How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat Fast

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Squeeze around two tablespoons of lemon juice into a cup of warm water and add one tablespoon of honey. Enjoy your delicious, healthy drink at least three times every day to shoo that awful mucus away.

Another interesting method with the use of lemon is sucking the lemon slices, previously sprinkled with salt and pepper. To reduce the phlegm in your throat suck it at least twice a day.

5.     All You Need Is Salt

One of the cheapest and most banal ingredients that will help you fight phlegm is salt. It kills the bacteria effectively and it has cleansing qualities which may reduce the production of mucus.

You just need to add one-fourth teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water. Don’t drink it, though, as it could be bad for you stomach, but just gargle with your head leaned back a few times every day and for sure you will feel instant relief.

6.     Spice This Mucus up with Cayenne Pepper

The magical ingredient of cayenne pepper is piperine. The studies have shown that it has amazing cleansing qualities as it makes mucus more liquid so it is easier to remove it from our throat. Cayenne pepper is also helpful if you feel pain in your chest or if your throat is irritated.

To prepare a healing drink you need one-fourth teaspoon of cayenne pepper and sliced fresh ginger as well as one tablespoon of honey and apple cider vinegar. You mix all the ingredients with two tablespoons of water and drink it at least twice a day. It should limit the production of throat mucus.

You can also use white pepper instead of cayenne pepper as it has similar healing qualities. In this case mix a half teaspoon of white pepper with one tablespoon of honey and warm the mixture up for five minutes. Consume it three times a day for a week minimum and expect satisfactory results in your fight with mucus.

Spicy food, in general, is good for your throat and mucus as it is a natural decongestant. So wasabi, horseradish or pepper will help you get rid of that irritating phlegm.

7.     Honey Lotion for Your Throat

We all know that honey is a natural, moisturizing lotion for our skin, but it can have a similar effect to our throat. Honey kills bacteria, viruses and it has antifungal qualities. It can eliminate mucus and it is a natural solution to an irritated throat.

Moreover, antiseptic nature of honey boosts our immune system. Remember, though, that the best honey is the one produced locally, without any artificial additives.

Mix a pinch of white or black pepper with one tablespoon of honey and consume this beneficial mixture twice a week for a period of one week. Pepper will deal with an infected throat while honey will soothe it and reduce the mucus.

You can also melt one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water and drink it a few times every day.

8.     Onion Syrup Fights Throat Mucus

Onion syrup has been known for ages as a homemade remedy for coughing. However, it is also a great solution to mucus as onion is a natural antibiotic and it has got wonderful anti-inflammatory and expectorant qualities. Onions are also good for our immune system and they shorten the process of healing.

To prepare the syrup chop one onion and cover it with two tablespoons of sugar. Leave it for half an hour so that the mixture will produce liquid. Keep in the fridge for two days maximum and drink one tablespoon of syrup every two or three hours.

You will see that the mucus in your throat becomes more liquid and because of that it is easier to remove.

9.     Carrots to Reduce Throat Phlegm

Carrots are so rich in vitamins and minerals that they act as a natural drug to cough or phlegm. Vitamin C and antioxidant properties of carrots stimulate the immune system of your organism, which becomes more resistant to infections and viruses.

Blend four or five fresh carrots, add some honey and a little water to make it more liquid. Drink it during the day and clear your throat from mucus quickly.

10.  Eucalyptus Oil Brings Relief to Your Throat

The beneficial ingredient of eucalyptus oil is tannin, which is a natural astringent that loosens up phlegm. As a result, it helps to expectorate mucus from your throat more easily.

Mix one-fourth teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil and massage your upper chest area with the mixture. At first, your cough may be more intense, but after a few minutes you will feel relief.

11.  Healing Qualities of Chickpea Flour

It is a shame that chickpea is not a widely known vegetable as it is real superfood. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers, which makes it a great solution to the problem of mucus in your throat. It is convenient to consume in the form of flour.

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat Fast
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