How to Get Rid of Cracked, Painful Lips Fast & Naturally

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Very often, your cracked lips are caused by the lack of vitamins, so you should pay a closer attention to your diet if you tend to get dry lips. Watch the levels of intake of the following vitamins. We added the foods that are rich in every vitamin so that you can start introducing changes straight away.

• Vitamin A – sweet potato, carrot, green leafy vegetables, dried apricots, sweet red peppers and tuna;
• Vitamin B – liver, fish, red meat, soy, cheese, milk and eggs;
• Vitamin C – lemons, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, tomatoes and papaya;
• Vitamin B2 – cheese, almonds, beef, lamb, mackerel, eggs, seafood and sesame seeds;
• Vitamin E – nuts, sunflower seeds, avocado, fish, broccoli and kiwi;


Your lips don’t like dry environments and need a good protection if you have to spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned room. Whenever you have the possibility, use a humidifier in the room where you spend the majority of the day. This will help you keep your lips and skin hydrated. What’s more, humidifiers are very beneficial for the respiratory system, so you will protect your lungs better from infections or you will cure them faster in wintertime. If you don’t want to spend money on a special device, you can simply wet a clean towel, wring it out and place it on a radiator in your room.

What Not To Do When You Have Cracked Lips

Don’t lick your lips

You might feel tempted to lick your lips when they are dry. It seems to bring temporary relief, but in fact, it only makes things worse. Saliva doesn’t hydrate the skin on the lips and if you keep doing it in a windy weather, you will end up with very dry and chapped lips for sure. Use a petroleum jelly or jojoba oil regularly to protect your lips well and to hydrate them when they need it most.

Don’t Use Lipstick

Any make-up product that could make the lips even dryer should be avoided at all costs when your lips are chapped. Very few lipsticks – except for care lipsticks – actually hydrate the skin of the lips. Some make-up manufacturers claim that their products protect and hydrate the lips. However, they contain a wide range of chemicals that at the same time irritate the vulnerable skin, so the protective properties have hardly any effect. Wait two days, scrub, nourish and moisturise your lips and then go back to using a coloured lipstick. Your lips will look much more attractive if you wear the lipstick only when they are smooth and soft, rather than dry, cracked and covered with flaky skin.

Don’t Eat Acidic and Salty Foods

Avoid anything that might irritate the soft, cracked skin or that could make you lick your lips more often. Any citrus fruits should be eaten with care. While their high level of vitamin C is beneficial for the skin regeneration, the acid contained in the fruits can cause discomfort when it comes in contact with your cracked lips. The same happens with spicy foods and with salty things, like crisps or fries. Try to avoid these things for two or three days, until your lips get back to a good shape.

Don’t Pick the Skin

When the skin on your lips becomes flaky, you might feel tempted to pick it. This is the last thing you should do. The dry skin comes off at its own pace and if you want to speed up the process, just apply a gentle scrub and keep hydrating the lips. This way, you will remove the dead skin cells evenly. If you pick the skin, you can get painful and unsightly wounds that will take much longer to heal than dry lips.

Don’t Apply Ice Directly on the Lips

If you want to soothe the pain caused by dry and chapped lips, you can use an ice pack, which we’ve mentioned before. However, always remember to wrap the ice in a soft cloth. Never apply it directly on the cracked lips as it may cause an ice burn.

Don’t Ignore Allergic Reactions

Watch the reaction of your lips to new cosmetics. If you bought a new lipstick that cost you a fortune, but you got dry lips after you used it a few times, stop applying it, regardless of how beautiful it looks. Some lipsticks are packed with chemicals and some of those ingredients can cause a serious skin irritation and dryness.

Don’t Sleep With your Mouth Open

When you sleep with your mouth open, the air that constantly goes in and out can make the lips get very dry. This usually happens when we can’t breathe through the nose because it’s blocked. Use a special spray before bedtime to shrink the blood vessels in your nose. This will facilitate breathing, encourage better rest and prevent the lips from getting dry.

How to Get Rid of Cracked, Painful Lips Fast & Naturally
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