How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies

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But of course you don`t need to be a fan of homemade natural methods to improve your skin health conditions. You may choose to treat your Fordyce spots with other medical methods.

How To Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots Using Medical Treatments

Tretinoin treatment

Tretinoin you can find both in creams as well as gels that you apply directly on the affected skin area. Such creams work the best when you combine them with some alpha hydroxyl acid agent. This is similar like with an acne spots treatment. You should see effects of tretinoin creams on Fordyce spots soon.

Isotretinoin treatment

If you think that tretinoin cream or gel is not good enough you should try to use isotretinoin.

Unfortunately this chemical agent has a lot of side effects, such as headache, problems with urinary, skin rashes, eye irritations, intestinal problems, dry skin, joint and muscle pain, hair thinning for some time, depression. Of course only doctor can decide if you really need to use this medication. It is quite strong but it is also very effective on Fordyce spots.

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) chemical peels

It is another method to reduce Fordyce spots similar to methods that you can use to treat acne spots on your skin. You can try chemical peels for Fordyce spots but you need to be very careful. Of course you need to be careful with sun exposure while using TCA on other parts of your body than genitals.

Laser vaporization

You can reduce number of Fordyce spots on your skin by laser vaporization treatment. If you want to do it you should first talk to your dermatologist about available laser treatment methods. It can be CO2 or electro desiccation.

It is very effective methods to improve your skin health condition and cure many different skin problems. But it is also harsh method so you need to discuss laser treatment with a specialist. Besides positive effects of laser vaporization method it has also a lot of side effects such as skin burning or scarring.

Especially that can happen when you decide on CO2 laser therapy. So maybe that is not the best option for Fordyce spots on your face. You could try more expensive pulsed dye lasers; it should not leave any scars on your face. But to be sure remember to discuss this subject with your dermatologist or at least family doctor.

Cryotherapy or cryosurgery

These methods can help to reduce Fordyce spots problem using an extreme low temperatures to destroy spots. It is quite safe method, not too painful, not too invasive. It is in general safe; the only thing is that procedure can damage nearby healthy tissues, so it needs to be done by a good specialist.

Micro-punch treatment

It is another method to remove or at least reduce problem with Fordyce spots on your body. Micro- punch surgery can be a great alternative for a laser treatment. This procedure involves a pen- like device that can punch a small hole in your skin and take off a bit of a tissue.

It is known to be useful in a hair transplant surgery. There is much smaller risk of scarring with micro- punch technology then in CO2 laser treatment. Besides micro- punch give more chance that Fordyce spots will not come back in a future. That can happen even after laser skin treatment. However the disadvantage is that this method is painful and a local anesthetic is recommended to eliminate pain of the surgery.

Topical prescription creams

Most probably the hormone imbalance can be a reason of Fordyce spots in the same way as an acne spots. It can be that pregnancy or menopause can increase a number of Fordyce spots. So that is why a lot of prescription creams that can treat acne or skin blemishes usually can also help to reduce Fordyce spots. You could try to use some kind of glucocorticoids, retinoids, clindamycin, pimecrolimus or beznoyl peroxide.

As you can see the problem of Fordyce spots on your body is very common and can happens to many peoples. It looks like that is nowadays a similar skin problem as an acne spots for instance. It is mostly trouble for a young people so here you are some additional tips that can be useful to get rid of Fordyce spots as soon as possible.

So first of all try to keep your skin clean
This is very general advice that is perfect to start taking care on all kind of different skin troubles. Your skin must be free of bacteria and oils to be able to reduce the occurrence of Fordyce spots. This is especially important if you are young person or you are pregnant. Some of the hormone imbalance can make your problem bigger.

Of course you should take a shower once a day and even more often if you have a problem with sweating. When you keep your body clean it should reduce number of Fordyce spots on your face and genital area as well. To get better results you can use a loofah pad or other mild exfoliating agent to clean your body perfectly.

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots Fast: Natural Home Remedies
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