How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Fast: Best Home Remedies

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Black seed oil

Black seed can be used in several different health troubles, for example gas, colic, asthma, constipation and diarrhea. Black seed oil is the best to use in diarrhea. To have a positive effect you need to mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with natural yoghurt. You can eat such extra yoghurt twice a day until you have diarrhea symptoms.

Carrot soup or puree

Carrot is known as a high-bulk food and it has probably anti-dyspeptic effect. Carrot soup is perfect for small children suffering from diarrhea as it provides nutrients that have been reduced during diarrhea.

  • Prepare 500 g of carrots
  • Cook carrots for about 15 minutes in a bit more than ½ cup of water
  • Add a little bit of salt to taste better
  • Eat fresh soup each day for a few days when you have a diarrhea

Clear fluids

Actually this is the most important treatment during diarrhea episode. You can stop to eat while suffering diarrhea but you need to remember to drink a lot. Diarrhea can make your body to dehydrate what can lead to severe complications that are even dangerous to your life. Some of the early symptoms of dehydration are feeling dry mouth, throat also eyes.

Besides if you are dehydrated you can observe dark orange or even brown urine, you can feel fatigue and dizziness. So you can see that it is absolutely necessary to drink a lot (at least eight glasses of water a day) while you are suffering heavy diarrhea. You can drink several different liquids; it can be just fresh water or vegetable soups, clear broths, coconut water. You can also try to supply drink sports but you need to choose the one without caffeine. Sports drinks are actually really helpful since you can easily supply electrolytes lost by fast loss of fluid through diarrhea episode.

Do not drink coffee and alcoholic drinks. Be careful also with a fresh tomato or citrus juices. Caffeine can cause abdomen pain and gas production. Besides it can lead to dehydration process of your body. Stop to drink not only coffee but also other caffeinated drinks like chocolate or cola drinks.

You should also avoid drinks high in sugar, caffeine, dairy and carbonation. Such drinks can easily make a diarrhea even worse than it was before.

Sometimes you can have also strong nausea as well as diarrhea in the same time. It is not funny at all, but still you need to supply water by drinking any fluids. There is an option to suck a piece of ice to hydrate your body in the situation when you cannot drink that much. You can still transfer water into your body by sucking slivers of ice.

Avoid some kind of food products

Be careful for dairy food products as milk, butter and cheese. It has been shown is some research that it can make you feel much worse while eating dairy foods especially at the beginning of diarrhea.

If you have intolerance of lactose you should think about elimination of dairy products from your daily diet. High fiber food can increase gas production so it can make you feel even worse while having diarrhea. You should also avoid eating fresh vegetables and fruits. You should also stop to eat too fatty food. It can make an abdomen pain and load to diarrhea often.

Stick to a gentle BRAT diet

Have you ever heard about BRAT diet before? Have you ever tried it? Gentle, bland food is called a BRAT diet and that include bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. So that can help you to feel better during diarrhea episode. You simply need to eat all if these foods during one day. So you eat piece of banana, rice, a bit of applesauce and toast (but remember to not add butter because it is too heavy).

Such diet will keep your belly full but still it will be a light diet. Such diet contains simple sugars so it can protect your digestive system. When suffer a diarrhea you can eat things like crackers and mashed potato. If you think your diarrhea problem is because of food poisoning you can try to eat burnt toast. It should give the same result as a medicinal charcoal, just a bit milder. Medicinal charcoal is a medication used in hospitals to treat severe food or even alcohol poisoning. It can effectively neutralize toxins.

Take a rest

This is probably the best natural and homemade remedy that can be used to cure almost all of the health troubles. In our lives there is not too much free time to get rest and simply relax. This is so important to keep balance in your life. When you are suffering diarrhea you should also get some rest immediately. Sometimes it can happen that you have lasting diarrhea problem and then one of the possible causes can be anxiety and it can be a physical symptom of too much stress in your life. So rest in such situation can really cure a diarrhea.

How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Fast: Best Home Remedies
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