How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies

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So if you want to help yourself to get rid of Fordyce spots it is great idea to start drink fresh fruit juices each day. If you want you can also prepare a fresh fruit or vegetable juice and soak a cotton ball in juice, use it as a cleanser to treat an affected skin area. Such vitamin bomb should help to reduce Fordyce spots problem.

Not only broccoli is perfect vegetable to treat your problem but also spinach is very effective. Try to prepare spinach soup that is rich in vitamins so it can only help you with different medical problems, not only Fordyce spots.

Drink a lot of water

This is obvious. It is so simply. You need to drink a lot of fresh water to get fast result of better skin condition. It is pure and simple to intake. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Water will prevent dehydration of your skin and body but it will also mobilize immune system to fight off the germs that can be a reason of spotting on the sebaceous glands.

Tea tree oil treatment

It is a well known natural remedy to treat different types of spots on your skin and body. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic agent that can prevent growth of bacteria. It also helps to cure inflamed skin. Beside it is very safe ingredient for your skin treatment.

Turmeric powder treatment

To treat Fordyce spots you can prepare fantastic herbal tonic that you can use to clean your spots. All you need to have is a turmeric powder and apple cider vinegar. You need to mix about a bit of turmeric powder (less than half a tablespoon) together with a glass of apple cider vinegar and directly apply such mixture of your skin.
Turmeric is known as a great antiseptic agent, it has an antibacterial property so that will reduce bacterial growth of your skin. That should reduce presence of the Fordyce spots as well.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal bath is not only healthy for your skin but can be also very relaxing. Such bath treatment is often used to treat Eczema at home and has been found to help in reducing Fordyce spots on the genitals. Bath with oatmeal can reduce skin itching and inflammation as well. Such bath should be used after using herbal remedy treatment as turmeric or tea tree oil.


Garlic is a very powerful agent that can treat various different skin and body conditions. It is a one of the strongest homemade remedy that can treat Fordyce spots. It contains antioxidants that can remove free radicals from your skin and body.

It has anti- inflammatory properties that can reduce Fordyce spots. If you don`t like a smell and taste of garlic, you can try to drink a garlic water (boiled water with a garlic inside) or use it as a spice to your food. It is very healthy.

Jojoba oil treatment

This is another type of the essential oil that can be used to treat Fordyce spots. Jojoba oil also contains antibacterial features. It will reduce growth of the bacteria and that way will influence also disappearing of the Fordyce spots on your skin. It should help a lot. Besides, jojoba oil has wax esters that can moisturizer your skin to get even better results.

Asparagus treatment

That may be a surprise for you that you can use asparagus to treat Fordyce spots on your skin. Asparagus is one of the best sources of folic acid, besides it is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. Folic acid is control somehow the level of Fordyce spots. For the best hormonal balance you should take 260 mcg of folic acid per day.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is also one of the best agents that can be used to reduce Fordyce spots problem. Aloe Vera gel is absolutely great to treat a lot of other skin health conditions. All you need to do is cut a bit of Aloe Vera plant and apply it directly on the affected skin area. Aloe Vera has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Honey treatment

Honey is also very useful in all different types of health problems. It has antiseptic properties and can be used to treat different skin infections. Besides it is quite useful to treat Fordyce spots problem because of its antibacterial features. If you want it to work even better, you can mix honey with some of the essential oil. You will see how easy you can apply it.

Lemon treatment

Lemon extracts are fantastic disinfectant. In general if your problems are blackheads or pimples you can treat it simply with lemon juice. You can also try to get rid of Fordyce spots using lemon pulp squeezed directly from fresh lemon and applied on the Fordyce spots.

Chamomile treatment

Chamomile is not only tasty when you like to drink it in herbal tea, but it is also very useful to treat itchy and inflamed skin spots. It can reduce a bit Fordyce spots on your skin within few weeks.

Comfrey treatment

Comfrey has been shown to be very effective to treat skin wounds, bruises and rashes. It is one of the best homemade remedy that has an anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce Fordyce spots and can be used as a paste to put directly on the skin or can be consumed as a comfrey tea.

Vanilla and sugar scrub treatment

You can easily prepare very effective natural face scrub at home. All you need is a natural vanilla extract and sugar. Sugar is a great antibacterial ingredient; vanilla can nicely hydrate your skin, all together can clean your face and reduce the amount of Fordyce spots. The face scrub should be repeated twice a day to get the best results.

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies
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