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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast - Home RemediesBeards might be extremely popular nowadays, but the majority of men still choose to shave. And a lot of them do it on a daily basis. No matter whether they have normal or sensitive skin, they may have to deal with razor burns from time to time. It can be caused by using inappropriate shaving product or using no product at all, by a dull blade or a wrong shaving technique.

When you get a razor burn, your skin becomes irritated, red, sometimes even itchy and swollen. A red rash is a common symptom of a razor burn, too. And obviously, this problem affects women as well since many of them choose to shave over using creams, epilators and laser hair removal as this is the quickest and most affordable way of removing unwanted hair on legs, under the armpits and in the bikini area.

Causes Of Razor Burn

A red or pink rash and bumps on the skin appear a few minutes after shaving if you have some short hair that after shaving curls back into the skin and is seen as a foreign body by the immune system. A small inflammation occurs in the shaved area and irritation and redness occur. These symptoms usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

The main cause of razor burns is a wrong shaving technique. When you use regular soap instead of a special shaving gel, cream or foam, you are much more prone to skin irritation. Also, prolonged use of the same shaving blade that is not sharp enough anymore influences the occurrence of rash. And if you press the blade against the skin too hard or shave against the direction of hair growth, you have red bumps guaranteed.

How To Prevent Razor Burns

Don’t Shave Too Often

If you have sensitive skin and you get razor burns often, you should reduce the number of times you use the blade to remove the unwanted hair or you might have to look for some alternatives. Your skin needs a day or two to recover after the shaving that ended up in a razor burn. If you repeat the process the next day, your skin will not have a chance to heal. That’s why, whenever it’s possible, skip one or two shaving sessions. If it’s not possible because your hair grows too fast and you don’t feel comfortable with it, look at some other ways of hair removal. If the problem affects your face, try an electric shaver that is more gentle to the skin. If you get a razor burn under the armpit, in the bikini area or on your legs, consider waxing, using shaving creams or even laser hair removal. This way you will only need to shave the sensitive area once some single hairs appear instead of doing it almost every day.

Prepare the Skin for Shaving

Don’t take your skin by surprise with a razor. Prepare it first and you will avoid red bumps. Ideally, you should shave after or during the shower so that the pores open from the warm temperature. Thanks to this, your hair will be easier to remove with a blade. Also, you can exfoliate the skin before shaving. When you do it, you remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and you get easier access to the hair.

Get a Good Razor

The type of razor you use and the way you maintain it is crucial to keeping the shaved areas in a good condition. An ideal razor should have three to four blades so that you can reduce the number of strokes you make while shaving. The chances of getting razor bumps go up with every blade stroke made on the same skin surface. That is why you should use the one or two-bladed razors only when you really have to, for example when you go on a trip.

Also, while shaving, you should rinse the blade after every stroke. This way the hair won’t accumulate between the blades and won’t make the razor dull, in which case you would have to shave the same area a few times or press harder to make the blades effective. After every shave, dry your razor with a clean towel and put it in a place where it has access of fresh, dry air. If you keep your razor in a moist place, it will get dull faster.

It is also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t share the razor with anyone for hygiene reasons. Even if you wish to share everything with your nearest and dearest, the hygiene accessories are only yours. This is for the skin health benefit of everybody.

Use Shaving Products

If you ever shave quickly, with just water or regular soap, forget about doing it from now on. The blade has to glide smoothly on your skin if you don’t want to get razor burns. Invest in a good shaving gel or a shaving foam and use it according to the indicated directions. Shaving products are usually relatively inexpensive and one bottle of shaving foam lasts up to one month if you use it every day. Your skin will thank you for that.

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast – Home Remedies
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