How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat Fast

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What you need to do is fry two tablespoons of chickpea flour in a frying pan without adding any fat. You should fry it until it changes its color to light brown and when it happens, add one tablespoon of ground almonds and fry the mixture for a while. Add around four cups of water and mix everything. Eat the paste for around five days three times a day and treat mucus in your throat.

12.  Grape Juice Cures Throat Mucus

Grape juice has been used for ages as a natural remedy to respiratory problems. It is a very powerful expectorant and therefore it can also cure your throat.

Not everyone likes grape juice because of its bitter taste. To sweeten it a little bit in a healthy way add to it some honey, which will even intensify the healing properties of grape juice. Drink it twice a day for at least a week.

13.  Shallots Clean Your Throat

It is the presence of sulfur that makes shallots a great cure for accumulated mucus in your throat. It can clean the airways and soothe the throat irritated by mucus.

Prepare around seven peeled shallots. Chop and mix them with a half tablespoon of sugar. Eat it on a regular basis and get rid of that awful mucus.

14.  Push Mucus out From Your Throat with Anise Seeds

Anise seeds are a real vitamin bomb. They are a natural source of flavonoids, sterols, coumarins, and a volatile oil, which is full of trans-anethole, dianethole, and photoanethole. Therefore, anise seeds act as a brush that will push mucus out from your throat.

Put one tablespoon of anise seeds to one and a half cups of boiling water. Boil it on a low flame for around thirty minutes and after that add two cups of honey. Drink cool on a regular basis to reduce the mucus in throat.

15.  Slippery Elm to Fight Mucus Quickly

Slippery elm is not widely known, but for sure you will get it from a shop with ecological and herbal products. Soluble fiber is its most powerful ingredient as it can have a form of a gel-like substance. It acts as lotion to throat and it cures inflammation.

Pour two tablespoons of slippery elm bark powder to two glasses of water. Consume the drink twice a day and forget mucus in your throat.

16.  Wild Cherry Bark and Spikenard Root Herbal Tea for Mucus

You can depend on wild cherry bark herbal tea as a natural cure to mucus in your throat. It happens because it is an amazing expectorant, which sweeps mucus away from your throat, chest, and lungs.

To prepare this wonderful herbal tea you need one tablespoon of crushed wild cherry bark. Boil it for ten minutes in one cup of water. Drink with honey two or three times a day for a week and reduce mucus in your throat.

In a similar way you can prepare remedial tea with the use of crushed spikenard roots, which also has antiseptic, diaphoretic, and depurative qualities. Remember, though, that spikenard tea must be consumed fresh, otherwise it loses its healing powers so prepare a new bottle every four days.

17.  Amazing Qualities of Couch Grass

Another less known, but wonderful solution to phlegm in throat is couch grass. It is an amazing vitamin bomb as it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, selenium, and many other nutrients. It kills the bacteria and expels mucus from your throat.

You need to get two tablespoons of dried couch grass root, which you ought to boil in two cups of water for around five minutes. Drink it at least twice a day to deal with mucus in your throat.

18.  Basil Leaves Will Cure Your Throat

Basil is a very popular herb in our kitchen, but often we don’t realize that it is also a very strong antioxidant and it has great antibacterial qualities. Basil leaves have wonderful influence on our stomach and they can clean the throat from accumulated mucus.

To prepare a remedial mixture you need around twenty fresh basil leaves, a half tablespoon of black pepper and grated fresh ginger. Boil everything in a cup of water for five minutes. Add some honey for better taste, enjoy your hot drink and cure the mucus.

19.  Horehound Leaves to Release Your Throat

Horehound leaves are known to be a “stimulating expectorant” so if you drink tea made of it, you will reduce the production of mucus.

Boil two tablespoons of dried horehound leaves in a cup of water for ten minutes. Drink regularly with honey and forget about mucus in your throat.

20.  Eat Toast and Get Rid of Mucus in Your Throat

If you like eating toast for breakfast, you can easily fight mucus. All the other methods were about expelling mucus from your body. When you eat toast, you simply push mucus into your body, which is also an effective method of getting rid of phlegm.

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat Fast
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