How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies

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Do you have small but visible spots or bumps that can be white or a bit red? It may appear most of the time on the border of your lips or on the genitals, such as labia, scrotum or shaft of the penis.

Fordyce spots are also known as a Fordyce granule. It is named after John Addison Fordyce, who was a famous American dermatologist.

This spots are painless and harmless, but can be annoying to you. But you need to know it is a very common condition and a lot of people get such spots. There is actually nothing to worry about it, but it is good to check with a family doctor or dermatologist what these white spots really are. It will be better to know if it is not infectious and not any sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes or genital warts.

If you will know that are indeed only Fordyce spots there is no general treatment for it. But if you wish you can try some methods to reduce it a little bit. There are several different homemade remedies or natural treatments that you can try. You can also try the most effective option that is laser and other surgical treatment.

What Can Be The Reason Of The Fordyce Spots?

You can have really a lot of Fordyce spots on your skin. There is a theory that it can appear as a result of deep stress, anxiety or other medical troubles. Some doctors think there can be a genetic link. Of course most of the time when you realize you have a Fordyce spots you may think it is some kind of sexually transmitted disease. But the true is that it is not combined with any disease and Fordyce spots are rather natural on your body and appear in 70 to 80 % of the population.

Diagnosis Of Fordyce Spots

You don`t need any special diagnosis or examination. Your doctor will probably just look on the affected areas and will explain to you what the Fordyce spots are and how they appear. Doctor need to assess that is indeed only ectopic sebaceous glands and not something serious.

But what is important to know that the real Fordyce spots mostly appear on the typical location, such as the genitals and the border of your lips. That helps to diagnose it well.

However you need to be sure that your doctor can differentiate Fordyce spots from genital warts. The problem with Fordyce spots is that is very similar to the genital warts, especially during the beginning when warts are in general small spots. In both situations you can find skin spots on your genitalia.

What you need to know is that usually genital wars are bigger that Fordyce spots. The genital warts can be a reason of HPV, so Human papiloma virus. So when you look on your skin spots you could see a difference.

The genital warts are more like a cauliflower bumps, Fordyce spots often look like a ‘chicken skin’. Beside it, genital warts can spread even to the anus area, while Fordyce spots rarely can do it. Be careful to not mistake Fordyce spots also with folliculitis. Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles in genital regions. But of course doctor can easily analyze it.

Moreover it can happen that you will confuse Fordyce spots with other conditions like herpes. Herpes the same as Fordyce spots appear in genital areas and around lips. So this is quite common that people confused that both skin health conditions.

However you need to know that herpes lesions are usually very itchy and are very painful, a bit like a burning pain. That is not happening when you have a Fordyce spots problem. Besides it, herpes spots are caused by a virus and are very infectious, that is not the case of Fordyce spots.

How To Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots In A Natural Way

Most probably your doctor will not recommend any special treatment for Fordyce spots. But you need to know that if you feel uncomfortable about Fordyce spots especially in the area like penis or labia, you can do something about it.

There are some methods or treatments that can reduce or even completely remove your Fordyce spots.

So let`s start with the most safe and cheap methods that you can do by yourself at home. You can use a lot of natural ingredients to prepare homemade treatment for a Fordyce spots. So here you are possibilities to test at home.

Coconut oil treatment

Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer. As the Fordyce spots can appear also because of the dehydration of your skin it is good to try to hydrate an affected area well. That is worth to try.

You can try to use a coconut oil together with some essential oil like lavender oil. Such treatment should make your Fordyce spots less visible.

Take a lot of vitamins

Of course the best way to treat any of the skin health condition is to eat much more fruits and vegetables. If you will boost your daily vitamin intake that should reduces spots on your skin. Orange and broccoli are great option to increase amount of vitamins in your diet.

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies
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