm water.

Such a compress will control the flow of blood and the bruises will be reduced more quickly.

11.  Grapes

Grape is a truly amazing fruit. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more when applied on skin, it causes an astringent effect. Thus, grapes have the ability to draw tissue together and that can halt bleeding.

In order to heal your injured skin, you can crush some grape seeds to obtain the juice from it and apply it on the bruise. Additionally, you can drink the juice at least twice a day to see the results even quicker.

12.  Turmeric and Tamarind

Turmeric and tamarind are commonly used in Asian countries to treat various conditions. The key component of turmeric is curcumin, which has antibacterial powers as well as it can reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies
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