How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies

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You can put such solution in a small spray bottle, and then spray it over into your shoe lining. You should let it dry for about 30 minutes or so. You can later dry shoes with a hair dryer to get better result.

There is another method when you can also additionally put a baking soda inside the shoes overnight. You can also alternatively add a cup of vinegar to each shoe. Let it stay in your shoes for about 15 minutes. It should remove unpleasant smell from your shoes completely. So there are plenty of various method how you can get rid of the shoe odor using simply vinegar solution.

Coffee treatment

coffee grounds
As you can see there are really a lot of different homemade methods to try out for your stinky shoes. Another one is with using coffee grounds. So if you love to drink coffee, you probably have always supply with a lot of coffee grounds at your home.

So to use coffee for an anti-stinky shoes treatment, first you need to cut ends of an old cotton socks. Then you pour about half cup of coffee grounds and tie the ends and put it in shoes overnight. Such treatment should help removing smell from your old shoes.

Shoes washing and drying

Shoes washing and drying
It is good to wash your whole shoes if it is possible and manufacturer did not mark otherwise. You can also use a steam feature of your washer as well as dryer. Steam is able to reduce bacteria or fungus, so it will help to remove odor from your shoes.

You can also make it dry better by place shoes in the sun or close to the heater. Remember not to wear your clean shoes before it will be completely dry. Better wait one day longer than struggle with an odor from your shoes in a short time period.

Foot washing and drying

This is a miracle natural remedy. Yes it is. Of course you know about it, but sometimes it is worth to say it loud. There is a need for our feet to be clean and it will help get rid of bacteria of course.

You need to be aware that when bacteria are growing like crazy it will make a smell become much stronger and your shoes will be very stinky soon. So you need to remember to wash your feet regularly.

Besides cleaning your feet you need to be sure it is dry before wearing shoes. You need to take care also about getting your shoes dry all the time.

Chemical Treatments To Get Rid Of Your Shoe Odor

Baking soda

Baking Soda
It is a very powerful ingredient that you probably can find in your kitchen`s shelf. It has a numerous applications. But not so many people know that simply baking soda can work great as a deodorant for your shoes as well as feet. It is easy to use each day if necessary.

  • When you take your shoes off, spread a little bit of baking soda inside both of them
  • Leave baking soda inside overnight
  • Take off baking soda from your shoes in the morning. You can leave it even longer if you do not plan to use this pair of shoes right now

There is also another method using baking soda that can be very effective with reducing smell from your shoes. So you need to prepare mixture of baking soda, baking powder and cornstarch. You need to take an equal amount of all of the ingredients.

Then put all together in an old but clean pair of cotton socks, just stick socks into your shoes and let them absorb smell during night.


So alcohol can nicely remove the smell of your shoes, besides it can act as a powerful disinfectant. All of that will help to avoid bacteria living in your shoes. Simply place some alcohol inside your smelly shoes.

Antifungal foot powder and antibacterial foot spray

You can buy both of them in standard drug stores. Some of the antifungal foot powder or antibacterial foot sprays can be really helpful while fighting against microorganism that causes smell of your shoes.

Bleach treatment

It is yet another effective method to avoid smell in your shoes. You need to clean your stinky shoes to make them fresh inside again. The best would be to use a hot water mixed with a bit of bleach. Put your shoes in such solution for few minutes. The bleach will for sure reduce bacteria growing inside of your shoes and that will help in removing odor as well.

Other Tips How To Get Rid Of The Unpleasant Shoe Odor

Different type of shoe

Maybe you think that it is not so important what kind of shoe you are wearing, that all of them will be stinky after some time. It is true but only partly. Actually it is a very important issue what kind of shoe you have.

How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies
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