How to Get Rid of Rash Under the Breasts: Natural Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Rash Under the Breasts: Natural Home RemediesIf you’ve ever had a rash under the breast, you know how annoying it can be. Breast rashes are a big cause for irritation in this area, and often become red, itchy, and sometimes very painful. There rashes, known as interigo, tend to be pretty common in women that are overweight. Women that have very large breasts may also get these rashes under their breasts. In more severe cases of breast rash, there may be blisters on the skin.

When someone has a breast rash, this area tends to become very scaly as well. There are ways to get rid of rashes on the breast that don’t involve any over-the-counter creams or lotions. Remedies such as these are often laden with harmful chemicals and for those that want to take care of their health naturally, there are ways to get rid of a rash under the breast in the privacy of your own home.

What Causes a Rash Under the Breast?

There are a few different ways to develop a rash under the breast. Knowing what caused the rash in the first place makes it easier to decide just what home remedy is the best for you. Some caused for rash under the breast are:

• Fungus
Sometimes we develop yeast infections on the skin. This is caused by bacteria growing in the warm, moist areas of the skin. Women that are overweight or have very large breasts often do not get dry under the breast after bathing or showering. This will cause a fungus that will result in rash.

• Bacteria
Some more severe cases that involve puss filled blisters under the breast are caused by bacterial infections. This in often super itchy and can quickly spread to other parts of the skin.

• Allergy
Allergies to certain foods, drinks, or products can cause a rash to develop under the breast. Bras that are made out of synthetic fibers are a big cause for a rash under the breast and should be avoided. Bras made out of 100 percent cotton and natural beauty products are both recommended to reduce allergies and stop breast rash from forming.

• Scabies
Scabies are actually a parasite that burrows into the skin. They cause skin to become super itchy and will cause red bumps on the skin. There is often a wavy line on the top of these bumps. Seeing this rash is a good indication that you’ve got scabies.

• Prickly Heat
Hot and humid weather are the biggest causes for this condition with a funny name. Sweat glands that become clogged in warmer weather will result in a rash of little blisters that eventually turn into a red, bumpy rash. Prickly heat rashes usually clear up in a couple days. It is good to use a humidifier and keep skin dry.

• Cancer
In the unfortunate, rare cases, a rash on the underside of the breast is an indication of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is one that causes breasts to heat up resulting in a rash under one or both breasts. It is vital that if you think you have cancer that you go speak to a medical professional to get you the help you need. These rashes usually come with other symptoms such as extreme fatigue and pain.

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rash under the Breasts

1. Calamine Lotion

Anyone who got poison oak as a kid knows what a relief calamine lotion is to rashes that are itchy and irritating. It acts as a wonderful agent to provide relief from itching and should be put on twice a day with a cotton ball for the best results. This remedy will pretty much provide instant relief to the itchy, uncomfortable feeling that having a rash gives.

2. Cold Compress

Cold Compress
Rashes can be caused by a build-up of too much heat underneath the breast. A cold compress will take away the heat and provide excellent relief. Ice that’s been wrapped in a thin cloth and placed under the breast on the rash for about ten minutes a day should help to greatly reduce your symptoms. To avoid getting a rash under the breast in hot and humid conditions, always be sure to keep the pores open by taking only cool baths or showers.

3. Corn Starch

Corn Starch
Corn starch is truly one of the best natural remedies to get rid of a rash under the breast. It seriously helps in reducing the itchy, burning sensation that is often experienced with breast rash. To use this remedy, make sure the affected area is freshly washed and dried completely. You must make sure your skin is completely dry to avoid the risk of a fungal infection. When you’re sure there is no moisture whatsoever on your skin, sprinkle corn starch on the rash and leave it to sit about ten minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat all the way dry. Repeat this remedy once or twice a day until the rash goes away. You should see fairly quick results using cornstarch for rash under the breast.

