How To Get Rid of Sinus Headache: Best Home Remedies

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How To Get Rid of Sinus Headache: Best Home RemediesSinus headache is one of the most common types of pain, which the mankind has ever encountered. The sinuses can be described as small hollow cavities located in our skull. According to experts, the main task of sinuses is to produce and drain out the mucus. However, due to bacterial infection (or very often, because of allergy), sinuses might get inflamed. If this happens, they are not able to remove mucus as fast as they should and become blocked.

Ever increasing pressure (which is the result of a huge amount of mucus), results in strong pain, which might render us unable to perform even the most simple task.

Symptoms of Sinus Pain

In general, the main problem with any type of headaches is the fact that there are many reasons why we might feel it. A strong pain in this area of our body might not necessary be the result of sinuses infection. Thus, it is very important to be able to detect (with high accuracy), whenever we are victims of this type of pain.

The main symptoms of the headache are: a runny nose, fever, swelling in face, feeling of fullness in the ears and pain or pressure in the sinuses area (between the eyes and above the nose). It may also be accompanied by an increase of pain during movement, especially during bending, sore throat and general fatigue.

Some of you might argue that it is that not important to tell exactly which type of headache we are currently suffering from, after all a typical painkiller should work anyway. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Migraines and tension headaches are usually mistaken for sinus headaches. The problem is that in each of these case you are going to need a different type of treatment.

For example, medicines usually used for treating migraines are not going to work with sinus headache, because they do not remove the source of problem, which is the blocked cavity. Symptoms, which were described above, do not give you a 100% certainty that you are currently suffering from sinus headache. However, in most of cases you are likely correct.

Best Home Remedies for Sinus Headache

Now, if the problem was properly diagnosed, it is important to know how to fight with a sinus headache. We would not recommend simply ignoring the pain. Mainly because it might be so strong that we would not be able to move from our own bed. The best remedies for sinus headache are:

A Nasal Steroid Spray

This is the easiest and at the same time, one of the best ways of fighting with sinus headache. These little sprays are going to be one of your best friends during these annoying pains. These medicines, which you can easily buy over-the-counter, reduce the inflammation in your nasal cavity. Thus, they remove the main source of pain.

The main advantage of nasal steroid sprays is the fact that they do not have any major side effects. On the other hand, the treatment takes quite a long of time. One of the most popular nasal steroid sprays is Flonase. You have to take it twice per day and possible side effects (which appear very rarely) are: indigestion, nausea, headaches and bad taste.

Hot and Cold Compress

While medicines in general are a great way of dealing with any type of pain or illness, there are also natural remedies. These methods were often used by our grandparents, thus they already have a knowledge of their high effectiveness. One of the most often used methods for fighting with a sinus headache are hot and cold compress.

Why we are supposed to use both types of compresses? Well, the answer for this question is simple. A cold compress is a huge pain relief. Mainly because a cold water constricts the blood vessels. On the other hand, a hot compress eases the pressure and makes the thick mucus easier to remove. There are a few steps about which you should remember though:

  • Take a warm water (not too hot) and soak a cloth in it
  • Place a cloth on your face. Remember to cover all sinus regions
  • Leave it there for about three minutes
  • Remove the cloth and soak it in a cold water
  • Place a cloth on your face for about thirty seconds

If you repeat the process at least a four times per day, you should be able to get rid of sinus headache very quickly.


We do not know how many of you did hear about this, but steam was very popular during industrial revolution (1760-1840), where most of machines used it in order to be able to move or work. Although now, most machines use electricity to be able to perform, steam might still be our good friend. Especially if we suffer from a sinus headache.

How To Get Rid of Sinus Headache: Best Home Remedies
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