How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast: Best Home Remedies

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There is one more popular option available for a non-surgical treatment of your piles. This is the technique of coagulation which uses bipolar, infrared light or laser. A special device will shrivel your hemorrhoids. Bear in mind the fact that this therapy has more side effects than rubber band ligation and a sclerotherapy injection.

Surgical Operations

Unfortunately, there are situations in which hemorrhoids won’t vanish after the treatments which have been described in the previous part. In such a case you will need a surgical intervention. This will also may be essential providing you are suffering from abnormally big piles.

One of the most popular surgical operation used for removing hemorrhoids is haemorrhoidectomy. During this procedure, you will have your piles cut. The tissue which is situated around the piles will be removed as well.

Another widespread operation performed in order to help patients to get rid of their hemorrhoids is stapled haemorrhoidectomy/haemorrhoidopexy. The idea of this procedure is stapling the piles in order to make it impossible for blood to circulate in the affected area. As a result, hemorrhoids will vanish without getting enough blood.

Stapled haemorrhoidectomy/haemorrhoidopexy is considered to be a relatively unpainful procedure, although it may lead to a rather severe side effect such as rectal prolapse.

Nevertheless, the adverse effects of these surgical treatments are rather rare.

Preventive Measures

Obviously, it is better to avoid hemorrhoids than worry about the remedies which will be suitable for treating this disease. What can you do in order to keep painful and embarrassing piles at bay?

First of all, you should change your diet. The possible alterations have already been discussed in the previous parts of this article. Healthy nutrition will help you to have soft stools which won’t damage the tissues of your bowels and anus. Additionally, you will be able to control your weight which is essential for the prevention of piles. Don’t forget about drinking water.

It is extremely important not to spend too much time in the toilet. If you have problems with a bowel movement, there is no need to spend half an hour on straining. It is better to drink several glasses of water and go for a walk. Excessive pressure will damage the tissues of your bowel which can lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Remember about regular exercises. It is advisable to make short breaks from work in order to change your positions. In case you haven’t got an opportunity for walking, you should just stand. It is especially important for everyone whose work is predominantly done in a sitting position.

It is also important to provide your body with sufficient hygiene. In case you have noticed that your toilet paper is damaging your skin, you should definitely buy a softer product or use delicate cloth. It is crucial to understand that frequent damage of your skin can lead to the occurrence of piles as well.

Take these tips into consideration and you won’t need any remedies in the future.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast: Best Home Remedies
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