How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies

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How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home RemediesHave you ever had a problem with a smelly shoe? It is very embarrassing when you need to take off your shoes and you know that smell will be around you. It is very annoying and sometimes it is also tricky to avoid problem with stinky shoes.

Then of course you start to worry about whole situation. What will my friends think about it? How to avoid it? What can I do to forget about this problem? That is a good question. Of course buying new pair of shoes will not solve the problem, even if that sounds like a perfect option right now.

But probably after some time you will need to face the same smelly problem also with your brand new shoes. Instead of replacing old shoes with a new one all the time it is better to find out what is the reason of stinky shoes and feet.

Besides it is not only you struggle again unpleasant smell from your shoes. You need to know that actually there are plenty of various methods, homemade, natural, as well as chemical treatment that can help to remove or at least decrease awful smells in your shoes.

Common Causes Of Shoe Odor

When you cannot change your shoes during many hours especially when you are at work it is obvious that your feet can sweat inside the shoes. Especially during winter when it is cold outside and rather warm in your work office it will be a problem.

So there is a perfect warm and wet environment to get bacteria feeling fantastic inside of your shoes. But you will not be so happy about it. So it looks that mainly bacteria are responsible for a stinky smell from your shoes.

Of course there is an option to change your shoes when you are at work. So your feet will not be in a hot environment for many hours anymore. You could consider that as it will for sure help to reduce smell in your shoes.

The shoes odor can happen especially when you do not wear socks on your feet; it can make a problem even bigger. But it is also another important reason for get a shoe odor. It strongly depends on a material that is used for making shoes. It is usually made by synthetic materials, with some rubber and / or plastic parts.

But sweating of your feet can be also problem not connected with a material that your shoes are made from. It can be also natural matter in your case. Of course it can happen rather rarely but also some infected wound can make such unpleasant smell from your shoes. Of course such situation needs a medical attention immediately.

So there are plenty of ways how to get rid of a shoe odor and stinky feet. You can try many other natural homemade methods that will help you to take care of your feet as well as will help your shoes to stop to smell as fast as possible.

You can also choose some of the chemical ways to help yourself with a stinky feet problem. Besides it is very important how you treat your feet every day. Maybe you do not know but foot care products can also influence on sweating of your feet.

There are several different creams that can help you to keep your feet fresh and light. It can reduce a sweating feet problem as well.

Natural And Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Your Shoe Odor

So first of all let`s have a look on the most common tips how to freshen your shoes in a natural way.

Essential oils

Essential oils
There are several different essential oils that can be used to treat your smelly shoes. You can choose between eucalyptus, clove, and lavender or tea tree oil. Essential oils will reduce smell from your shoes for sure. As it has antibacterial properties you will also smell a fresh fragrance from the essential oils.

  • To treat your shoes just place the essential oil on the shoe
  • It is good to put a piece of paper inside the shoe to help get rid of the smell
  • That should stay inside your shoes for at least few hours, it can stay even overnight

Bags of black tea

Bags of black tea
If you drink a lot of black tea you can use it now also for something different. Using bags of black tea is another very good method to reduce smell in your shoes. Black tea is rich in an active substance like tannin which is very effective in reducing growth of bacteria that can live inside of your shoe.

  • Just place bags of black tea on a boiling water for few minutes
  • Cool down the tea bags for at least 5 minutes and put it inside a shoe for about one hour
How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies
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