How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally and Permanently

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Consider taking tablets known as Melancor. They stimulate the production of melanin in the hair follicles, which helps to keep a natural color of your hair. They also prevent new white hairs from growing. It has no side effects and one tablet a day is just enough to keep beautiful hair.

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally

The easiest way to get rid of grey hair is of course to dye it with one of many hair dyes available on the market. Such treatments, however, are quite harsh on hair so that’s why maybe it’s better to start with some natural and safe methods. Keep reading and check how to eliminate grey hair naturally and fast.

1.     Henna Treatment

Henna is probably the most popular natural way of covering grey hair. Henna is extracted from the leaves of so called lawsonia plant. It is safe to use at home, it doesn’t damage or dry your hair and it doesn’t change the structure of your hair. It comes in many different shades and colors as well as it makes your hair strong.

To prepare a homemade dye you need to gather two tablespoons of henna powder, one tablespoon each of yogurt and fenugreek seeds, three tablespoons of coffee, two tablespoons of basil, and three tablespoons of mint juice.

Blend all the ingredients so that they have the consistency of a smooth, but not too runny, paste. Apply the mixture on your hair very thoroughly and stay with it for about 2 – 3 hours. Wash it off with warm water and mild shampoo. You should enjoy beautiful hair for at least eight weeks and after that period repeat the process.

2.     Coffee Dye

One of the most natural hair dyes you will for sure find in your kitchen as it’s coffee. The result is only temporary, but your hair will be strengthened and nourished. It’s a very easy way to intensify your natural hair color and to give it a deep dark brown.

To dye your hair with coffee first make a cup of strong organic coffee, the best option will be espresso. Cool it down and pour it over your head while you’re taking the shower. Rub it into your head as thoroughly as you can, going from the roots to the tip of your hair.

Wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap for thirty minutes. The last step is to wash it off with cool water. If you want to obtain a deep shade of brown, repeat the process twice a week.

3.     Amla – Indian Gooseberry

Amla is a powerful plant that can solve many hair problems. It will help you when you lose your hair, when your hair is dull and of course when you’re going grey. It is also a strong antioxidant rich in vitamin C. It will boost your natural hair color and your white hair will disappear.

There are a few ways in which you can use alma for your hair. You can mix a tablespoon each of Indian gooseberry pulp with lemon juice. Rub it gently into your scalp and hair before going to bed, and leave it overnight. In the morning wash your hair as usual.

Another option is to mix amla oil with almond oil in the same amounts and massage it into your hair and scalp.

If you boil dried amla or amla powder until it gets charred, you will get amla oil. Let it cool for a while and apply it on your hair. Leave for at least one hour or for the night before you wash it off. To cover grey hair repeat the process once or twice a week.

4.     Sage Tea

The dyeing qualities of sage herb have been known for ages. You won’t see the results after one application only, but if you are patient and you repeat the process daily, you will see that day by day your hair gets softer, shinier, and darker.

Boil some water and add there some sage leaves. Boil it for another two minutes and then leave it to cool down. Now remove the leaves as you need only the liquid. Pour the tea on your hair over a large bowl and repeat it as many times as possible. Do this once a week and you should see some spectacular results.

Your hair will be beautiful and shiny if you mix sage oil with rosemary oil. You need half a cup of each  oil to mix them. Boil it in water for 30 minutes and when it cools down apply it on your hair and scalp. Follow the procedure regularly and you will eliminate gray hair in a natural way.

5.     Onion Juice

It is probably the most surprising and the cheapest method for gray hair. Scientific studies, however, proved that it really works. It happens because onions have everything that healthy and strong hair needs. They are rich in biotin and sulfur, which are crucial for beautiful hair.

How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally and Permanently
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