How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face: Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face: Treatment and Best Home RemediesSkin on your face is very thin and sensitive. It is also prone to quick damage and irritations. So that is why it is so common to complain on a dry face skin especially during winter, cold wind, rain and snow can promote your skin dryness. But not only winter is an agent that is responsible for a dry skin problem, it is also a wrong diet, aging processes and simply genetics. If your mum or dad has a dry skin, most probably your skin will also get dry during your lifetime.

Most of the people experience some troubles with dry skin at least once in her life. It is annoying and not so easy to overcome. But it is good to know what the real problem is and how to manage with it. Here you can find some advices what to do and how treat your skin when it is far too dry. It is important to feel comfortable with your skin, so take your time to find out how you can deal with a dry skin on your face problem.

Good Routine Of a Dry Skin Care

Our skin is full of the natural oils that protect our face skin from a dryness making skin hydrate all day. But there are plenty of reasons why the balance in a skin hydration can be disrupted. Sometimes even simply things like taking shower can influence strongly your skin hydration.

Warm Not Hot Water Cleaning

You probably know that warm water can open your skin pores and make a cleaning face more effective in this way. But you need to be aware that hot water can be somehow not good for your skin. If water is too hot it can irritate your skin and make it dry.

Mild Facial Cleanser

This is very important what kind of soap or douche gel you are using every day. If it is too harsh it will make your skin very dry. You shouldn`t have never use a body soaps to clean your face. Most of the cleanser contain sodium lauryl sulfate as a main component, which unfortunately has been found to be responsible for skin dryness most of the time. Also cleansers with heavy fragrances are not recommended. You should stick to simply products with not too many chemical ingredients. If your skin is very dry you should think about cleanser that contains ceramids. You should search only for products labeled ‘moisturizing’ or ‘for a very dry skin’.

Gently Dry Your Skin With a Towel

You need to be delicate when drying your face with towel. And remember to dry it completely as it will make a problem with dryness smaller. If you leave your face wet it can make your face being more dry. Use a good quality soft and cotton towel. Make sure it will absorb water well.

Hydrate Your Face Just After Cleaning

It is the best to apply your cream or lotion just directly after face cleaning. There is no need to wait too long. If you want to get the best moisturizing results you should choose a moisturizer very carefully. So for a very dry skin it is good to use cream that contains shea butter or ceramids, some of the stearic acids or glycerin. You should apply a thick layer of moisturizing creams to protect your skin from dryness. You can use such cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before go to bed.

Homemade Remedies For a Very Dry Skin

Sometimes your skin is so dry and itchy that you need to use some special creams or even medications to feel relief.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Even if you need to be careful and exfoliate your face skin gently it is still one of the most important issues in a daily skincare. You need to exfoliate skin to remove all of the dead skin cells. You need to exfoliate your face even few times per week, but also once a week should be OK. For making scrub you should use a baby`s washcloth as it is extremely soft and will not irritate you skin. To exfoliate your face you need to make it a bit wet and massage slowly making small circles with your washcloth. Repeat exfoliation treatment few times per week. Don`t worry it is all safe.

Wash Your Skin With Milk

There is another method for taking care about dry skin, using milk instead of water to wash your face. It is a great solution as milk can not only clean your face but also naturally moisturize it in the same time. Milk has an anti- inflammatory property. The lactic acid from milk is a gentle cleanser, while the lipids can add additional moisture and make your skin look soft and healthy. Of course the best results you will have while using at least whole milk or 2 %. So give a try to a milk- based face cleaning. Simply soak the washcloth in cold milk, put it on your face and leave it for about 10 minutes. Gently wash your face off with warm water or another wet washcloth. Hopefully you will see positive results of natural moisturizing process.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face: Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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