How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath: Best Home RemediesDogs owners usually treat their pets as family members. They show them their love by cuddling, hugging, and kissing. Unfortunately, it’s quite a common problem for dogs to have breath that stinks. Of course, you can treat the condition at your dog’s vet, but it might be quite costly. Instead, try some natural, home remedies, which turn out to be very effective.

What Causes Dog Bad Breath

Bad breath is actually a condition known as halitosis. Bad smell is usually the result of accumulated bacteria in your dog’s mouth, lungs, and gut. If bad breath is chronic, it might be a red signal that there is some problem with your dog’s gastrointestinal system or that it needs dental care. However, there are also some other factors that might cause dog bad breath.

If your dog eats canned dog food, it might be the reason for bad breath. It happens because this type of food often consists of fish oils, which are difficult to digest. Or if your dog steals the food from other pets’ food bowls, it also might be the cause of the problem.

Some teeth issues are also common causes of bad breath. One of them is teething as during this process bacteria tend to accumulate in the gum line. Similarly, some food or hair pieces might get stuck in your puppy’s teeth, which later stink.

A more severe condition that may be the cause of bad breath is a dental or gum disease known as periodontal disease. Bad breath is just one of its symptoms. Apart from that it causes a lot of pain, it often leads to loss of teeth or damages the internal organs of your dog like heart, liver, and kidneys. What’s worse, it may also lead to annoying gingivitis as the plaque gets damaged too.

Other oral diseases are stomatitis, which is a painful inflammation of the gums, Cancerous growth, and gingival hyperplasia, during which the gums of a pet are overgrown. They can all lead to bad dog breath.

Awful smell from your dog’s mouth is also a sign of gastrointestinal system diseases in stomach, esophagus, liver, or intestines. Moreover, when some unwanted toxins are present in the blood, which happens in some metabolic diseases of kidneys, may cause smelly breath. If your dog suffers from diabetes, your dog’s breath might smell sweet or fruity.

If your dog’s bread smells unusually, contact your vet quickly as sometimes it is a sign of serious medical problems, which need an immediate treatment.

Best Home Remedies for Dog Bad Breath

Fortunately, in most cases dog bad breath is not a sign of any serious disease and you can deal with it naturally and quickly thanks to some easy, home methods.

1.     Too Much Meat

Dogs love eating meat and you probably don’t mind giving your doggy his share during your dinner, but unfortunately it does not do any good for his breath. Instead of meat, supplement his diet in rice and vegetables so that your sweetheart will get a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. If you cut down on meat a little bit, your dog’s breath should get better.

2.     Say No to Wet Dog Food

You should also look into your dog’s food. Read the labels and see what you feed your dog with. If it consists of a large amount of fish or other smelly extracts, you should consider changing it. Another useful piece of advice is to reduce the quantity of wet food in favor of dry food.

3.     Give Your Doggy a Bone

It is a remedy that will keep your puppy happy. The most common cause of dog bad breath is the accumulated plaque, which smells nasty. Therefore, from time to time give your puppy a bone as a treat. While chewing, your dog removes food pieces from its teeth so it acts as teeth brushing. After some time you should notice that your dog’s breath isn’t so bad any more.

4.     Clean Your Puppy’s Bowl

Dog owners tend to forget about cleaning their pets’ bowls and a dirty bowl is a source of bacteria. If you keep the bowls clean, you won’t let the bacteria get into your dog’s mouth. The rule applies to both a water and a food bowl. Try it and you might see that sometimes the easiest remedy turns out to be the most effective one.

5.     Try Probiotics

In order to get rid of dog bad breath you must be sure that it has a healthy and balanced diet, just like you. One of the key rules of a good diet is including probiotics in it. They speed up the digestion process and unblock the possible intestinal problems of your dog. Digestive enzymes might also be helpful in dealing with the problem of dog bad breath. Try both ways out and check if they work for your dog.

6.     Coconut Oil for Your Dog

Probably you use coconut oil yourself because of its excellent antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Because of these reasons it is also a great solution to dog bad breath. It will not only help for bad smell, but it’s also beneficial for good metabolism, immunity, and digestion processes. It will strengthen your dog’s skin, bones, and brain.

How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath: Best Home Remedies
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