How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Cyst Naturally, Fast without Surgery

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Sebaceous cyst sounds strange and unfriendly. But relax and do not worry as a sebaceous cyst is nothing you should worry about. In general it is a bump that can be formed under your skin. Some people called it a keratin or epidermoid cyst.

Most of the time it is nothing dangerous and it is only a visual problem. Such sebaceous cyst can appear suddenly and can also disappear without any help, by itself. It is believed that a sebaceous cyst usually form because of the blockage of sebaceous gland by a keratin. Sebaceous cyst can be formed in different parts of your body, generally it is never appear on your feet and palm, but it can be found everywhere.

Very often sebaceous cyst can be placed on your head or face area, on the back or breast region. They can vary in a size and sometimes it can be also full of clear yellow oily liquid inside. Sebaceous cyst maybe not looks very nice but it is for sure not dangerous at all.

If you found a sebaceous cyst under your skin you can have a multiply of symptoms that came together with a sebaceous cyst. It is most of the time:

  • Red and painful skin area
  • Sebaceous cyst area can be warm as it is infected spot of your skin
  • Smelly liquid collect inside the sebaceous cyst
  • Bump appear under the skin, it is not painful
  • It can vary in size from ΒΌ to even 2 inches in diameter

The Most Common Reasons Of Sebaceous Cyst Under Your Skin Formation

If you experience sebaceous cyst under your skin you probably wonder what the reason of sebaceous cyst formation is. You need to know that this is unclear and there are few conditions that can influence sebaceous cyst formation under your skin. As sebaceous cyst is a non- cancerous cyst it can be caused by various body abnormalities. The most common reasons of its formation are:

  • Blockage of sebaceous glands
  • Too much of hormones, especially testosterone production
  • Swollen in hair follicles
  • Too much of sebum and oil production on your skin
  • Some kind of skin trauma
  • Too much of sun exposition
  • Problem with acne in a past can result with a sebaceous cyst in a future
  • Regular waxing and/ or shaving your skin

The Best Home Remedies To Treat Sebaceous Cyst Naturally And Fast

It is not nice to experience sebaceous cyst under your skin. Especially if that will appear on your face area, it can make you feel unhappy. Most probably you would like to get rid of sebaceous cyst as fast as possible. And it would be the best to remove it using not only cheap but also safe methods. You need to know there are many different homemade natural remedies that you can try to use to remove or reduce sebaceous cyst.

So do not touch sebaceous cyst and avoid squeezing it as it can lead to skin infection. Better try some of the natural home remedies to get rid of a sebaceous cyst fast. Here you can find the most common and the most effective methods that you can easily try at home.

Tea Tree Oil Treatment

It is a wonderful ingredient that has many diverse properties that can help you to treat different skin health conditions. Tea tree oil is known from its anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties. So if you suffer from acne, headaches, cough, cold, toenail fungal infection, warts and many others, you can safely try to use a tea tree oil to cure your skin. It is also very useful to treat sebaceous cyst as well.

If you want to try using tea tree oil to get rid of sebaceous cyst you need simply apply a bit of oil directly on the affected skin area. It will work as a protection for sebaceous cyst and also will reduce bacterial growth in this region. It should also stop the coming back of removed sebaceous cysts. If you like it is also ok to use diluted tea tree oil instead of concentrated solution. Then it is good to mix tea tree oil and water in ratio 1 to 9. Apply it directly on a sebaceous cyst few times per day to get the best results.

Aloe Vera Juice Therapy

It is another very effective natural remedy that is useful to cure many different skin troubles. It is also very good agent to remove sebaceous cysts. It can heal your skin and can also reduce pain. Again like with tea tree oil you can apply aloe vera directly on sebaceous cyst. It gives a cooling feeling when used directly on an irritated sebaceous cyst as well.

In general aloe vera is very healthy to your body. And if you drink aloe vera juice regularly you can remove impurities from your body in an effective way. That will always help your skin condition as well.

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Cyst Naturally, Fast without Surgery
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  1. Hi,

    Please advise if there are natural remedy with intake of vegetables or fruits or any particular juice or herb for curing and treating sebaceous cysts naturally.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sushil Vohra

    1. Boil a spoon full of tumeric in one cup of water. Let cool. Drink daily for 7-10 days is one of the remedies I have come across.

      Garlic is another option instead of tumeric. Both tumeric and garlic can be made into a paste to put on the cyst as well. You may also drink aloe vera juice.

  2. Question, for the apple cider vinegar remedy, do you also put apple cider vinegar before putting on the second bandaid?

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