How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies

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If your tennis shoes or leather shoe has weak ventilation it will make shoes being stinky very fast. And that will happen for sure. So when you choose your new pair of shoe you should consider that point and have a look what kind of ventilation is there.

Also material can be crucial when we talk about shoe odor. It is obvious that it need to be breathable, leather and cotton are the best. The worst smell will appear when you choose plastic or rubber shoes.

Also imitation leather is not the best choice if you take care about yours shoes and do not want them become stinky very soon. But sometimes it can happen that there is nothing you can do about your stinky shoes.

If shoes are old it can be that nothing can help for smells in very used and damaged shoes. It can be difficult or even not possible to dry them out and to reduce smell using homemade remedies. Then probably the only way is to buy a new pair of shoes and take care of them carefully from the beginning.

Take care of your feet

When you managed to reduce unpleasant smell from your favorite pair of shoes, you should know what to do to prevent it from returning fast. You need to take care of your feet carefully.

So first of all you need to keep your feet clean and fresh, you need to wear socks as often as possible to avoid stinky shoes problem. It is good to not wear the same shoes each day, it would be better to change them often to let them dry precisely after using.

To take care of your feet you can also use antibacterial soap to wash them, better clean feet twice a day, one per day it is also good but if you have trouble with sweating feet better wash them twice a day. You should also use special foot spray at night.

So as you can see problem with a stinky shoes and feet is a very common problem. Almost most of the people have such trouble, some all the time, others just in case of wrong shoes or bad foot care.

But there are plenty of various methods that you can use to help yourself and help also other people, like friends and family, which are forced to smell odor from your shoes from time to time. You can try natural remedies, most of them can work nicely, but you need to be patient to see the best results.

Of course if you don`t see any option to get rid of smell from your shoes you can always buy another pair of shoes, that will help you to overcome problem very fast.

How To Get Rid of Shoe Odor Fast & Naturally: 18 Home Remedies
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