How to Get Rid of Runny Nose: Causes & Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Runny Nose: Causes & Best Home RemediesRunning nose can be extremely annoying while happen to you. Does not matter if that happen often or only from time to time you will be angry about your health condition. Even if running nose most of the time is not a serious condition it can make you feel really bad. Most of the time running nose will appear when there is much too much of the mucus in your nose and sinus as well.

And this overproduction of mucus is mainly caused by cold or viral infection. This is the way how your body is flushing out all of the irritants, viruses or allergens.

Of course, it can be very annoying and simply running nose can destroy your day, especially if you cannot take a day off from work. But do not worry too much, there are plenty of methods, natural and medications as well, that can be very useful and make you feel better in a short time. All the time it is worth to try first to cure your problem by using a natural, home remedies as it is all the time safe and without any of the side effects.

But first of all, let`s have a brief look on the most common reasons of the runny nose. When you know the possible reason why you have a problem with runny nose right now it is all the time better to find the most effective treatment. Sometimes it is easy to say that your runny nose is caused by cold, but it can be also very tricky to find out what exactly is going on when you have unspecific symptoms and runny nose is only one of them. All the time it is good to contact with some specialist when you are in doubt.

The Most Popular Causes Of The Runny Nose


Nowadays allergies seem to be the most common reason of getting runny nose. Depending on type of allergy you have, you can suffer runny nose very often or only from time to time. To get relief with allergic runny nose you need to get antihistamine medication or avoid contact with irritated allergens when possible. Most of the time you can have also other symptoms of allergy, such like red skin or cough. But it can happens that only runny nose is a sign of allergy. So be aware of it as well.

Cold, flu, sickness

This is the second of the most popular causes of runny nose. For that situation you can try to cure runny nose with a home remedies, but if you will not see any positive effects and you will feel sick for a long time it is better to make an appointment with your family doctor and consult problem.


That can be a surprise for you, but yes, stress can influence many different health condition and runny nose is one of them. So if you suspect that stress can cause your runny nose the best what you can do is go to sleep and try to relax. Of course it can be helpful to talk about your stress problem with your doctor and friends as well. Maybe you need to start meditations or some yoga sessions will be effective to avoid runny nose in your situation.

How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose Quickly

When you know what can be the reason of your problem with runny nose it is time to find the best way to get rid of a runny nose as fast as possible. So here you can find the best methods you should try to help yourself and cure runny nose fast.

Blow and Clean Your Nose Often

You need to blow your nose regularly when it is runny. This is absolutely the best natural method to handle a runny nose. You should directly feel a bit better when you remove the fluid from your nose. After blowing your nose you can apply some of the nasal sprays or marine water. Regular cleaning the mucus out of your nose will help you to get better fast. Remember to throw away an old and used tissue. It is especially important when you have a viral or bacterial infection.

Gently massage your nose area

This a great method to cure runny nose quick. All you need to do is gently massage your nose, area above and between eyes as well as the earlobes. That will help to relax your sinuses by sinus pressure reduction. It should slow down the liquid flow from your nose. You can use a washcloth soaked in a warm water to get extra relief.

The Most Popular Home Remedies For A Runny Nose

When you have a problem with a runny nose you should react fast. At the beginning of the runny nose it is much easier to cure it. Besides it is easier to avoid medical treatment when you try to cure a runny nose fast in a natural way.

How to Get Rid of Runny Nose: Causes & Best Home Remedies
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