How to Get Rid of Rash Under the Breasts: Natural Home Remedies
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  1. My right breast gets a rash under it an it hirts an burns an will blister an drain nasty stuff what could be causeing this ive down had breast cancer an lost my left breast what should i do cause at times it hurts an burns so bad am the puss smell os im always showering

    1. the best is to take a fan and let it dry that way then take this powder thats called desenex or zeazorb,there both excellent,it has 2% miconazole nitrate,antifungal,make sure you get the powder that has 2% because some have 1%,find it any drug store,rite aid,walgreens,walmart just to name a few,try it,i swear on it,coming from a very heavy woman who knows all about that painfull rash,and also when you take shower use hibacleanse to clean under breast first ,then fan dry real good,then powder,hibecleanse has alot of ingredients that will kill bacteria and fungus,the powder is antifungal too

  2. I have a yeast infection under both of my breasts & I have been using Nyastatin powder that the Dr. gave me but it's only gotten worse over the past 3 Months at least ! It's starting to kind of split open in places & it's very painful whenever I take a shower & get any soap on it . I wiegh about 170 & I have large breasts as did my Mother & she had diabetes really bad I think that it had a factor in it but I'm not sure . I just need some relief because it's getting worse every day ! PLEASE HELP ……. !!!!!

    1. Apple coder vinegar… you want unfilters unpastuerized with the mother. dab on under breasts twice a day with cotton ball until at least 10 days after rash disappears. Also get on a good probiotic! controlling ur sugars is important too in getting rid of yeast. if youd like to talk more feel free to reach out to me. Find me on Facebook or email me. 🙂

      1. doesn't the apple cider vinegar burn?
        I don't do Facebook Did you go to
        the doctor. My rash is pretty bad
        and right now I am using Desenex.
        My family doctor is very young and
        it embarrasses me to go see him.
        I recently had the shingle virus.
        I am 75.

        1. My docter prescribed hydrocortisone and a fungal cream.
          I mix them together, apply 3-5 xks a day. It should go away, afterwards use powder in the area, avoid friction. Use a probiotic and can try apple cider vinegar to drink everyday for 2 weeks. As to kill the fungal and sugar inside of the body. Good luck

    2. Try coconut oil, its anti inflammatory, and a natural antiseptic, alomg with tea tree oil. Im 160 and habe large breasts, i have the same problem >_<

      1. I don't really care if you are shy to win the master, I can tell you that you improved a lot since last year and was great to see you riping! Now, next year if you don't care, don't be that agsvrsiee! 😉

  3. I got a rash kind of thing under my breast(folded area). The skin is getting darken, itching and swelling of skin. Please guide me.

  4. I have been getting this type of rash Everytime I wear a bra. And I have very large breasts, I can never find a bra that fits comfortably! So I always have this rash! Can anyone help me? May The Lord Jesus bless u all Mightily????

    1. Martha:
      The cheapest way to help with the rashes is to take a Kleenex and put corn starch on it, and liberally swipe under both breasts once they are dry. My doctor told me to take a hair dryer and dry under both breasts and then do this. If not, gold bond spray works well, and also Tinactin spray or powder…antifungal power. You really should go to a good bra specialist and be fitted for the proper bra…I don't know if you have a Macy's or JC Penney's, but you can call their foundation dept. and ask if they will be having a bra fitting expert available. Hope that helps! I too have large breasts and this time of the year it is awful! Good Luck!

    2. Candida powders did nothing along with other applications, esp when speedy relief was desperate. First I used Neosporin until healed. Then,  after EVERY shower,  I massage a cream. (jergens/ nivea,….) and that's it. Keeping the area clean and dry, and washing bras in hot water helps greatly. I live in the Caribbean, with 90% avg humidity. Everyone sweats here. So there's my simple unfailing method for the past 6 yrs. GL.

      I can relate to u. Try "Smart and Sexy" bras at Walmart.

    3. I live 70 or 75 miles from my bra store… But I won’t buy one without trying it on but I know many people that do buy it online and they purchase a couple sizes after checking the return policy at being sure that they can return the ones that don’t properly fit. Either way you need to go to a bra store and be properly fitted for a bra a so that you have the right band and cup size because statistics show it’s 75 to 85% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra because they don’t want to go up in band size so they go up and cup size which doesn’t really work well, but it’s the same reason why men’s clothes come in inches around and women’s clothes come with a randomly assigned number. Most lingerie stores will measure you and that gives you a good place to start you’re usually right on with the band size but the cup size Maybe 1 bigger or smaller and you also need to know if your bra was made in the USA or Europe or other places because the sizing is different. So where I live they have a double A and then an a but on the letters further down in the alphabet like the then Double D than triple D and that gets bigger each time but many countries only use the letter once and in those cases the equivalent to a triple D bra would be a G or an H cup bra. So if you can afford it I would get properly fitted or from a local store even if you have to go to Victoria Secrets or Lane Bryant even Walmart will do it but your you’re less likely to get somebody that knows what they’re doing there. And then I would go online if that’s your only choice and I would get about 5 bras if you can afford it and I would start with the band and cup size and that the measurements showed you were, then I would get the same band size with a cup one smaller and one bigger than you measured, and last I would get a strap you 1 smaller then you measured with the cup you measured and one bigger- you can always get a strap extender for $2 about even at Wal-Mart (in fabric & crafts not bras, clothes, or accessories!). I would also get them all in the same brand and style because sometimes that can make a big difference so once you found a good fitting bra for you and then return the rest and get a couple more in the size that works for you maybe in different colors or whatever you want to do.
      I use Treva”s in Denver CO, but they do mail order at least for established customers. Also, a 10% weight change or even less can change your size! It’s why I like the strap extenders, I also use a silicone thing that adds cushion and prevents slipping – I think they are called cozy strap covers-I know Macy’s has them online and they fit most bar’s and feel nice, plus move easy from bra to bra.

  5. Clean it with antibacterial wash. Air dry. I am VERY BIG BREASTED and at every opportunity I go bra less. I've done cold compress before and that works. Can't wait to try calamine.

  6. Every summer it never fails. Dr. states it is a fungal rash from sweating which hits bigger breasted women often. (I am a 42DDD) Prescribed 2% anti fungal gel + Zeasorb powder. Worked within a few days. BUT Zeasorb has a warning on it's label due to cancer causing substances! So please DO NOT USE. Currently trying apple cider vinegar, allow to dry then apply Ketonazole cream 2%. Worth a try.

  7. The answer is Vaseline people! Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline!!! Especially for people working out a lot or if your skin is easily irritated due to wearing a bra. Basically, the Vaseline works as a lubricant preventing the skin from becoming irritated while acting as a sealant keeping the sweat out. The symptoms I had was that of "intertrigo" I googled and that's the condition I think I had. In 3 days of using Vaseline, it cleared up. Good luck! And obvious if all fails, please see your doctor!

      1. I don't think people should complain because YouTube needs money to operate. Unless you plan on paying to use this service, you sh9;ndl&#3out complain about advertising.

    1. You are absolutely right Vaseline is the best medicine after we take a bath the Pure Vaseline has done wonderful I pray and have to use it it has my skin back the right color and controls the inching I hope people read your post.

    2. I just read your article and I have the same problem rash under breast and I'm wondering did Vaseline really work as I want to try something different as the creams take days to work and i did some advice

  8. WOW my rash is no wear as bad as these ladies so I really don't no what to do. My rash is dry like alittle scalley. It doesn't hurt, no redness, its itchy at times. I no its from the heat cause I sweat alot due to the heat and hot flashes at the same time. Is there anything I can use to soften it?

    1. Try 100% pure coconut oil on clean dry skin. It's all natural and is antibacterial. You only need a small amount and it quickly obsorbs into skin so it's not greasy. Follow with light dusting of cornstarch. It worked for me but may not work for others but it might be worth a try.

  9. Why does the skin get darker. My skin has been itching so bad and when i bathe my skin feels very tender. The only thing i see is some redness and darkenig of my skin.

  10. Candida powders did nothing along with other applications, esp when speedy relief was desperate. First I used Neosporin until healed. Then,  after EVERY shower,  I massage a cream. (jergens/ nivea,….) and that's it. Keeping the area clean and dry, and washing bras in hot water helps greatly. I live in the Caribbean, with 90% avg humidity. Everyone sweats here. So there's my simple unfailing method for the past 6 yrs. GL.

  11. I have been using a watered down dose of apple cider vinegar under my breasts and on my face. It's a great antiseptic and moisturizer.

  12. I have a milder case of this than what some of you are reporting, but I find if I fold a Kleenex tissue (any brand will do!) in half the long way twice to make a pad about 2" x 8", then tear it in half to make two pads 4" long, and put them between my bra and my breasts it takes care of wicking away the moisture, and keeping the area dry. New pads every day, do the trick for me. I've tried the oblong cotton pads from the store, but find that they don't work as well as the Kleenex. Cheap, too. Before I came up with this idea, I was using the Jock Itch spray from the drug store. It works, but it is icy when you spray it on!

  13. I find if i wash and dry the area thoroughly, then use Aloe Vera jelly works a treat dry it with a hair dryer and it forms a skin which protects the skin underneath.

  14. I have a bad rash on and under my left breast so the pharmacist said get zeesorb and Benedryl for itching. I did that helped some but went to doctor about it and she gave me nystatin trimeclone cream costafter insurance was $145 for two tubeand on top of this I have poison ivy on inside of bend in the arm and under chin. She prescribed a cream for that cos $73!!! All this better clear up both !

  15. I had this last year and got rid of it practically overnight with cream. I had the cream left over from a box I had in the closet. Since the rash is back this year I'll be off to the drug store tomorrow.

  16. I have had a rash under both breast off and on during summer months. After out door activities I come in and wash off under breast if don't I break out bad. When I am in the house don't wear a bra it help keep under breast dryer, trust I do this all year long. As soon ad I get home and change clothes the bra comes off. Always shower after and activities that cause sweat. I used anti fungal ointment it works great and Benedryl it doesn't burn. Wipe under breast off and on each day morning afternoon and night if is skip it gets worse. Vinegar burns me. Your bra must be washed often. I ware sports bras made out of cotton I get them at Wal Mart they are cheap, 3 on each hanger. The sports bras help out with the sweat keeps it dryer under breast. I can't wear regular bras for years due to the cause me to have more sweat during the summer. When around the house I always wear loose clothing for this to get more air to skin. Sometimes I wear a loose dress no underwear when rash is bad and it really works for me. Around the house who cares. Well we don't have neighbors. Cut back on sugar too everyone is right about that sugar. Love that ice cream in the summer. After eating ice cream Really break out.

  17. I have the same problem an have used many things I sweat so bad under my breast I break out
    an it's terrible plus it stinks..I finally found something that works that will give your relief , plus
    it doesn't burn ,unlike gold bond an a few other's I have used.. I am not saying you will not get
    it again , cause if you sweat you will ,but this product will help you..You buy it at Wal-Mart where
    they sell products for your feet , it's called Lotrimin it's in a tube an I swear by it.. Make sure you
    dry your skin before putting this on , I use cotton ball to apply it ,believe me it works I said
    it doesn't cure it cause your still going to sweat , guess we are the unlucky ones that have to
    deal with this crap…Well I have talked long enough..
    Good luck please try that….it works

  18. Please please try wearing a breast sling. I have had bouts with intertrigo for years, barely managing to keep it under control with medications. I bought a sling recently and my problem was alleviated almost immediately The area beneath my breasts stays dry and I no longer need for medications of any sort! THis has been miraculous.

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